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After spending $150 at a Victoria’s Secret in Austin, Texas, Ashley Clawson asked to breastfeed her son in a dressing room at the store. She then filed two complaints with Victoria’s Secret and her story was picked up by her local Fox affiliate, Fox 7. It just really baffles me that this continues to happen to women all over the country, on military bases, at recreation centers, on airplanes, and on and on. But every time another incident of this kind happens, I’m reminded that education about breastfeeding rights needs to go beyond individual stores and individual policies. Telling anyone to go breastfeed in an alley is so absurd and outrageous, there’s just not much I can say. The employee should have done a better job of being a human, but this mom should have made a better plan about a reasonable place to breastfeed as well. Nursing a baby and setting out a full lunch for a toddler are two totally different animals.
And it’s one of those times where respect for your fellow shopper should tell the woman to nurse in a more appropriate location.
I’m not saying an alleyway is the appropriate place to tell a woman to breastfeed, but whatever happened to talking a complaint up with a company in private and only making things public if you’re still being mistreated?
And, more often than not, the mom who was wronged is on the news giving her side of the story. The Domain in Austin where this happened is an outdoor shopping center and does not, to my knowledge, have breastfeeding areas.
I can see not allowing her to have the dressing room if the store was busy and customers needed it, but if there was free room, she should have been given the space. I can understand not allowing her to use the dressing room, but surely there’s somewhere in the back of the store that is just as private and better than an alleyway? I too, am wondering if the store was busy that day and they needed the dressing rooms for other customers. It was very, very fast pace around the holidays esp with corporate double booking us (they would double book with the ideal that 15% of bookings will cancel. So during this very, very busy holiday season with a fully booked day and several walks-ins I had just ushered into my studio a young family with a baby, and the mom asked if she could use the studio to nurse her baby.
Sending her to an alley is just nuts, but I could totally see not wanting to have a dressing room occupied. As far as providing a good customer experience – absolutely allow her to breastfeed in a changing room if there is one available and no one is waiting. Yet another media story about outrageous discrimination against breastfeeding that doesnt actually involve anyone discriminating against breastfeeding. Plus the mother was decent to ask, I doubt anyone would have noticed or cared if she had gone ahead and slipped into the changing room and not gotten permission, but she did the right thing. Ridiculous how a human right, the baby’s need to feed, is so blatantly tossed aside by so many people.
To sway you towards the latter option, VS and CBS have released the video below, which is sort of like a teaser (but not quite) for the goodies coming your way with the special for the lingerie giant, which included musical guests like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Ed Sheeran.
Also included in the video is Karlie Kloss, who happens to be Taylor’s best friend, and as of last weekend, her rumored lesbian lover after a blurry photo made the rounds online, showing them apparently sharing a passionate kiss at a concert, when they thought no one was watching.

Apparently, there are still people out there who do not know that the vast majority of states support a woman’s right to nurse in any location.
I have to wonder if this is anything to do with the fact that it’s basically a mall outlet store (in most places) and like most mall stores they basically hire teenagers or verrrrrrry young adults. Yes, toddlers get hungry and can be impatient at times, but by the time a kid is old enough to eat apples and a PBJ he’s on a pretty predictable schedule where you could arrange your lingerie shopping around his meal times.
I totally understand her being told no if there was a line for the dressing rooms, however there are tactful ways to go about it. I am all for breast feeding in public and such but she wanted to sit in a changing room and breastfeed.
They’re not required to give up a limited space, like a changing room, for you to do so.
If they had a grievance and wanted any kind of satisfaction they asked for a manager, and if that didn’t help they went up the chain.
If it was too busy she could have been given a chair, or (if the VS was in a mall) directed to a nearby bench or nursing room, or something. Our goals was to get the customer in the studio and take 8 to 12 shots in various poses in about 15 minutes and then send the customer out to the lobby and the last 5 minutes was to go through the shots and do a quick edit–crop, filter, boarder. And I nursed both of my babies too; but because she wanted to use the actual camera room to nurse privately because she was too modest to nurse in the lobby, she put us way behind in our schedule and everyone one who had an appointment after her had to wait at least 20 to 30 minutes longer than they should.
Yes, she bought merchandise, but that doesn’t mean the store would be okay with cutting down sales for the half hour that the dressing room would be occupied.
Direct her to a better place than an alley where she can comfortably feed her baby – but maybe they didn’t know of a place? They either have lounges in the restrooms, or rows of unused dressing rooms in the less busy departments. Yes obviously your breasts are always with you so you can whip em out wherever you please but when Im out with my babe I always have a bottle with me,I could in fact whip it out wherever, I dont however have deep desires to feed my child in these weird places some breast feeders seem to prefer-bathrooms,dressing rooms, public swimming pools (ijustthrewupinmymouthalittleyuck), sitting cross legged in the middle of a dirty floor etc.
For that, you will have to tune in on CBS or check some of the photos in the gallery below. Ashley Clawson had the right to feed her baby right out in front beside the PINK underwear and ugly satin bras, under Texas law. Obviously, as someone who writes for Mommyish and as a doula, I’m extra-sensitive to the rights of breastfeeding women.
Mostly people who are not parents, not necessarily very mature and really don’t have much life experience.
Babies are different and breastfeeding moms are typically told to be feeding their babies on demand (their stomachs are small, breast milk is digested quickly). Almost every mall here has something like a family room near the restrooms or food court They usually have several diaper changing areas on a countertop row.
It is important for her to be comfortable and sitting in a BRA shop seemed to be a better idea to her than lets say breast feeding at the food court (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
Most of these stories lately they just leave the store in tears and go straight to Facebook.
I guess she could have been directed to a bench or chair in the store (I used to breastfeed on benches in the mall, nbd).

I could not say no, but it took her at least 15 minutes to feed her baby and then get ready for the shoot.. A sensible sales associate would have found her a chair and a discreet corner, and a sensible customer would have understood that the right to breastfeed in public does not give you the right to interrupt a business’ ability to do business.
Mine always ate best in a nice cozy room at home in my arms without the distraction of a lot of people milling about. However, they should not tell you to leave if you are breastfeeding (if you are walking around, for example, or sitting in a chair) or tell you to cover up.
She asked a store employee if she could feed her child in a dressing room, I would assume they would tell any mother no- breast or bottle, its a store not an eatery. And no store in their right mind is going to send a customer to the back of the store (employee areas I mean) it would be a huge lawsuit thing if she tripped & fell or something. Raymond sold four Victoria's Secret stores and the mail order catalog business to The Limited retail company in 1982 for $4 million. But she was modest enough to want to breastfeed in a dressing room and she was still banished to a random alley by an employee. But, tell me, do the store employees and public officials of the United States not read the news? I can just see some 17 or 18 year old cashier who really has zero baby experience suggesting this, not to be rude, but simply because the average 17 year old really is completely clueless about breastfeeding. I don’t know, it still seems weird not to let someone breastfeed in the dressing room and even more bizarre to direct them to an alleyway. Do they not ever see these stories, which pop up often local news stations and the Huffington Post? And if a baby is hungry there is nothing you can do to get it to stop screaming besides feed it. I would find it annoying if I was waiting in line for a dressing room in a busy store and I knew someone was sitting in there feeding a baby for twenty minutes. More than likely her question caught an employee off guard & they didnt know where to tell her to go, since it is kinda her choice where to go feed her kid, why is it the employees problem?
I just dont get the thinking that breastfeeding mothers require special accommodations from everyone else wherever they go.
My understanding is the rooms are pretty sound proof so you don’t even know if other moms are there. Do they not pay attention in their trainings, which must, at least a tiny bit, detail how to manage customers with these kinds of requests? How, in 2014, can anyone still think it’s appropriate to tell any woman where she can or cannot feed her baby? If your customers have a quiet area to recharge, they can continue shopping instead if heading home.

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