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Version 1: Probably the most popular, or at least the most practiced, form of Cobra Breath sadhana is to practice Cobra Breath as a meditation technique by oneself.
The indications, in addition to being initiated into Cobra Breath, are that one have a quiet space to practice, be able to sit without excessive movement, know the forward position of Khechari Mudra, and keep the spine very straight. Version 1: To practice non-sexually with a partner, one needs to be deep in their energy field. Learn more about our audio programs for meditation, stress management, and personal growth.
See the CBS WUSA TV 9  interview with Keith Hall, Andrea Roane, and Jeff Besougloff about T’ai Chi for stress reduction and self-mastery here. A Tantric Qigong practitioner studies techniques to convert Jing into Qi and then into Shen (the path of transmutation) – and also to transmogrify Shen into Qi and Jing – (the path of generation or manifestation). Jing is often considered the root of our life force, the physical substance out of which our life evolves. Jing is consumed continuously by the activities of daily life, stress, illness, substance abuse, sexual excess, fear, pain, anxiety, etc.
In men, generation and replacement of semen lost through excessive sexual activity resulting in ejaculation contributes to the depletion of Jing.
Most ancient masters consider Jing to be the raw material of Qi (Chi), though some have said that Jing is an expression of Chi. When reports of this study hit mainstream media there seemed to be a great rejoicing among the masturbatory multitudes. With all due respect to the one-handed bloggers, on a close examination of the actual research study, I have to say it is not clear that the news is entirely and consistently good. Leitzmann wrote, “There was a suggestive decreased risk of total prostate cancer observed among men in the lowest category of ejaculation frequency at ages 40 to 49 years and across a lifetime.
Since at the time of the study, the age range was 46 –81 among the participants, it may very well be that a higher number of ejaculations among more mature men does not have the protective effect of a high rate of ejaculation when one is younger.
To further muddy the waters, if you are querying middle aged and older men about their masturbatory habits in their 20’s, accurate and total recall may be a problem.
Next: Emission Control and Mental, Spiritual, and Physical Health Part 10: Is sex good for your heart? Whether you’re looking for vipassana, zazen, Transcendental Meditation, silent meditation, or just some beginner meditation classes, there are meditation retreat centres in your area (and in exotic locales) that should have just the meditation retreat that you are looking for. IntroductionThe Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat is a unique 10-day immersion experience which focuses on accessing our real and essential nature, the supreme and divine Self, atman, through an artful integration of meditation and yoga techniques. The mission of the Tergar Meditation Community is to make the ancient practice of meditation accessible to the modern world. Founded in 1975, the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) is a 501 (c) (3) religious nonprofit organization. Welcome to the Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Course!   Many people have an interest in meditation and its benefits, but find that attempts to focus and concentrate the mind are difficult, if not impossible.

Along with the fundamental elements of all of our “Signature Life Source Retreats”, this retreat emphasises yoga, meditation & stress-free living and offers a blend of practices designed to de-stress your body, to open channels for creativity and greater awareness, to quiet the chatter in your mind and to re-awaken your spirit. This unique experience on the quaint and beautiful Monhegan Island is one not to be missed. No particular materials are required; one just practices the Cobra Breath as a meditation and internal energy technique for awakening the higher chakric centers, particularly the third eye and the Mouth of God. Keeping the spine straight will ease the flow of energy and prevent the re-grooving of karmic patterns. This can add a bit more energy to the practice, and perhaps accelerate the development of cleansing Kundalini energies.
Using Cobra Breath sexually with a partner holds the potential for the highest level of energy generation and transmutation.
In addition to the practice of Qigong and T’ai Chi, Jing can be restored through dietary and herbal supplements, and balanced through acupuncture.
Some Taoist lineages promote exercises to diminish menstruation, reserving and recycling the energy that would be lost through the menstrual blood. Some ancient texts actually define Jing (Ojas in the Tantra Yoga tradition) as semen, although this metaphor is not quite accurate.  Semen contains and is energized by Jing energy, but Jing can also be expressed as ova, sexual energy in general, and bone marrow. Obviously, vitality and sexual energy are closely related, so it may be a bit pedantic to argue which came first, sex or life force, chicken or egg. Generally, for each increase of 3 ejaculations per week over a lifetime, there was an associated 15% decrease in prostate cancer.
Leitzmann suggested that perhaps  “self-reported ejaculation frequency may have contained some inaccuracy because of its sensitive nature and the need for individuals to recall ejaculation frequency in the distant past. It has as many forms as it does practitioners, yet it always involves liberation from suffering. In a sense, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced retreat-goer.
What’s needed is a meditation that utilizes the natural tendencies of the mind rather than trying to subdue it. Fourteen repetitions daily of this breath are recommended, though more can be done as you like. To do this, one self-pleasures to near the edge of orgasm, and then performs the Cobra Breath with a very tight root lock.
A mild form of this practice would be to sit back to back and perform the Cobra Breath with both of the partners synchronizing the breath. Yab Yum is the position usually recommended, although any position that allows the spine to be straight and also allows for the performance of the Tantric Kiss will work just fine. Practitioners of the Inner Alchemy of Tantric Qigong (Neidan or Neigong) learn to control and transmute the frequency of their energy and consciousness along this spectrum – choosing the wave length they desire as we might we might choose a particular TV or radio station. One can also think of Jing as being analogous to the hardware of a computer – the physical foundation of an operating system.

In addition, through the practice of Taoist sexology and certain Tantric Kundalini techniques, the Jing or Ojas can be withdrawn from the semen, preventing its depletion.
Even in the Tantra Yoga tradition, these energies of the lower chakras are so closely related and wired together that artificial distinctions are ordinarily not that valuable.
However, men who had the fewest ejaculations (3 or less per month) also had a decreased risk. In the West, we are seeing a surge of scientific research on mindfulness as an effective antidote for mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. You may have explored meditation or yoga, listened to some teachings and even done retreats. Generally, one to three repetitions of Cobra Breath are enough to transmute the sexual energy to the higher chakras and prevent ejaculation.
Having the spinal nadis in alignment and touching each other tends to create an energetic balance which can deepen one’s experience of this practice. Yab Yum has a certain advantage in that the orientation of the position allows for the lower chakras to be aligned with the polarity of the Earth, and the head chakras are aligned with the heavens.
Jing is said to be the basis for our physical bodies and is yin in nature, which means it is nourishing and cooling to the body.
In this metaphor, Chi would be the electricity, and Shen the data that appears on your monitor.
We invite you to join us to explore, discover and rejuvenate on our 300 acres under Bull Mountain. The experiences you’ve sought were all transformative, where you learned lessons and felt your horizons being broadened. This puts the entire spinal system and nadis in a straight line, resulting in an ease of energy flow between the Earthly and Heavenly chakra energies. Jing is also thought to be the vehicle of our heredity – a concept similar that of DNA.
An advantage of this position is that partners often can get the first and second chakras physically closer, which can add a bit more energy. The electromagnetic fields of Earth and Sky strengthen and cleanse one’s own bio-magnetic field. When the energy of Cobra Breath reaches the third eye, this position allows to the partners to perform the Tantric Kiss, which further stimulates the energy of Ajna.
This practice is best done with a partner of similar spiritual vibration, or at least the ability of both partners to raise and synchronize their vibratory fields.
To state this in another way, care should be taken that your partner is at a similar stage of evolution as you are, or surrendered enough to follow the vibratory energies to be in harmony.

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