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We flashback to before the girls were tossed into the water with the housekeeper switching Jong-Hee and Eun-Jae’s clothes sans shoes. She puts a black bag over their face and tells them how it’s not fair, but only one of them will live.
Uncaught third strike is when the pitcher fails to catch the pitch of the third strike on a full count so the batter is not out. Mu-Yeol gets a phone call from the housekeeper through Jong-Hee’s cell phone and she tells him their location. Mu-Yeol meets Dong-Su outside the police station and offers to take him to eat Tofu stew (tofu is what a prisoner eats once he gets out of jail, it’s like a way to start clear, per se). Mu-Yeol walks into Eun-Jae’s room, but realizes that her family is inside so Eun-Jae makes an excuse of signing discharge papers so her family can leave.
Eun-Jae tries to ask him again about the swimming pool incident, but sees her family eyeing them suspiciously.
Eun-Jae asks Dong-Ah for some advice, but Dong-Ah feels betrayed that she was told Eun-Jae liked Reporter Go.
Mu-Yeol calls Eun-jae but it goes straight to voicemail so he texts her to call back because he need to tell her something. Jong-hee tells him that he should tell Eun-Jae the answer already because not everyone is like him.
Dong-Ah tells Tae-Han in the car about how loving someone so much can be dangerous because you start to imagine all the ways you can lose that person. Eun-Jae walks into the dining room where her dad and Chang-Ho have all the food prepared (seriously, can I live with them?!). Eun-Jae tells them to go inside after they kept commenting on every question Mu-Yeol asked (haha this is where Eun-Jae got her spunky genes from!).
Yumi (real name Yu Mi Jin) now works at a clothing shop and she still auditions for actual films now. On a happier note, Eun-Jae’s mom and dad enjoy a date at the snow sledding place (haha same place as Smile, You anyone?).
Su-Young gets picked up by Dong-Su with Woo-Hyeon after her monthly appointment with the psychologist is done.
Kevin finally gets his air-conditioned office and he sips some coffee while overlooking the view.
Tae-han is waiting for Eun-Jae at the coffee shop when she enters in a silk hanbok (hehehe). In the car, Dong-Ah tells him that since she listened to his fantasy, he has to listen to hers.
The ending was one of my favorites, pretty much because they got me to grin like an idiot when she was cheering for him and he cheered too. Some slight problems I had with it was that it felt like Eun-Jae got pushed out of the main scene especially with the whole Jong-Hee plot and trying to figure out who was hurting her.
Overall the things I like was how they didn’t really use the usual cliches like the amnesia plot or girl transforms for the guy.
That's another one of Sandor's rules for hiding in plain sight: always appear to be weaker than I actually am. That's what a good crime novelist - any good novelist - should do with you: play with your perceptions while showing you everything in plain sight.
What a midwesterner he was, a thoroughly unhip guy with his heart in the usual place, on the sleeve, in plain sight.
The American oligarchy spares no pains in promoting the belief that it does not exist, but the success of its disappearing act depends on equally strenuous efforts on the part of an American public anxious to believe in egalitarian fictions and unwilling to see what is hidden in plain sight.

I've found that wherever there is one cockroach in plain sight, many more are lurking behind the corner out of view. The most dangerous and successful conspiracies take place in public, in plain sight, under the clear, bright light of day - usually with TV cameras focused on them.
There's a wide range of sales ability: there are many gradations between novices, experts, and masters.
This is an occupation known as painting, which calls for imagination, and skill of hand, in order to discover things not seen, hiding themselves under the shadow of natural objects, and to fix them with the hand, presenting to plain sight what does not actually exist.
As a southerner born after the epic events of the civil rights movement, I've always wondered how on earth people of good will could have conceivably lived with Jim Crow - with the daily degradations, the lynchings in plain sight, and, as the movement gathered force, with the fire hoses and the police dogs and the billy clubs.
Mu-Yeol enters the ambulance with Jong-Hee and looks at Eun-Jae one last time before the ambulance drives off. He tells Eun-Jae about all the papers he had to sign and everything which was why he was gone for a while. She demands to know why he saved her and he tells her to ask again because she’s asking it wrong. He takes them to the countryside where he plans a baseball field and a home to be built there. She asks him why he spoke formally and it was supposed to be a joke, but he didn’t know how to end it. He looks at first base where Dong-Ah is sitting and at third where Eun-Jae’s family is sitting. It became more about her conflicts rather than Eun-Jae’s so we never got to see the whole bodyguard issue become and conflict nor a confrontation between Kevin and Eun-Jae which I was hoping for. The first rule, or at least the one that Sandor repeats most often, is "Don"t be stupid." I"m about to break that rule by taking off my pants.
You discover these horrors within institutions because predators find ways of hiding in plain sight. Live each day like a child digging through an antique treasure chest rifling for the next discovery. The housekeeper spies Mu-Yeol’s car from above and lets the two know that he will only save one of them. Dong-Ah shouts for the family and starts declaring who Eun-Jae likes, but gets foiled when Eun-jae shuts her mouth. They bought her some Korean pork so she can gain her healthy faster and only she can eat it. Meanwhile, the poor grandma cleans her grandson’s room and wipes the framed picture of Yoon-Yi as a child. He asks her isn’t it nice to ask a question right away when she has one rather than suppressing it and becoming suspicious. He hears Eun-Jae’s voice cheering for the Seagulls, but then she gets her little megaphone and cheers on Mu-Yeol.
Yeah I know, if you’re the second girlfriend, it might hurt to read this but even though that love has ended. The second time, she asked how he knew it was her, already assuming that he saved her when the first time, she thought he wanted to save Jong-hee. I thought it would happen after seeing Kevin eye Mu-Yeol suspiciously when Mu-yeol kept asking about Eun-Jae as a teenager. If you don't know any grandmasters, it's not because you haven't encountered them, but rather because their art is hidden in plain sight. Open your arms and your eyes to the God who stands in plain sight and works miracles in your midst.

Eun-Jae thinks back to that expression he had on his face when he saw that it was her he saved. Dong-Ah says she can’t hide it forever, Eun-Jae knows that and will take care of that later. It turns out that her fantasy is for his to dress up in a silver colored metal armor like Iron Man because of his robot face and metallic personality (bahahahaaha). The Dreamer fans are sitting near first base and the Seagull fans are sitting near third base. There will always be that bond between the first loves or any other girlfriend after that for that matter. I was also hoping for someone to like Eun-Jae and her to interact with the person more so Mu-Yeol would get jealous. Look for him in your workdays and weekends, in your meeting-filled Mondays and your lazy Saturdays. Jong-Hee says she didn’t and she flashes back to when the housekeeper was angry that Jong-Hee still had the ring despite how hard to tried to take it away. The housekeeper was really pretty when she was a high school student and a lot of guys would go by the school to see her.
She didn’t understand the silk tie thing at first but when she tried it, she approves. So the second time she asked, she thought of herself as first rate and was just curious how he knew rather than why he did it.
It was no longer just creeping up, peeking over the horizon, but instead lingering in plain sight. Search for him in the snowy sunsets and Sabbaths, seasons of Lent and sitting at your table. He jokingly asks if she wants to come too and she asks if he wants a bad record - then again, it’ll help the Seagulls. Jong-Hee says poetically: if fate decides when you are together, then fate decides when you leave. She shows off the red jacket she has under the blue one and flashes them both simultaneously. Because the answer for why he did it was so obvious - he loves her and for her not to know was painful. She dropped out of high school and left for Seoul after there were rumors of her being pregnant. The end up looking it up on his phone and she struggles to tie it, eventually, Tae-Han does it. Dong-Ah asks with a smile on her face the date because she’s going to record it as the first time Kim Dong-Ah got jealous!
To prove to Mu-Yeol that she was joking about the whole amnesia thing, she states his name and how they used to be together, but have broken up now. The lady asks why he wants to know all this and he replies that he plans to write a book about a certain baseball player.
He turns to leave when Eun-Jae demands why he saved her, but he’s not going to answer her. The family come out to comfort her and the dad chases after Mu-Yeol while yelling, however he doesn’t get far since Mu-Yeol is in his car.

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