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Like we already said in previous publications, the Law of Attraction is a law of nature, like the gravity law, for example. When you exist in the great state of gratitude, you become a person who only wants to give. The other pretty strange thing is that Piledriver has one leg in the package and one leg out. There are tons of little details all over Hawkeye including some sculpting on the inside of his wrist bands. Say what you want about Marvel Universe but I think they’ve done a pretty bang up job in terms of scale and depth of character. This is a set where you’re likely to be coming for Hawkeye, but Piledriver is a nice bonus. The bicep swivel and double hinge knees are really some of the best parts of these figures allowing for some real personality when displaying them. I found myself having a lot of fun posing Hawkeye, while there was obviously less I could do with Piledriver. Accessories:Surprisingly this comic pack includes accessories other than the reprint of Secret Wars issue #9. Value:My opinion on Marvel Universe, even the comic packs, has generally been that they are a little overpriced.

Celebrating 25 years of Marvel Secret Wars series, Hasbro has released the Marvel Universe Comic Packs and just arrived to Toywiz Malaysia! Wave 1 of the Secret Wars packs were pretty shoddy, Wave 2 showed improvement, but Wave 3 seems pretty much perfect all around. Hasbro had cheaped out with some repacks on a couple of the Secret Wars packs, so it’s nice to get a set where both figures are pretty strong.
Secret Wars has been able to provide us with some fun B-listers with much needed A-listers. They have most the same articulation as all Marvel Universe guys, with some improvements here or there. He can hold the arrow and you can place it in a variety of ways including making it look like he’s drawing it back. This comic pack, with two nice figures, several accessories and the comic reprint finally feels like I’m getting a decent value. The H on his mask and in various other places has a lighter, metallic purple paint on it that really brings out the small details. The Wrecking Crew are all big super powered hulking guys and that’s definitely the case here. Hopefully Hasbro can keep producing these comic packs and continue that sort of interesting mix.

The quiver looks fine over his shoulder, but you can also pop off his head and stick it on that way (as I have) depending on your preference. A lot of people have been calling for me to review the new Marvel Universe Secret Wars Comic Pack, Hawkeye & Piledriver.
While Marvel Legends did do a pretty great job with Hawkeye, the figure was pretty hard to find and I think it suffered a bit from wonky proportions. Although he’s not a ton bigger than everyone else, the scale and size seems appropriate for the character. His face sculpt is quite good and there’s a heavy blue wash over the rest of him that makes him seem pretty comic bookish. Piledriver on the other hand is a character that outside of some classic comics and mostly Secret Wars, I’ve totally forgotten about.

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