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On July 28, the singer released six photos and a short video on her personal Instagram account, hashtagged Secret, iminlove, 20140811, and Junhyoseong. In the photos, Hyosung wears a summery white dress in the style of the clothing shown in TS Entertainments official teaser image. The first part shows BtoB members Ilhoonand Sungjaevisiting Hanrim Arts High School, where they passed out carnations to students. The recently added video features the boys spending an enjoyable time with their family, friends, and neighbors. With her comeback just days ahead on August 21, HyunA released a still cut image from her "It"s Because I"m the Best" music video. HyunA"s "It"s Because I"m the Best" featuring Jung Ilhoon is a dance track based on ratchet music sounds.
Just a few days ago, Secret was confirmed for a comeback with a new title track, revealed to be titled Im In Love.
The first CF teaser stars Hyosung sitting calmly in the middle of the beach, a fish bowl with a goldfish swimming inside as the oceans waves hits the sand.
The music video shifts between scenes of J-Min with the band supporting her and interesting zero-gravity scenes in space.
The music video teaser starts off with a beautiful girl and then transitions into how she interacts with the members.
Although the only lyrics that can be heard in the teaser are the ones in the title, fans can catch a glimpse of the melody and style of the song though the video.

Additionally, 100% released a batch of teaser photos for each member on their official Facebook account. Behind-the-scenes photos from the music video set of GOT7’s latest track, “A” has been released! In the first photo, the members look more serious and focused while gathered to do a group cheer. Mnet has also released behind the scenes videos from the album jacket photo shoot and album recording sessions. These two bikes are so equally matched E-i-C Kevin Duke and I nearly resorted to jello wrasslin’ in an effort to determine a winner. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. 20140811 refers to the date on which the girl groups fifth mini album Secret Summer will be released.
In some photos she smiles playfully at the camera and in others she stares out at the ocean.
BtoB shows their variety show skills and the cute video, along with the editing, made the video that much more emotional and enjoyable. HyunA"s blond hair, dark smoky eyes, and leather jacket along with BTOB Jung Ilhoon"s tattoos create a charismatic "bad boy and girl" image and capture people"s attention. Its stylish beats, addicting lyrics, and sexy performance by HyunA are expected to mesmerize K-pop fans from all around the globe.

The popular girl group will be releasing their 5th mini-album, SECRET SUMMER, seven months following their last single release, I Do I Do. J-Mins voice furthers this effect with her consistent mid-range and consistent high-range notes. Each member can be seen smiling and holding a different bundle of flowers in the first batch, as well as dressed nicely in black and white for the most recent batch.
In the second photo, the members of GOT7 look excited and energetic while shooting their music video. In particular, the passion and commitment the members display towards their work is clearly visible in the photos shown. The final special clip released today is a behind the scenes clip of the music video shoot. The title track and promotional single Im in Love was written by Duble Sidekick and the music video will be directed by Zanybros Hong Won Ki. In many of them, she is accompanied by some friendsa few goldfish in a clear plastic container. The boys brought tears to their parents eyes at the sudden reunion when they performed Father.

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