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The ancient Egyptians not only worshiped the As Above, So Below of the planets, stars and the heavens, they had also practiced a secret mystery religion of Gnosticism.
The great Brotherhood of Amon Ra (Amun Ra) were the first Gnostics to come from the East. Their city, Theba or Thebes, the City of the Ark in the New Kingdom was their capital in Egypt when they had held power. Later during the New Kingdom, the God Amon would be combined with the Sun God Ra to create Amon Ra. The meaning of the word Pyramid is the "Fire of God in the Mind." This fire is inherent in all living creatures on the So Below here on earth and also in the heavens in the As Above. The God Amon Ra had held the highest seat of the Gods in the land of the pyramids for many centuries.
In my previous articles on this subject that you can see below, I had explained that Amon is the hidden God, Lord of Thrones and the Creator God that resides in our head, which is represented by Ammon's Horn. Some of the great brothers who were part of the Secret Brotherhood of Amon-Ra were Egyptian Pharaohs such as Seti I, Ramesses II, Ramesses III; and in the Ptolemaic dynasty, each Ptolemaic pharaoh could claim to be an incarnation of Amon-Ra. The Egyptian name Ramesses the Great (Ramses II, son of Seti I) was Ra-mesesu mari-Amon (Ra gave birth to him, the beloved of Amon).
Roman Emperors such as Julius and Augustus Caesar under the name Ptolemy Caesar, via a peculiar inscription at Hermonthis, had welcomed the baby of Julius as “the child of Amon Ra created through the human agency of Julius Caesar.” Also, after his conquest of Egypt, the Greek Alexander the Great was anointed by the chief priest from the Brotherhood of Amon-Ra as the Son of God, the Son of Amon in the Siwa Oasis at temple of Jupiter Amon (Ammon).

At the Luxor in Thebes, at the Court of Amenhotep III there are Latin inscriptions and a Roman altar dedicated to Emperor Augustus. On the walls of the Hypostyle Hall, there are some reliefs representing Amenhotep III hunting and killing a gazelle in front of Amon Ra, and other scenes representing the King in front of various deities. After the Birth Room there is another 3 columned chamber, also with badly damaged relief's, and then the Sanctuary of Alexander the Great. Evidence of these facts we can witness in the ancient Egyptian King of the Gods, Amon-Ra, and in symbols such as the ram, rams horns, serpent, or with stone statues like that of the sphinx.
The pyramids allowed the initiates of the Secret Mysteries, such as the Priesthood of the Magi and royal family of the Pharaoh to tap this fire in order to alchemically transform and renew themselves with the sacred fire on the So Below. The Ammon's Horn is an occult (hidden) name for an area of our brain, that in science is called the hippocampus. Rameses, in his song of triumph says, "Amun-Ra has been at my right and my left in the battles; his mind has inspired my own, and has prepared the downfall of my enemies. This king is pictured in the act of rewarding a priest who had done much for the honor of Amon-ra. Alexander the Great, who removed the 4 original columns and built a chapel, open to the north and to the south, rebuilt this sanctuary, which once had a golden plated statue of Amon Ra.

Therefore, when it is said they had worshiped the God Amon, they were essentially practicing a form of Gnosticism in which the God Amon had represented the hidden creator in THYSELF.
Alexander the Great, before he had become the Son of Jupiter Ammon in the Siwa Oasis, was said to be the son of a serpent. The custom of the older time is here exactly reversed, for then the priests rewarded the king, by singing his praises and even paying him divine honors while he still lived. Our world-wide order is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, truth and real Gnosticism using both ancient and modern gnosis techniques such as science to not only KNOW THYSELF, but also to MASTER THYSELF. These horns I have found on a coin (to the left) that is of Alexander the Great, showing him with a horn growing on the side of his head.

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