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Yoo-Jung (Hwang Jung-Eum) goes to prison, because of the hit-and-run accident that killed Min-Hyuk's girlfriend.
Choi Ho-Chul's original screenplay for "Secret Love" was the winner of the "Excellence Award" at KBS One-Act Play Script Contest in 2012. NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson. I don't know whether to watch it or not but the plot sounds a little bit like innocent man. Into episode 6 and i hate hate hate ahn doon character urgggghh how could such a person exist, he really is a worm, even min heok is better than him.. The drama began like any other drama, it was cold at the beginning and it made me wonder what was so special about the story that made many people form positive reviews.
And it is easily one of my favourite Kdrama of 2010s but seriously HJE's character is irritating with her stupidity until halfway through. I didnt say this drama isnt good or bad but as drama hunter I've been watching almost-same story line that I am not impressed. The story was so good and intense and had my heart pumping so much of the time (for different reasons hehe). Also heads up if you are thinking of watching, during the early stages of the drama you find yourself loathing the male lead for his treatment of the female lead.
How comes that other childish totally non realistic dramas are so popular, but not this one??
Best cast, best plot story, best cinematography, and absolutely thanks to the director Lee Eung-Bok & Baek Sang-Hoon for making this drama. When Secret was airing, I was the only person watching it among my circle of friends so I did what every good friend would do and talked my friends into watching it.
Actually, i'm not interested to watch this drama because of the conplicated kind of story, beside i'm not a big fan of JS & HJE.
I just watched the series, and by far the drama of the year, unbelievable acting and the main actress Hwang Jung Eum was amazing and her acting is soo convincing. The great thing about this series is how it engages the audience to keep on watching from one episode to another. Can someone tell me the name of the book Yoo-Jung reads to Min-Hyuk in episode 15 after the day they spend together please. I hope to see Ji Sung and Hwang Jun Eum in another drama playing a couple again, they have great chemistry together. This drama is expected to be all furtive glances and sexual innuendo with a subject matter that dabbles in an extramarital affair with gender reversal of a huge age discrepancy, but before getting there episode 1 first sets the stage in dark and intense tones of musical competition and wealthy power plays. There are already secrets aplenty and one affair is conducted so matter-of-factly this drama world comes across as dense and dirty and a little bit dangerous.
It’s nighttime and we meet Lee Sun Jae, a twenty-something delivery boy in the bustling metropolis of Seoul. Oh Hye Won is delivering an update for the upcoming concert at the Saehan Arts Center where she works as a project manager, but instead of the meeting taking place in an office, Hye Won is sitting in a massage treatment room while talking to Director Seo Young Woo as she gets a massage. Young beauty salon assistant Park Dal Mi gets a text from boyfriend Sun Jae that he’s almost there.
As Dal Mi is finishing up with Hye Won she accidentally catches Hye Won’s necklace and the clasp breaks. Hye Won uses the key to enter a condo and walks through the living room before entering a darkened bedroom and stepping over strewn lingerie on the ground and pulling open the curtains.
Hye Won heads out to the kitchen to brew a cup of coffee while Young Woo sends her boy toy off. Hye Won gets coffee ready and will send Young Woo off before leaving and hands her a juice.
Hye Won deposits a surly and hung over Young Woo in the car to send her off to take pictures for the promotional brochure. Young Woo is at the photo studio and is on the phone with her husband who is overseas and they carry on a very fake conversation. Hye Won and Madam Han discuss the mahjong game tonight and Madam Han teases that she’ll lose to Hye Won tonight and to consider it gratitude for Hye Won cleaning up after Young Woo all the time. Hye Won goes back to her office and her assistant has answered a call from Hye Won’s husband Kang Joon Hyung. Joon Hyung goes to talk with Professor Min about pushing Professor Jo and his group of students. Joon Hyung has his assistant do a nationwide search for piano talent and compile a review list for him.
Joon Hyung’s assistant delivers a pile of recordings of the latest piano performances and he takes it home to watch. The mahjong game starts at the home of the Chairman and there are two tables of four going at the same time. Joon Hyung sits at home and watches video after video of piano performances but nothing catches his interest. The mahjong game winnows down to one table with the Chairman, Hye Won, Young Woo, and Professor Min.
Madam Han goes to prepare snacks for everyone and Young Woo also steps away from the table. Joon Hyung is still watching piano videos and he finds one posted at a classical music forum site that catches his interest. Joon Hyung leaves the room and Hye Won logs on to chat with the pianist and asks if his fingers hurt? Hye Won tells the pianist to enjoy music for now because eventually he’ll have to earn a living. Young Woo is at the VIP room at the beauty salon and as she’s finishing is when Madam Han walks in. Joon Hyung’s assistant is driving him to the concert and he wants more videos to look for his prodigy. Joon Hyung runs into Young Woo walking out with her sister-in-law who is a cellist and performing today as well as a cello player. Sun Jae arrives at the arts center to make a delivery and he delivers the item to Joon Hyung’s assistant. His attention is caught by music coming from a room and he walks in and peers through the performance curtains to see Hye Won, Professor Jo, and his protege rehearsing at a piano for their upcoming duet performance. Sun Jae stares and stares in awe and his attention is caught by Hye Won listening to the performance. Sun Jae is hiding in the toilet when Joon Hyung walks in and is on the phone with his assistant who has checked the CCTV feeds and says the person playing the piano was wearing a jacket with a delivery company logo on it.
Young Woo is berating Hye Won for not running the show better and having someone sneak in to play the piano. Sun Jae goes home and his mom prepares a dinner for him and tries to talk with Sun Jae who ignores her. Sun Jae is worried because Joon Hyung asked for his contact information should anything happen. The last performer is Professor Jo and his protege Min Woo and Joon Hyung listen from the waiting room.
Hye Won brews some coffee and brings it up to Joon Hyung with two apples for their breakfast.
Different forms call for different methods of analysis, a novel is read with the words forming an action but poetry takes the same words and requires parsing it for further meaning. It’s quite difficult to make sense of the world of Secret Love Affair as we encounter it in episode 1.
Only watched episode 1 thus far, so I havent watched enough of Yoo Ah-in to give an accurate judgement of his acting here, but I thought Kim Hee Ae was awesome. I wish more people gave the drama a chance rather than being put-off by the extramarital affair. It’s a chaotic street scene at night, and courier Lee Sun Jae (Yoo Ah In) walks through it, arranging a pickup on his phone, assuring the person at the other end of the line that he can be there in 30 minutes. In the dark interior of a spa, Oh Hye Won (Kim Hee Ae) speaks of arrangements for a music festival with her boss, CEO Seo Young Woo (Kim Hye Eun), who’s getting a massage. In the back room of the spa, Park Da Mi (Kyung Soo Jin) gets a text from Sun Jae, saying that he’s almost there. In a convenience store, Da Mi tries to fix the necklace as she and Sun Jae wait for their ramen. Next morning, Hye Won walks into the Seo Han Arts Foundation & College where she works as the director of planning.
In the kitchen, Young Woo asks Hye Won what she would have done if the man had turned out to be her husband, to which Hye Won responds that she should answer her phone. She tells Young Woo to stop getting into trouble again, that there are rules for proper living for a reason. Hye Won shows a brochure for the festival gala to the Foundation Chairman’s wife, Han Sung Sook (Shim Hye Jin). Young Woo is on the phone at her photo shoot, asking her husband when he’ll be back and whether he saw the kids. Tired, Hye Won goes back to her office to find her assistant on the phone with her husband Kang Joon Hyung (Park Hyuk Kwon). Joon Hyung takes his wife’s directive, and goes to Dean Min to complain loudly about favouritism towards Professor Jo.
Joon Hyung walks down a hallway, barking orders at his assistant to bring him recordings of all the promising musicians of the past three years.
Sung Sook and Young Woo leave the room, only to run into each other in the washroom, where the bitchy sniping starts up again. An exhausted Hye Won goes home and chugs a couple of cans of beer to unwind from her hard day, while making friendly small talk with her housekeeper. Unsurprisingly, the piano player with the hand problem turns out to be Sun Jae, who is at an internet cafe with Da Mi and a friend. The next morning, Sun Jae comes out of the clinic and messages Hye Won a thank you for sending him there. Sun Jae delivers the bow tie to Joon Hyung’s assistant and silently wins the haggle over the delivery fee. As Joon Hyung and his assistant get ready in a dressing room, they hear the piano playing again, and assume that Min Woo is practicing. Joon Hyung walks into the same washroom, on the phone with his assistant, who tells him that the CCTV reveals that it was the delivery boy, Sun Jae on the piano. In the meantime, Young Woo berates Hye Won and the security guards for allowing the breach in security.
At home, Sun Jae silently shovels food into his face while his mom (Lee Kan Hee) attempts to question him. The exclusive legal right of the copyright holder to be the only one to reproduce, publish, and sell the copyrighted material.
The Hye Won of my dreams finally makes an appearance, kissing and hugging Sun Jae for all to see, and making everyone her bitch. Self-torture and drinking are the order of the day, in this episode where everyone waits for the penny to drop. Hye Won gears up for battle, the Foundation is dumbfounded, and Sun Jae enjoys college life for the first time. Hye Won is gawked at, Sun Jae is the stable one, and Joon Hyung plays it cool while siccing a PI on his wife.
Our not very secret lovers wake up from the fog of love, Sun Jae makes his friends cry, and there is an inept attempt at blackmail. Hye Won becomes unhinged and embarrasses herself, and Sun Jae suffers her moods swings and tough love. Her boyfriend is the one that actually committed the hit-and-run accident, but Yoo-Jung took the blame. And the whole story progression (except the end, which was rather incomplete, like gazillion other kdramas imo). That's why it earned a lot of awards since it's INDEED one of the best dramas I'VE EVER watched. Also, I love it that the leads have also done their best, they didn't just bank on their good looks like other actors are doing. Ji Sung carried KMHM but if you want to see why both Ji Sung and HJE are so loved together, watch this drama!

I also loved the supporting cast, mainly the main female leads' ex-con crew and Ji-Sung's CUTE secretary. I myself vowed I would NEVER support their being together but ended up falling for the two of them. Honestly I think the chemistry in Secret is better than KMHL, because the relation(ship) the two leads have overall has way more attraction and hotness because of the personalities.
So I looked up for more dramas from Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum, and I found out that they played on this drama together.
The storyline kept me interested, the acting was just right, the characters and everything else was great!
But I don't understand the scene on ep 16 where Do Hoon borrowed the car key of his father. You just have to keep on going because the plot is fast paced despite the typical kdrama formula i.e chaebol, unrequited love and such. Be it a rom-com with potential for romantic swooning, an action thriller that launches with rollicking tension, or a melodrama that promises tears and catharsis aplenty, I have to really connect to want to recap it. Yoo Ah In has always been hit-or-miss for me, stealing the show in Sungkyunkwan Scandal but bombing spectacularly in Fashion King, and his last performance in Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love fluctuated as wildly as the script’s narrative integrity.
Hye Won is all business with providing the details but Young Woo brushes her efforts aside since she can’t remember it now anyways and tells her to submit it as a written report. Dal Mi worriedly fishes the necklace out of the wash basin but Hye Won smiles and assures her it was a cheap street item and Dal Mi can throw it away. She takes off her coat and her assistance gasps because she’s forgotten to put on her skirt this morning in her haste. She tells Young Woo to wake up and even snaps a pictures of the two naked bodies on the bed and snarks that she’ll use this instead as the promotional picture. Young Woo demands to know how Hye Won can just barge in like this, what if she was with Hye Won’s husband? Young Woo declines the juice and wants something more soothing for her upset stomach so Hye Won gets her a bowl of yogurt. Hye Won’s patronizing suggestion that Young Woo find true love then to avoid all this sneaking around earns her a resounding slap from Young Woo.
She reminds Young Woo that tonight is the mahjong game at the Chairman’s residence and Young Woo confirms that Hye Won will cover for her and lie that they were together last night. Young Woo lies that she was out with a friend to discuss the concert plans and slept late, and tonight she’s playing mahjong with her dad.
He’s calling to complain about why his hoobae Professor Jo and his protege gets the solo while Joon Hyung is stick in a group piece. Professor Jo calls Joon Hyung so naive and says that as long as Professor Jo is kept happy that is how they have the freedom to do what they want at this school.
Hye Won is taking off her pashmina temporary skirt and puts on the new one her assistant just bought. The Chairman asks what Young Woo has been doing lately and Madam Han says Young Woo has been hard at work planning the concert and staying up late.
They two women meet in the bathroom and Young Woo immediately asks if Madam Han said Young Woo was working late and not sleeping much because Madam Han has something on Young Woo. The pianist asks what she thinks of his playing and Hye Won says that there are plenty of good pianists out there so he needs to go see a doctor.
Hye Won has to ask her assistant for explanation as to the slang Sun Jae used asking to meet.
Young Woo chews out the salon ladies for the poor VIP service having another client come in before she’s done. Young Woo brings up how Hye Won always helps out Professor Jo and Joon Hyung says he asked her to. The guy doesn’t have enough money and asks for a discount but Sun Jae stares at him until he digs out money from his own wallet and pays him.
Sun Jae hears that there is a search going on for him and he tries to get his phone but drops it and the noise catches Joon Hyung’s attention. Madam Han walks in and has Hye Won leave to get the final preparations done while Young Woo continues to think Madam Han is always covering for Hye Won. We see the Chairman in the audience with his wife and daughter beside him, and his daughter Young Woo has her head on his shoulder. Mom calls Dal Mi to ask if they fought and if Sun Jae is giving her attitude since he’s paying off the debt Mom incurred. Joon Hyung is currently playing the piano for Young Won’s sister in law and another string player in a performance piece that ends in applause. I write drama recaps as a summary of what happened in an episode, who said what and who did what.
There is Oh Hye Won, all cool, calm, and collected, but with a subtle undercurrent of longing in her.
The pianist feels the keys, hears the notes, senses the rhythm, the act of playing the piano is often used as a descriptive reference to love making. Trust me the episodes get better…i feel like the first four episodes were set-up episodes! She captivated me right from the start and I look forward to seeing her in the other episodes. When she mentions who will be playing the music for the festival gala, Young Woo tells Hye Won that her husband will be jealous, since his juniors are getting all the promising students.
She smiles as she picks it up, but before she can respond, her supervisor bops her on the head with a plastic cup, and tells her that there’s a customer who wants a shampoo.
She tells Sun Jae it’s a fake, and he scoffs that if it was real, the client would have left it at home. As they’re riding, she asks him to pull over on a bridge so that they can kiss, since superstition says that it will make their love last longer. Hye Won reports that she delayed the salon and the photographer, and that the driver is waiting. Young Woo gets angry at her lecturing, but Hye Won continues as they go to the bedroom, telling Young Woo to find a real love.
Enraged, Young Woo asks Hye Won what’s real to her, whether she fails to cheat on her husband, because she really loves him. Sung Sook promises to lose a lot of money to Hye Won if she comes, in compensation for all the messes that she covers for her stepdaughter, Young Woo. The assistant hands the phone to her, and her husband starts berating her for giving Professor Jo In Seo (Park Jong Hoon) more performance time at the gala and better students.
He runs into his rival, Professor Jo with his student, piano prodigy Ji Min Woo (Shin Ji Ho). The Chairman cheerfully throws down the mahjong gauntlet with Hye Won, who responds in kind, and wins the game.
Young Woo asks if Sung Sook was threatening her with her comments earlier, but an exasperated Sung Sook tells her to clean up her act.
As she gets ready for bed, she relives the insults of the day, and allows herself a moment of honesty, stating that she would like Young Woo’s job.
Upon arrival at the concert hall, Joon Hyung asks Professor Jo about the rehearsal, only to be told that Min Woo is waiting for Hye Won to listen to it. As he wanders around the concert hall, he eventually ends up backstage, and sees Min Woo and Professor Jo playing a piano piece for four hands while Hye Won looks on. Joon Hyung asks her if she’ll give her assessment of Sun Jae, who he believes is talented, despite being an untrained courier. It takes some time to catch up with the story, since we’re not given a prologue, and the exposition comes in bits and pieces, but it does come together and it did hold my interest throughout. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Looking Forward to Romance" and will be followed by "Bel Ami" November 20, 2013. I loved how the relationship developed from wanting to have a revenge to the point of willing to leave everything for love. I even liked the side characters the stoic assistant of Jisung's character - Choi Woong, the ruthless but kind "eonni" of HJE's character - Jung SooYoung, the flawed character of Lee Da Hee's etc. I haven start to watch kill me heal me becus a lot of ppl say the drama is very nice, is a must watch Blablabla so I'm waiting to finish my current drama and start to focus on watching kill me heal me, so excited, I hope is really as good as this !!! So I just decided to watch it and now I am finished watching this drama and there is no word to describe it.
This drama was the first "explosion" between JSxHJE, the reason why they're currently the fastest and most memorable recurring couple in K Dramas record.
I especially love the on screen chemistry between the two main leads and the second leads were pretty convincing as well.
Watch them again in Kill me, Heal me, in this new drama their acting is just as much if not more the best. There's something about the way their love story goes and ends, that doesn't feel right to me. Hye Won is very polite and thanks Dal Mi for working so late, and then compliments her on doing such a good job as Dal Mi’s strong fingers gets ride of her persistent headache after a scalp massage. Hye Won asks her assistant to buy her a skirt today and then smartly takes her pashmina and wraps it around her waist like a wrap skirt and secures it with a safety pin.
Hye Won calls her repeatedly and leaves voicemails that she will walk in if Young Woo doesn’t answer the phone. Young Woo sneers at Hye Woo for being a project manager and making lots of money but really she’s following her boss around. Hye Won heads back to work and meets with her boss Madam Han to go over the copy for the upcoming concert brochure. She tells her husband not to call due to the time difference and then ends the call to go take pictures. As he’s walking down the hallway, he runs into Professor Jo and his protege Ji Min Woo. Madam Han cheers her on teasingly and Young Woo snidely asks if Madam Han is aligned with her subordinate to take the Seo family money.
Hye Won downs it and asks for another, admitting that this doesn’t make problems go away but helps a little.
Her interest is piqued by the video which just shows a young man playing the piano from shoulder down.
The pianists asks for her real name to give the doctor but Hye Won says that even her fake name is fake.
Hye Won writes back that she’s at her part time job and Sun Jae reveals he is as well.
Young Woo warns the salon ladies to be careful of Madam Han who goes after the hair, and then informs Madam Han that she’s the main character today since this is an art center event while the chaebol group just provides the funds. He arrives at the rehearsal and finds Professor Jo already onstage and asks him to finish up in an hour so he can rehearse for his second half performance. As Sun Jae walks out, he passes through a corridor with portraits of past famed pianists and he takes his time to take it all in.
As they are walking out, the protege is shocked about the hammer being in the piano and Professor Jo says that even worse sabotage happens during competitions. Joon Hyung sneaks Sun Jae out claiming he’s doing this so the event can go on today without any blips. Dal Mi promises to deal with him and offers to give Mom a free perm tomorrow since she’s off duty. The piano-playing she gave up, her husband who plays but clearly isn’t as accomplished or capable as her, and her job working behind the scenes in the world that she participates in not as the main character.
Hye Won is the customer asking for a trim, and Da Mi shampoos her, ending with a scalp massage, while they make friendly small talk. She denies that since women in this neighbourhood are always checking who’s wearing what. Hye Won enters the apartment, and walks into the bedroom, pulling open the curtains to reveal Young Woo in bed with an anonymous man. Hye Won asks how she knows everything, and Sung Sook responds that knowing things is what got her ahead.
Sung Sook also mentions Young Woo’s husband, who bought an apartment for a music student in Vienna. Joon Hyung warmly encourages them on their upcoming performance, then goes into his classroom where he takes his frustration out on his students, scolding them for tuning up too slowly.

Sung Sook and Young Woo trade some bitchy sniping over the table, to which the Chairman tells them to stop and have fun instead. He clicks on a link to an online performance video as Hye Won comes in to make nice with him, but he shrugs her off, frustrated with the latest video. He finds Hye Won rushing around, and berates her for paying attention to his rivals and not to him, but she runs off, too busy to argue.
Just then, Sun Jae gets a message, but fumbles his phone, and it goes flying out of the stall.
Meanwhile, a nervous Sun Jae thinks back to Joon Hyung telling him to write down his contact information, and to respond to any calls or messages.
As he watches from his dressing room, Joon Hyung instructs his assistant to go get Sun Jae tomorrow. This whole episode, when it wasn’t being specifically performed, only had three short instances of music playing in the soundtrack, and one of those was at the end. She seems to have no real friends, but only relaxes around people she pays, like Da Mi who washed her hair, or the housekeeper, or her assistant. Beside, after falling for him for difference characters in HMKM, this character is nothing compared to what he did in HMKM.
Not only they bring great different characters and chemistry in vastly different Secret and KMHM, but they also bring both dramas successful ratings winners and popularity, which other recurring pairs in K Dramas couldn't achieve.
We, all your fans, are expecting the same sizzling and rocking chemistry for the next dramas if you work together! Great performance by the cast and a very compelling plot line, I even shed a bucketful of tears during the drama.
This one is purely a conscious effort to pay homage to what feels like a work of dramatic art, an appreciation of sorts that speaks less of an emotional hitch and more of a recognition of artistic excellence. After they eat Sun Jae moves his delivery box out of the way in the back of his motorcycle so Dal Mi can get on. Young Woo calls bullshit on Hye Won and scoffs at the implication that Hye Won and her husband don’t cheat because they got married out of true love? Madam Han notices the slap imprint on Hye Won’s face and mutters that Young Woo needs to change her penchant to resort to violence. Hye Won tries to placate him and explains how it was their sunbae Professor Min who highly recommended Professor Jo and his protege Ji Min Woo. He suggests Joon Hyung come play mahjong tonight since his wife is a permanent fixture there. The Chairman tells his two favorite ladies to pipe down and all they need to do is sit docilely like lambs beside him. Madam Han grabs Young Woo by the hair and drags her into the bathroom to shove her head in a toilet.
His performance is very frenetic which Joon Hyung attributes to the youngsters these days all wanting to show off.
Hye Won knows because she gave up piano playing for this very reason and then recommends a good doctor for him. He then goes to yell at Hye Won for running the rehearsal for Professor Jo and his protege, why does she have to do even this?
Hye Won notices the sound is off and they fish out a hammer left in the piano affecting the keys.
Hye Won radios the security guard to tighten the security and make sure no one is touching the musical instruments.
The phone is open to the text message sending Sun Jae to deliver the bow tie and Joon Hyung reads it.
It’s a security guard and he knocks on the stall door and Joon Hyung gives his name as a performer and diverts the guy.
Sun Jae looks around the lovely home and Hye Won comes down the stairs and tells him to follow her.
It’s not popcorn entertainment, at times difficult to watch and requires a stomach for something less entertaining as it is thought provoking.
My favorite scene in episode 1 was when Hye Won was listening to the duet rehearsal and Sun Jae was peeking at her through the stage curtains. Laughing at the absurdity, Hye Won tells her assistant to buy her a skirt, and fastens her long scarf around her waist in the meantime. She uses her phone to take a picture as Young Woo wakes them up, and tells the man to leave. Young Woo follows her to continue taunting her about her useless husband, but Hye Won ignores her and picks up her phone.
She spots the missing picture of Young Woo in the brochure and Hye Won explains that the CEO is having her portrait taken as they speak. As she sits down to have her picture taken, she instructs the photographer to make sure she looks better than Sung Sook.
Plus, Sung Sook thinks that Young Woo is becoming an eyesore at the college, but Hye Won remains neutral. She tells him apologetically that it was Dean Min Yong Ki (Kim Chang Wan) who pushed for it, then says she’ll be a little late coming home. Later, in his office, Joon Hyung’s assistant walks in with a stack of CDs and a memory stick. This is the last straw for Sung Sook, whose veneer of cool snaps as she grabs Young Woo by the hair and drags her off. She stops him from turning it off to point out that the player has peritenonitis, but he doesn’t care. As she leaves, Young Woo and her sister-in-law come up to tell him that they were just discussing Hye Won and how she favours Professor Jo.
Without picking it up, Joon Hyung reads the message, which is from his assistant, and realizes that Sun Jae’s in the stall.
The rest of the time, she’s constantly on her guard, trying to keep the peace with her entitled husband who wants to live off her influence, and staying neutral with her bosses who are at war with each other.
I watched it for the second time because i love the chemistry between jung eum and ji sung, gonna watch kill me heal me after I finish this one..
The songs, the acting, the drama, the story line, the script GOD the script is unbelievable and totally heart-aching.
The tragedy that the heroine suffered at the beginning five episodes made me shed tears for her.
I also recommend the epic drama Empress Ki another well written drama; Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Hong Gil Dong, and Lie to Me. Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae dip a toe into the current popular pool of noona-dongsaeng romances and engages in a secret love affair between a forty-something successful careerwoman and a twenty year old piano genius from a poor family.
He takes her home and as they pass through a bridge Dal Mi yells out for Sun Jae to stop the bike so they can go cuddle and kiss to the side but he just keeps on riding. She sees that only Young Woo’s picture is missing and wants Hye Won to use an old one but Hye Won says it should be nice for this happy occasion. He walks into his class and chides his students for not preparing earlier and calling them a bunch of trash. Hye Won instead notices that his fingers are oddly positioned not for a showy performance but because he has tendonitis. We see the pianist is Sun Jae and he’s at a PC bang with Dal Mi and another young man.
Sun Jae reaches out under the stall to grab his phone back and then takes off his delivery vest and puts it back on backwards and adding a beanie on his head.
He managed to play a piece meant for four hands using just two hands, leading Joon Hyung to wrongly assume he was listening to Professor Jo and Min Woo play.
To recap it requires balancing both what is happening onscreen as well as the nuances of how its presented as well as what is not said. Her frenemy relationship with Director Seo Young Woo reeks of the uneven power plays that the rich play with those beneath them, and even worse is seeing Hye Won stuck in the middle between Young Woo and her step-mother the even more badass Madam Han.
I think this drama will stage a lot of scenes with the camera in a surreptitious position, sometimes the moment is tense and others feel so mundane.
Looking worried, Da Mi pulls it out and gives it to her, but Hye Won laughs and tells her to throw it out, since it’s just a $10 necklace. She asks her assistant if the CEO, Young Woo is in, only to be told that she is not, and that no one knows where she is.
She puts a cold can to her cheek as she continues her phone conversation, so Young Woo gives up and leaves. Joon Hyung complains about how disorganized the material is then makes his poor assistant pack everything up for him to carry home.
Young Woo bluntly advises him to cultivate his own influence instead of relying on his wife, but he ignores her and tells the sister-in-law to tune up with him later.
JiSung oppa is so handsome and charming oh God <33333 I bet im gonna watch this over and over again in the next few days!
A thief will eventually be caught and a person needs to stay within the lanes to avoid future problems. Young Woo harangues Hye Won for marrying a useless man and that is why she has to work so hard. Madam Han knows that Hye Won bought a car for her new boy toy, while her husband bought a condo for his new flight attendant girlfriend, sighing that they are two peas in a pod. He hears a full search is going on for someone who played the piano without permission, Hye Won wants the search to be done low key as to not alert the arriving guests. This story doesn’t have heroes and villains, nor does it seem to have a challenge to be solved or an obstacle to be overcome.
There is a lot of hinting at this drama of the power dynamics and I wonder how Hye Won and Sun Jae will grow attracted to each other. Hye Won puts the phone down slowly once Young Woo is out of sight, and concentrates on nursing her cheek. When they hear security coming in, Joon Hyung shoves Sun Jae back into the stall and covers for him when security knocks on the door. Joon Hyung manages to sneak Sun Jae out, disguised (and apparently unrecognizable) in a cardigan. She said that she is afraid of forgetting what happened to the other woman, that she one day would stop regretting and get over it. Overall, this drama is one of the dramas that truly touched me in terms of thoughts and emotions. Great acting from all the actors and actresses, and shout out to the writer of this drama.. JS and HJE are the best Korean drama couple, their chemistry in both Secret and Kill Me, Heal Me are just so convincing and felt so real. Madam Han heads out to see her husband the Chairman while Hye Won helps clean up Young Woo who asks which side Hye Won is on? I’m also not a musician, unless you count my junior high stint in the marching band where I personally gave clarinet playing a bad name. We are simply dropped into a world of rich people immersed in a world of music that seems to both define them and contain them. This drama is fully immersed in music and bathed in a secondary layer of auditory meaning, making what we are watching sync expertly with the understanding that music is a further extension of the heart and soul.
Is she going to be captivated by his raw talent and smoldering intensity? I’m excited to recap such a dense and meaty drama, and in a first for the blog, joining me in recapping (and the mastermind behind tackling this drama) will be the fabulous jomo who will alternate with me starting in episode 2.
If I miss out on how a certain scene fits with the classical score being played, forgive this Koala for being a music dummy and feel free to correct me and add the missing deeper analysis. This really is a bona fide quality drama, and the fast-rising ratings despite residing on a cable channel is a testament to an audience being out there with an appetite for good heady stuff. She has fun pretending to be an unemployed 25 year old man, and gives him advice about a good clinic to visit for his hand. I went on for months not watching new dramas because I still was so in love with Secret and nothing, nothing was even close to being as good as Secret.
I hope plenty of folks will join us in not so secretly having a loving affair with a daring drama. I'm glad to say though, that Kill Me Heal Me, with all its mystery and suspense and genius performances with the hilarious adlibs, is the first drama that I am truly loving since Secret.

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