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Kentucky has consistently ranked as one of the worst states in the country for child abuse and deaths caused by child abuse. For toddlers and older children, bruises usually occur on the front of the body and over bony areas such as the forehead, elbows, knees and shins. One of the factors that increases the chance of abuse is having an unrelated man, such as a boyfriend or acquaintance, take care of a child. Caregivers with unrealistic expectations for the child in their care can become frustrated more easily when the child cannot live up to those expectations.

Caregivers at Kosair Children’s Hospital have found that more than 50 percent of children who are killed or nearly killed from child abuse had seen a medical professional within two weeks before their death or hospitalization. Legislation passed in 2010 required similar training for all other health care professionals, social workers, daycare employees and police to undergo similar training. The latest medical information to help you make informed decisions about you and your family's health and health care. Steve Beshear signed House Bill 157, which requires training in the recognition and prevention of pediatric abusive head trauma and signs of child abuse for doctors who are likely to see children: pediatricians, radiologists, family practitioners and emergency medicine and urgent care physicians.

Almost every week, there is at least one child who has been injured so severely that he or she requires care in the hospital’s “Just for Kids” Critical Care Center.

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