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From Photoshopping facelifts to digitally deleting a model's rib cage, advertisers are regularly guilty of excessively retouching photos.
But often the manipulations are more subtle than a missing limb and, therefore, go unnoticed. Jezebel's Jenna Sauers got her hands on supermodel Doutzen Kroes Victoria's Secret bikini photoshoot a€” both pre and post-op a€” and marked the changes. I think we've all allowed ourselves to forget just how disturbingly hot Cameron Diaz was in her prime.

Who better than a Victoria's Secret Angel to prove that the decade can be celebrated in a supersexy way?
Nicknamed “The Body” for her killer figure, Elle made her claim to fame posing in magazines like Sports Illustrated, Playboy and Elle.
But even though the photo's most obvious change is the suit's new color and length, Kroes' body was altered in editing as well. After news that the lingerie powerhouse was moving its epic show to London, the model stopped by a store in the city wearing this simple-but-steamy sweater and jeans.

Her fuzzy short-sleeve sweater hit above the bellybutton, but her jeans rose up right under it, exposing a swath of skin but not too much. Skin-tight denim combined with the short top would've been too tarty, but the loose leg of her throwback style makes it all come together.

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