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An archaeological dig is in progress inside the Ayleid Ruin of Vahtacen, but the mages there have run into some difficulties. Raminus Polus asks the Hero to speak to Irlav Jarol about an archaeological dig site at Vahtacen, an ancient Ayleid Ruin. Travel to Vahtacen and find Skaleel inside, who'll tell the Hero that they haven't been able to advance with the archaeological dig. Head back to the room with the pillar, read all four of the stone inscriptions on the walls, and have Denel translate them. With the helm in hand, go back up the southeast stairs, the wall at the top opened when the helm was taken, revealing an exit. If any spell scroll is wasted, a replacement can be purchased (there are several spell merchants). If the player leaves Vahtacen and waits three full days after which they left, the scrolls will appear back inside the chest. Saving is suggested before casting the scrolls, as this must be done in the proper order or the caster will get a strong electric shock and their health will deteriorate quickly.
A strong anti-shock spell like Electric Shell will defend against the powerful shock correction received if the spell or sequence is wrong. It is a good idea to join the Mages Guild early in the game, especially if you plan on using Magicka. The next time you speak with Traven, he'll tell you that Count Hassildur wishes to speak with you.
Count Hassildor tells you that he has important information for the Mages Guild, but he'll only tell you if you complete a task for him.
You'll have to wait for a few days after telling Traven about Mannimarco while he consults with the council. After giving the Necromancer's Amulet and Bloodworm Helm back, talk to Raminus to get your promotion to Master-Wizard.
Your next job for the Mages Guild involves the recovery of a Black Soul Gem before it is delivered to Mannimarco. If you mucked things up and alerted the Necromancers to your presence, the ambush will be called off. Go back to Traven with your Colossal Soul Gem and accept his final task to battle the King of Worms. You're now the Arch-Mage, which comes with the responsibility of doing away with Mannimarco. You only need to return to the Mages Guild now, but don't forget to fully explore the Necromancer's Chamber.
There is a chest next to him with scrolls they will need, plus some other random ones so it's not completely obvious what one need to use. Watch out for floors that either drop away or raise up to spike traps as well as automatic shock nodes on the ceilings.

Fight the two or three wraiths and, in the final large room, see a raised platform with collapsed stairs on either side. Activate the switch on the right column, which raises the stairs in the middle of the room providing access to the center platform.
She will be very happy for the progress and tell the Hero to quickly return to the university.
These are two of the best ways to make your character invincible, so the reward is high for all of your hard work. You'll obtain spells, items, and equipment that make being a spellcaster go from nearly impossible to easy as pie.
He says there are some vampires in nearby Bloodcrust Cavern and some vampire hunters that took up residence in Skingrad.
He tells you that he doesn't care if you kill the vampire hunters, but if the guards catch you, then they'll arrest you for murder and the Count won't help you out. It is full of vampires, but you can easily sneak up on them individually and hit them with your most powerful attack before they even know what's going on. He'll name you a Wizard and teach you the spell Wizard's Fury, a multiple element Destruction spell. Traven fears this may make him a target, so he wants you to go find Irlav and bring back the Bloodworm Helm.
She stole the Necromancer's Amulet because she felt it posed to great of a threat to the Arcane University.
A group of Battlemages has been dispatched and you are to join them and aid them in the struggle. Meet up with the group of Battlemages, as indicated on your compass, before going directly to the ruin. If you wait to ambush them, you'll have to talk to each Battlemage and assign them positions. Your journal will tell you that you now need to enter the ruins and find Falcar who has surely been alerted.
Fast travel to the Cloud Ruler Temple and head west along the northern edge of the mountains until you find Echo Cave. There is a side path on the right side as you enter the room that is definitely worth searching. He will instruct them to get a book from Skaleel, so go back to her and get the reference guide. When all the pillars are lowered a staircase is revealed to the entrance to the Vahtacen Lorsel.
Go up these stairs and one of the four columns on the platform contains a push button to reveal the goal, an Ancient Elven Helm (not magical). It's been suggested that I should stay away from anything but simple, single-effect spells.

If you go to the ruin before meeting the Battlemages, the original mission will be aborted and you'll have to fight your way through the ruin.
If you choose a place they aren't suited to, they'll let you know, effectively making it impossible to screw up royally. The reason for this is, Traven will kill himself, a sacrifice to fill the Colossal Soul Gem so that you can use it to defeat Mannimarco. Bolor Savel is guarding the entrance and informs you that you'll have to kill him if you want the key to Echo Cave. Unlike most of the chests in this cave, there is actually some worthwhile goods to be found. Lie to him so that he'll explain why they're in town and then tell him that you already took care of the situation.
Inside the fort, you'll find Necromancers Anybody who is surprised needs to pay more attention. This will allow you to further explore this dungeon which actually has quite a few chests worth opening.
If you are in the Arch-Mages Quarters, searching his body for it will be considered stealing and you'll be kicked out of the Mages Guild. Also, be sure to swim through the water-fill tunnel at the end of the side path to find another chest hidden at the end. You'll come back upstairs on the opposite side of a burning wall that collapsed and blocked the direct route up to the top floor.
No matter what you decision on fighting is, return the amulet to Traven as soon as you exit the cave.
Wait until he is downstairs so that you can pick up the Colossal Black Soul Gem after he dies.
Mannimarco isn't that much stronger than your typical Necromancer, so the fight shouldn't be a big deal. Make sure you search his body once you kill him to find the Staff of Worms, a weapon capable of reanimating dead enemies for 30 seconds. Talk to Julienne Fanis and she'll explain how the Enchanted Chest inside the Arch-Mage's Quarters (which are now yours and located at the top of the tower) works.
Once a week, you may place any ingredient you want in there (though we haven't been able to get Nirnroot to work). Also inside the Arch-Mage's Quarters are Hrormir's Icestaff, which is really only good for selling), a Nirnroot plant, and Altars of Enchanting and Spellmaking.

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