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Vipassana Meditation is one of India’s most ancient meditation techniques, lost and then rediscovered by Gotama Buddha more than 2500 years ago.
Donation based Vipassana centers offering 10-day silent retreats can be found all over the world.
The practice meant so much to me that I’ve since returned to the center numerous times to serve as a student manager and kitchen server, meeting some amazing people from all walks of life in the process. A thought that continuously passed through my mind while at the center is that everyone needs to try this at least once. That Misery Called Meditation – It starts out rough for Tim Yu, but trancends as time goes on. I would love for you to leave your experiences in the comments and I would be happy to answer any more questions or concerns you may have. No one who wishes to attend the retreat as a non-resident attendee will be turned away due to lack of funds. To help us to serve you better to get the best out of this retreat for your inner growth please let us know and special needs of you with regard to health, accommodations, and food etc. The Foundation is about 6 miles from the center of Ojai, after the Besant Hill School, and on the left. As a self-described “confused youth”, Bhante Rahula served a three-year stint in the army, then traveled in Europe and Asia. Bhante Rahula describes his transformation from a young hippie and army dropout to a Theravadan Bhikkhu in his autobiography, One Night’s Shelter.

After a light vegetarian lunch and presentation reiterating the practice and rules, the course began. The first few days were spent focusing solely on respiration.
In fact, throughout the course I found myself really enjoying it and not wanting it to end. For example, my ability to remain equanimous in many situations that would have previously led to a reaction of fear, pain, anger or sadness continue to strengthen. Turn at the Foundation sign (you will see 3 palm trees directly across from the entrance), left at the stop sign, and make a quick right into our driveway and up to the Guest Parking. Ordained as a Novice Buddhist monk in 1975 at Gothama Thapovanaya, Mulleriyawa-New Town, Sri Lanka under the tutelage of Late Venerable Kudawelle Vangeesa who was well-known as an Insight Meditation Master and the founder of Tapovanaya Buddhist Monasteries in Sri Lanka. Eventually, he encountered Tibetan Lamas in Nepal and, after a month-long meditation course, began earnestly seeking a spiritually fulfilling life.
I was having lunch at a cafe in town when I randomly met Dorian, the center’s manager at the time, and he invited me over to give me a tour. Instead, I discovered that almost everyone who attends gains something positive from the experience. For hours on end I observed my breath as it entered and exited my nostrils and brushed over my upper lip. I was overcome with feelings of gratefulness for the center, the practice, and its volunteers. My ability to sit in silence and not feel like I must always be doing something has improved greatly as well, and I’ve also been able to let go of certain regrets, pent up frustrations, and pain that I had been holding onto.

Soon all your worries and concerns, fears and hopes, regrets and memories, once examined, will fade away.
If we are unable to take care of all needs that you mention we will let you know in advance. I was amazed by how much I had learned about myself and how much more I felt at peace in a relatively short time. You will then begin to better understand the meaning of impermanence, and soon find yourself living in the wonderful here and now. Guided audio recordings were provided thoughout the day, and each evening there was a video presentation. I instantly wanted to tell everyone about Vipassana mediation as I felt like I was given such a gift.
Teachers were also present to guide and assist.  Soon the real world and all its concerns drifted away as I began to spend every waking hour in silence, contemplation, and meditation. You don’t have to already be a serious meditator or yogi or follow any certain religion or dogmas, all you need to begin is an open mind and a thirst for exploration into yourself.

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