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Science NotebooksIf you are absent on a day that we took notes, it is your responsibility to get the notes from someone and to show me those notes in order to get credit. Dormant energy pathways are activated and opened up in your energy bodies that naturally draw abundance to you . Assume the feelings of your wishes fulfilled (All 5 modules and the bonus material place you inside your wish fulfilled). Use a pendulum to see what areas of your energy system need energy medicine balancing the most. Remember to reference the IA Guide and also print a cover sheet (or use the yellow one you were given in class). LAB: Titration of an Unknown Weak Acid (DCP, optional CE) - collect additional data and clean up. Additional suggested practice: the one I passed out in class is question 2 from the option A section of 2014 HL P3, which is on the review part of this website (both the Q and Key can be found there).

Giving yourself this gift of receiving the Archangels of Abundance sessions may be the energetic blessings you have been waiting for. Supposedly, Raziel wrote all this information down in the well-known book called the Book of the Angel Raziel.
His name means “God’s blessing.” He is the angel of good fortune and will assist you in opening your heart so you can receive the gifts of abundance. There should be a detailed explanation relating the graph to evaporation rates and evaporation rates to intermolecular forces of attractions. If you don't see it because you went to the UCSB presentation or because you had issues saving, then use someone else's data.
Then surrender your list to Pathiel and trust that your prayers have been heard and will be answered. .
He will also help you keep a positive outlook and encourage you to expect abundance in your life.

If you print, you need not print all pages of raw data (the first page or two of data is sufficient). When you invoke his help, he will use his divine magic to help you manifest the abundance and prosperity you are seeking. . If you ask, he will release you from any negativity that blocks your ability to create abundance in your life. . During the Crystal Light Energy Healing Sessions and the Archangel Email Readings the Archangels are able to connect my clients back up to their Divine Soul's Calling and Life Purpose Blueprint so they feel more peaceful, connected and clear again.

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