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A visualization meditation is a very simple technique for entering quickly into a relaxed and calm state. The following is a simple script that you can record onto a MP3 player and use when traveling or before going off to bed.
I hope that you have enjoyed the visualization meditation script and that you are able to record it onto MP3 so that you can listen to it. May you be well and may you truly be relaxed and calm. Have you ever noticed that when you are extremely stressed out by certain events in life or even a one-off circumstance or situation, the pain and inflammation on the joints seemed to get worse?
It was not until few weeks ago when another life-stress event triggered a short episode of flare-ups which had not been happening for quite a long time now that caught my attention.
Stress may initiate the pathophysiological response in arthritic patient, predispose a patient to develop RA or exacerbate the initial pathophysiology according to Anderson et al 1985.
I find that the portrayal of prolonged stress by Canadian physiologist Hans Selye in his three-stages model of General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) very relevant to the understanding of the overall picture. BUT, over time (say years), the body slowly uses up its resources and also functions with less efficiency as the person ages. The persistently overworked body manifests itself into pain, stiffness and often inflammation and muscles become less elastic. The peripheral nerves leading to joints become biochemically unstable, they fire the pain signals to the joints. Easy access of microorganisms into the body of host and resulting in tissue sensitivity to the toxins of protein byproducts. External immune complexes, usually from food allergies, may load onto the joint tissues and causing or creating irritations that lead to pain, inflammation, swelling and also joint damage. With pain, swelling and inflammation, as well as joint damage and deformity, more stress ensues. In terms of a flare-up, a flare-up triggers vasodilation of the surroudning capillaries and arterioles and reuslts in increased blood flow the the area as well as signs of redness and warmth.
Therefore, it is not even surprising that major and minor life events can be causative agents of both the development and exacerbation of RA. Salmond 1989 identified a positive link between major stressors (children problems, marital crisis and financial difficulties) and symptom exacerbation.
Rimon and Laasko 1985 concluded that RA onset resulted from a major traumatic life even occuring in the year prior to disease onset. Hassett and Clauw 2010 found that individuals reporting two or more traumatic childhood events were at a 100% increased risk for rheumatic diseases compared to those reporting no childhood trauma.
Many theories suggest that small chronic stressors experienced in daily life in sufficient quantities may also place enough burden on a person already weakened by chronic illness to precipitate an exacerbation of the disease. DeLongist et al 1982 examined the relationship between ongoign stresses of daily living (hassles) and health status, and concluded that these minor stresses (e.g. Thomason et al 1992 applied similar theory to a study of 69 RA patients and it was found that minor stress was significantly correlated with inflammation. Crosby 1988 related similar results with 101 RA patients who were assessed in relation to daily stress factors, emotional stress levels and RA disease activity.
Once the stressors of your life have been identified, it is imperative to know that these stressors can be manageable and hence, the disease flares are controllable. Some techniques employed with success in RA patients include relaxation training, guided imagery or visualisation, exercise, meditation, yoga, EFT, aromatherapy and many others. Guided imagery calls upon the mind to envision a pleasant place where the person feels relaxed, peaceful and free of stress.
Using all of your senses, your body seems to respond as though what you are imagining is real. There are many relaxation script on calming visualization that are available for free online.
How many of you know that exercise does your body good, but may be too stressed to fit in into your routine? Being active can boost your brain’s feel-good endorphins and distract you from daily worries.
Regular exercise can increase self confidence and lower symptoms associated with mild depression and anxieties.
It is meditative in motion, and helps with shedding daily tensions through movement and physical activity. Below are some tips that I find very useful when I began working out after a long period of stagnation and non-movement from persistent pain endurance. Consult with your doctor, if you have not been exercised for some time or if you have serious health concerns.

In other word, we learn to key out all functioning stimuli-responses mechanisms of the body whether they are triggered by past, recorded memories or were conditioned under painful and emotional experiences. Having said that, I add the support of a study overseen by Dr Kabat-Zinn that revealed an astounding 72% of patients with chronic pain conditions achieving at least a 33% reduction after participating in an 8-weeks mindful meditation program.
For me, as a sufferer of RA, I find that being able to identify a causal event or events gives meaning to this chronic and disabling disease because noting that link between stress and the flares, pain or inflammation may proffer a sense of control.
With this understanding, came greater control in terms of the ability to apply the varied stress management techniques to reduce the stressors in life. Do you recognise any major or minor life-stress events that may possibly trigger the onset or exacerbate your RA disease state? 3 Comments on What Stress Could Have Done to You and Your Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain and Flares-Up? For me, I can positively say that different magnitude of stress definitely influences the intensity of the pain and inflammation of the Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). I had expressively mentioned that the emotional trauma that I experienced during my miscarriage triggered the onset of my RA and I believed that there must be a reason how a life-stress event like this could be so powerful that it instigated my immune system to attack me.
This time, I decided to learn and understand more about stress and its role, specifically on how it creates arthritis and what are some of the effective stress management techniques that can be employed to keep chronic stress at bay. In simple language, stress can be defined as a state of disharmony or threatened homeostasis. It is hypothesized that disruptions in the feedback loop of the stress response and the immune system over a continuum could alter inflammatory disease activity and further explain exacerbations and remissions associated with RA; in which sense, may also be associated with the inadequate or excessive cortisol production and availability. The three phases he spoke of are: (a) alarm stage (b) resistance stage and (c) exhaustion stage. BUT, when repetitive stress goes beyond the person’s ability to compensate as quickly, here enters the second phase, resistance stage.
Anyway, emotionally, you may think, well, no doubt, you feel tired but you are still coping well. Body became stagnant, circulation became inefficient to expel cellular waste or maximize distribution of blood, fluids, minerals, etc, additional stress forms as the body gradually becomes malnourished. More burden is placed on the tendons and ligaments to the bones and muscles, which in turn lead to additional pain and structural maladaptations. Due to molecular mimicry, the body’s immune system apparently attacks both the foreign agents and our own joint tissues. This is an established positive feedback loop, where stress initiates a physiological, mental and emotional sequence which creates more chronic stress.
Flare ups result in edema to the affected joint in addition to decreased joint mobility which causes severe pain and disability. The key is to invoke a sense of personal control over the entire disease process with coping strategies and of course, learning how to deal with these stresses. An example often used is to imagine an orange or a lemon in great detail-the smell, the color, the texture of the peel. To ease these moments, guided imagery can be applied with an instructor who sits and listens. Hold on, there is one good reason that you should absolutely start doing so, because exercise in almost any form can act as a stress reliever. How nice it would feel to know that there will be a company throughout the process, and wouldn’t you be more motivated and commitment to exercising? It is an activity that keeps a person’s attention anchored in present time without being influenced by past memories nor preoccupied with future considerations.
There are physiological, psychological, and spiritual benefits from daily practice of meditation. Some forms of conscious relaxation may become meditation while relaxation is a secondary effect of most forms of meditation.
I love how he explains that it is about not thinking during meditation, and just being there.
And it is noticeable that the physical stress of pain cannot be separated from the psychological effects that accompany the pain, especially if that pain led to an impairment of functions, which then led to a series of negative emotions such as depression. I am also seeing an accupressurist and doing a lot of mental relaxing and letting go along with meditation.
Not sure if you have heard of panchakarma but I plan to go on this ayurvedic treatment as many Indian ayurvedic centers recommend this for RA.
By visualizing a beautiful and peaceful environment it helps to induce a calm and peaceful state within the listener. Most people find it much easier to enter into a meditative state when they are being led in a visualization. While good dietary habits are a most necessary condition for reversing and controlling RA, they may not by themselves be a sufficient condition.

Today, these are what my blog post is about, and I love to share my findings with you, and hope that you can be helped by these information. Seen as a threat to survival, it triggers the production of cortisol, which is a substance from the adrenal gland (very much like cortisone), which activates the body to produce energy we need during the state of emergency. Again, the symptoms being masked up, the joint and muscle structures enter the exhaustion stage of GAS. A condition of deficiency in nourishment also factors in cartilage degeneration, free radical damage and finally inflammation, swelling and permanent joint damage. Affleck et al 1987 had identified stress as the cause most often implicated by RA patients as the reason for their flare-ups.
Benson discusses his latest book Relaxation Revolution which details the science behind the benefits of relaxation practices such as meditation, yoga, and repetitive prayer. There are programs that assist to direct thoughts and suggestions that guide your imagination toward a relaxed, focused state.
Continue to imagine the smell of the lemon, and then see yourself taking a bite of the lemon and feel the juice squirting into your mouth. Do not throw yourself into the deep end and ending up in a higher risk of injury and resultantly feel less motivated as you won’t be enjoying the exercising.
If you cannot afford to work out for 30-minutes at a single time, then break it down into three 10-minutes sessions instead.
It heightens self awareness to harness insight and creativity as you observe your breath to center yourself and allow your body to self-repair, relax and recuperate.
I suppose, more importantly, rather than asking about the differences is to be mindful that these techniques both offer a mean for us to slowly relax our muscle groups in the body with the ultimate goal of being the stimulation of relaxation response, slower breathing and other physiological changes or experiences to the whole body.
Additionally, they also witnessed an increase in self esteem and held more positive views about their bodies.
The feeling of truly being in the environment described helps to be in a deeply relaxed state. I tend to support the notion that an absence of stress, just like the presence of a good nourishment and lifestyle, is also a necessary addition for achieving wellness. I was not very concerned back then about the process that put RA into my life, because I was more concerned about how to put things right. Our bodies are also programmed to convert T-cells (protecting cells of our immune system) into quick energy. Muscular imbalance from tendon and ligament imbalances also lead to further structural stress as body attempt to compensate creates calcium spurs and further joint damage.
To this contrary, not all studies manage to identify the direct association between inflammation and stress. Some ideas may be walking, stair climbing, jogging, aqua aerobic, swimming, bicycling, jogging, Tai Chi, gardening and many more. That is, a straightforward unidirectional relationship between stress and pain and other symptoms probably does not exist.
The mind is focused on the environment around them so thoughts and worries melt away. The following video is a guided visualization onto a paradise island. There is such strong interplay between these factors that both of which cannot be overlooked nor isolated in consideration of the approaches to take to address any pervasive RA issues. Over time, when we unbalance our immune system with these conversions, we also permit the invasion of  opportunistic organisms and increased susceptibility towards developing infection due to lowered body resistance.
The result of the exercise is so that any residual re-stimulation of the memories containing similarities to painful moments can be alleviated. In this manner, the continuous emergency state of threat to survival and flight or fight syndrome becomes a continuing stress which becomes damaging mentally, emotionally and physically. The common problem with meditation is that peoples failing asleep during meditation process.Best Meditation on the Planet brings new technique that will change this situation. You notice for the first time that you are wearing shorts without shoes on so you walk into the water. The water is amazing, the temperature like bathwater. Oz – How to Beat Bloating and to Get a Flat StomachYoga Mudras for Body and SoulLeave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.
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