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Dhamma Sarita offers course in Vipassana Meditation as taught by SN Goenka in the tradition of Sayagi U Ba Khin. As an indicator of the increasing universal acceptance of the Buddha's scientific teachings, Mr. Thousands of Catholic priests, Buddhist monks and nuns, Jain ascetics, Hindu sanyasis come to Vipassana courses along with other religious leaders. To meet the increasing demand, presently over 800 assistant teachers conduct courses on Mr.
Dhamma Giri, the Vipassana International Academy of Igatpuri, Maharashtra, India is the biggest Vipassana meditation centre in the world with capacity for more than 700 meditators.
Satya Narayan Goenka (born 1924) is the Principal Teacher of Vipassana, the practical quintessence of the Buddha's teaching. Goenka has been invited to lecture by institutions as diverse as the United Nations General Assembly, members of the Indian Parliament, Harvard Business Club, Dharma Drum Mountain Monastery (of Ven.
Goenka's success in service comes from being an inspiring example and an ideal, and of practicing what he asks his students to practice. Goenka met and was inspired by a unique personality in post-war Myanmar : Sayagyi U Ba Khin, the first Accountant-General of independent Myanmar.
Goenka emphasizes that it is not a religion and involves no dogma, rites, rituals, and no conversion.

Vipassana is the practical quintessence of all religions, to develop the experiential wisdom to live a happy, productive life. Goenka soon retired from his flourishing business and devoted his full time to teaching Vipassana. Goenka's behalf, using recorded audio and video instructions, with the help of thousands of volunteers.
A leading industrialist in Myanmar (Burma) after the Second World War, Goenkaji, as he is affectionately known outside India, is living proof that the mental exercise of meditation is necessary for a wholesome and beneficial life. Sheng Yen) in Taiwan, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the Smithsonian Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Association. Born in Mandalay, Myanmar, in a business family of Indian origin, he became one of Myanmar 's ranking business leaders, with offices in many countries.
Instead, stress brought on crippling migraine headaches, which the world's best doctors were helpless to treat, except with addictive and debilitating drugs. Goenka, known fondly as 'Mataji' (meaning 'respected mother'), is also a Principal Teacher and a distinguished student of Sayagyi U Ba Khin. Besides being the gentle patriarch to a large joint family of his six sons and grandchildren, he is the benevolent guide of a growing, highly de-centralized and disciplined organization. Accompanied by his wife Illaichidevi Goenka, a few senior teachers and students, he traveled for 128 days through Europe and North America, joyfully sharing the priceless gift of Vipassana.

By age 30, he was elected president of the Yangon (formerly Rangoon) Chamber of Commerce and head of many social, educational and cultural organizations. From India, Vipassana is spreading worldwide, including in the USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific, China, Russia, Latin America, East European countries and now Africa. She has quietly supported and selflessly served in her husband's mission of gratitude to their beloved teacher, Sayagyi U Ba Khin : how to serve more and more beings in benefiting from the liberating path of Vipassana. Goenka's emphasis on the self-dependant, non-sectarian and result oriented nature of Vipassana found appeal in a world searching for a practical path out of stress and suffering. The second leg of the tour was a 13,000-mile road journey in a motor caravan through the United States and Canada. Goenka said, he was a very short-tempered, egoistic, person making himself and others around him miserable. But they cannot gain peace because when Dhamma becomes a commercial commodity, it fails to bring peace.

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