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Update: A lot of this article has been misconstrued either through confusion or in the name of melodrama. Making all inheritance pass only through the male side of a family (primogeniture) combined with Christianity and its off-shoots, transformed the relationship between the human genders for thousands of years. Fortunately, through efforts such as the Suffragettes and the general feminist movement, we’ve slowly started to change our ways and realise that trying to empower one gender over the other is as ridiculous a concept as it sounds. And thirdly because the developers are trying to imbue the female characters with feminine characteristics in order to compensate for their, essentially, masculine qualities.
Of course, I see equality for men and women in a different light from simply making all female characters in video games wear sensible cloths.
And yeah, I absolutely make sweeping generalisations which is a bit silly however, in this case I think my suggestion that men are more sex driven than not is reasonable.
My guess would probably have something to do with the amount of attention it generates with the media plus perhaps companies believing in the adage that sex sells better. This is what I’m trying to explore – why do men, assuming they are the ones who developed most of the games, do it?
I’m not trying to justify sexism in video games, just postulating reasons for it existing. I think males always have a choice but no matter how enlightened or evolved we become, we’ll always be slaves to our primal and genetic urges to some degree. Whether or not this is the case (I don’t buy it), someone makes a conscious business decision to publish a game.
My learnings as a NBI Initiate is to perhaps avoid controversial topics as the basis for thought experiments. Most people would rather than unsubscribe than discuss why sexy sells video games, and your personal opinion in all this was lost.
I just don’t understand the point of this post, which is unusual for you because I normally have a lot of time for your blog.
I recently posted about the oversexualization of female characters in Guild Wars 2 and overall got very positive feedback for this post and zero trolls, with quite a few guys agreeing with me. Maybe the angle that you are looking at and that gaming companies seem to be looking at is wrong. Not that I’m trying to justify it but I think putting the blame squarely on the shoulders of anonymous games companies and the money men is an easy answer that shifts focus from all those folk out there that buy their wares.
This subject has been tackled by a number of very intelligent voices in the gaming community, most of whom are women, since it affects us the most, actually. What women like in their media, and what body shapes in either gender are most popular in women are not a secret. The second point was made with the idea that if men wanted to see muscle bound thugs punching things in the face then they may well assume that women would want to see their femininity exploited so gratuitously as well.
Only people who have never interacted with the opposite sex would come up that kind of logic. The opinion that men are not able to control themselves is actually quite new and many of the concepts you mention (primogeniture etc.) pre-date it.

I can agree that some female characters are wearing ridiculous outfits, Dead or alive for example, but does it really affect the gameplay?
And insinuating that the ones who make the games is only thinking about $$ when designing women in games is just flat out ridiculous, who in their right mind buys a game just because there’s skinny girls with big breasts and close to no clothes? Well, Gordon, I thinks I understands what yer tryin ta does here, but I think ya made some wrong turns with yer logics, and they’s done taken ya to a very wrong place. I hope you make an effort to read, understand, and really listen to some of the female bloggers who’ve commented here. I look forward to and hope that you post more of your ideas as you work through learning about this heavily discussed topic, and about women in gaming in general. After introductions with the rest of the cast, Kururugi begins to search for answers as to why she has been brought back to the feudal era, and how to get back home.” (Source)This is an RPG with otome elements for the PS2! To be 100% clear, I’m not condoning sexism or oversexualisation in video games in any way at all. Still, the post is merely a theory based on some interesting and plausible conjecture and I’d encourage everyone to read it carefully and thoroughly before passing judgement. Both sexes (and the resulting interactions) are fundamental components of the human condition.
Concepts like male primogeniture, Sharia Law, immaculate conception, no sex before marriage and even complete sexual abstinence were all designed to take freedom and power away from women and essentially shackle the single most potent form of control they had over men – sex. In fact, we’re now so acutely aware of it that we point out and criticise anything that might portray women in an unequal light to men, especially when it comes to video games. I’m sure that a bunch of overweight, unwashed, unemployed, neckbearded manchildren know EXACTLY what women want in video game representations of women. Is it just because we’re simple creatures who can’t escape the biological urges of sex? Please stay away from alcohol so your urges don’t consume you and cause you to rape a poor woman. Video game artists are producing a certain kind of art becomes their genetics unconsciously encourages them to do so. At that point, it should be considered how these art decisions will be reacted to by the audience. I hold this blog in high regard and kind of expected more than a half-assed excuse why gaming companies try to sell their games via over-sexualization of female characters.
I don’t think game companies put big boobs and skimpy outfits into the games because you guys are drooling apes. And while I think people who enjoy games like Bayonetta or female Demon Hunters in D3 or metal bikinis in WoW are culpable, I don’t think they are all malicious in their intent.
I could see how a developer, producer, publisher or whoever would be lead that (twisted) logic.
I think some older cultures actually believed women to be the sex-obsessed gender, wasn’t homosexuality so popular in ancient Greece because it was believed to enable men to have a relationship that was not based merely on sex? If anything, I’m blaming the biological instinct to procreate and the male interpretation and harnessing of it.
Sure, it’s not ragingly pro-feminist, but to try and weave some sort of pro-male sentiment seems a rather big leap to make. I have read this blog for three years, and my first reaction was to say that I’m done here. I see, because of how you’ve replied to every comment here, that you really are engaged on this topic. After falling through a mysteriously etched pentagram on the floorboards, she is transported to Feudal Japan.

You can play as a female or male protagonist, and pursue multiple characters from the InuYasha series throughout the game. Indeed, if anything, the purpose of the article is to highlight the history of inequality that has existed between the genders and try to answer why it not only happened but still continues today. By hiding it, by denying it and by controlling it, males were effectively asserting themselves in a societal position above females.
Metal bikinis, strangely proportioned female models and high heeled boots in combat are all classic examples of this. The male models are all huge and buff, straining their clothing through their rippling muscles beneath, a massive departure from not only real life but also the men themselves who play the games. So maybe the question shouldn’t be why the female Demon Hunter in Diablo 3 wears high heeled boots but rather why the heck is she even there in the first place? Now whether metal bikinis and big polygon tits detract from those things or not, I honestly have no idea. Or maybe I got it wrong and in actuality we’re in the pursuit of some form of warped perfection? Unfortunately I’m always surprised at how quick some people are to react very negatively and aggressively. My more measured response is to hope that this discussion in the comments changes your mind.
This situation is called having a privilege – a special use of the word, not the normal use of the word.
I take that as a great sign that maybe you can take that engagement a little farther and learn more about the water in which you swim.
Thus, in order to fight against this, two things occurred throughout the ages to place the power firmly in the hands of the men: male inheritance and organised religion. Women in video games get portrayed in a light that only reflects the male ideal of femininity.
Instead, what we gets in video games usuallies be perfect killin’ machines, which makes a lot more sense in the context. An’ then the collective they forgots that by the times what things reached the final art renderings. I would suggest that perhaps reading a little more would be a good idea, because this is an issue that matters a lot, and impacts a lot, of the people in the (gaming) world.
In fact, I was actually trying to highlight the plight that women have gone through over the years in battles of equality and trying to deduce some sort of reasoning for it.
And if males run around wearing what we would wear in our ultimate fantasies, wouldn’t we want our female characters do the same? The viewpoint of women, and what women want is completely ignored at best and more often openly ridiculed the boys club that is video gaming culture. A woman lead the last of the British Iceni tribe in an uprising against the Romans in 60A.D.
The idea that women wouldn’t want to be involved in combat or violence is flat out false. Whether this means chasing after them to engage in sex and companionship or simply thinking about both those things on a frequent basis, there is little denying that most men cannot escape the consideration they give to the opposite sex.

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