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Meditation won’t be the aspirin you’re looking for to immediately feel better; it is a path full of challenges and it can become very frustrating. When delving into Buddhist traditions, all meditational techniques can be classified into two different types according to their progressive purpose.
Most Shamata techniques use an object of concentration: an image, a lit candle, breathing, etc.
Focusing on our breathing is a very common technique, as it is available for anyone at anytime.
Take a life-changing habit and next time you are at Xinalani let our experienced meditation instructor teach you the art of mindfulness with our meditation classes for a greater life!
May 14 - 21 2016Just like your technology requires regular maintenance and updates, so too does your whole life. This annual meditation retreat is an opportunity to practice intensive mindfulness and insight meditation under the guidance of Sayadaw U Panditaa€™s principal disciples.
The Forest Center is now a fully matured meditation center with conditions conducive for local and foreign practitioners.
In early February 2010 and again 2011, the Panditarama Meditation Center in Yangon held the Panditarama Dhamma Family Gathering. Representatives from Panditarama Meditation Centers in Myanmar, the United States, England, Australia, Nepal, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore spoke about their meditation centers. The Panditarama Meditation Center in Yangon will hold this annual Family Gathering each February following the retreat at the Forest Center.

To ensure purified drinking water is available at the Forest Center, Saddhamma Foundation donated a total of $6,000 between 2008 and 2010. Saddhamma also donated over $10,000 to Sayadaw U Sasana for his novice training center and small meditation center. U Panditaa€™s Dhamma talks given at Tathagata Meditation Center in the United States in 2009. Saddhamma Foundation helped edit two books about mindfulness and insight meditation by the Venerable Sayadaw U Dhammajiva of the Mitirigala Forest Meditation Center in Sri Lanka. It is not, as often thought, only an exercise to relax, or a state of trance; it is not even making your mind go blank. Beginning with the posture: our bodies are not used to keeping our legs crossed and our back straight for a long period of time. When I wrote about the great physical and psychological benefits of meditation in a previous article, I was talking about Shamata. When we develop a quality for concentration, we start feeling calm and we acquire consciousness. After achieving Shamata’s state of peace and clarity, one then needs to focus on something that represents an aspect of the ultimate reality (impermanence, constant change, universal love, etc.), such as an image, an object, a word, etc.
The most important thing is to have our intention clear when meditating: if we’re using it as a tool to improve our daily physical and mental states, or if we’re searching for a deep spiritual transformation, for example. Due to Sayadawgyia€™s far reaching vision along with generous donations and efforts by volunteers, Panditarama has become one of the most supportive centers available for serious meditation practice.

Meditation is a way of expanding our consciousness, not by reducing it to a semi conscious state. This type of meditation calms our mind and makes us more conscious of its patterns, therefore expanding our perspective and promoting positive emotions. Vipassana meditation helps us to have a clear vision and the ultimate objective is to cause “Paravittri”, which is a profound turn in our deep consciousness.
The mediator has not only to understand the concept intellectually, but to let it impregnate in its whole experience. Keep in mind that it is a slow demanding road with a lot of obstacles, but also a path full of great discoveries and accomplishments. Sayadawgyi was always concerned with his students' present and future welfare and advised them accordingly, right up until his death. Later on, when we finally succeed to sit properly and comfortably, we become aware that our mind won’t take any orders; it has its own patterns, and it’s not used to concentrating for more than a few seconds. To answer these deep questions I have created Thrive, a one-week intensive retreat in November where we apply the 8 Limbs of Yoga to all areas of your life. While he is surely missed, Sayadawgyi left an extensive legacy of talks, books, highly trained teachers and most importantly, thousands of meditators who have benefited greatly from his skillful teachings.

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