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The latest in a long line of stark reminders of the vast differences between Pyongyang and the rest of the country is the report that the capital city is getting new subway cars. The iconic ones from East Berlin may come to be retired.
Kim, of course, gave a few words of wisdom: he praised the performance of the car, approving both of the speed and the breaks. Back in March I wrote a blog post about how the official Pyongyang Metro maps had been updated to reflect the reality of closed stations and stations that would never come to be.
Just a couple of months after changing the Pyongyang Metro maps, however, the Mangyongdae Metro Station appears to be back on the table.
Given the cost and logistics of such a project, I still remain skeptical it will ever be completed…but the citizens of Pyongyang can dream can’t they?
On the Koryo Tours Facebook Page, a customer posted two pictures he had taken of maps of the Pyongyang Metro. Kwangmyong Station (now closed) is connected to Kumsusan Memorial Palace, where Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il are lying in state.
The removal of the four unnamed stations from the 2007 map  (the estimated approximate locations taken from this map) perhaps reflects nothing more than an acknowledgement of reality — that the Pyongyang Metro will not be expanded any further. China said that North Korea has been at the forefront of its international foreign aid efforts which it has been carrying out for the past 60 years. Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, China’s Vice Commerce Minister Fu Ziying spoke in detail for the first time about the aid his country has given to the North. He said that China helped to build Pyongyang’s public infrastructure such as its subway system, but he emphasized that no cash aid has been given. Beijing issued a white paper last week that outlines its foreign aid policy to Africa and Asia.
Kim Song Min  (???), founder of Free North Korea Radio, has posted some video footage of a North Korean market.
There was mild controversy last year when a secret video featuring Wangjaesan’s female dance troupe entered the public domain.
The video of the dancers can be found here (though it is a VERY slow download) or you can watch it on YouTube here and here. I have not spent much time blogging about the 4 of 31 North Korean fishermen who drifted to the South and do not wish to return to the DPRK.
North Korea has offered the Czech Republic 20 tonnes of ginseng in lieu of payment for some of its debts.
However, Prague has turned down the deal, instead suggesting that Pyongyang pays in the valuable mineral zinc, which can be resold on international markets. North Korea owes the Czech Republic $10m from the days when the Czech Republic was under communist rule and the two countries traded with each other regularly.

Pyongyang reportedly offered $500,000 worth of ginseng, a root which is reputed to boost memory, stamina and libido, as a down payment.
However, consumption of ginseng in the European country is low, with just 1.4 tonnes used each year. North Korea’s economy is struggling as international sanctions tighten and it hopes to be able to barter its way out of handing over valuable cash. Non-cash transactions between socialist countries is common, with Cuba sending Venezuela doctors in exchange for discounted oil. A Czech government spokesman has said that the countries were in negotiation over how the debt would be paid. North Korea has offered to pay its debt to the Czech government with ginseng, according to a local Czech daily newspaper. MF DNES, a daily newspaper based in Prague, reported last Saturday that North Korea has recently suggested to the Czech Finance Ministry that it would pay 5 percent of its debt — approximately $500,000 — with ginseng.
The paper went on to say the consumption of ginseng in the Czech Republic is very small, and it only imported 1.4 tons last year. But, to Czech’s disappointment, North Korea seemed to have made up its mind, as it sent a delegation with samples of ginseng.
North Korea is known to be Czech’s 10th biggest debtor, which goes back to the communist governments.
North Korea Uncovered version 18 is available.  This Google Earth overlay maps North Korea’s agriculture, aviation, cultural locations, markets, manufacturing facilities, railroad, energy infrastructure, politics, sports venues, military establishments, religious facilities, leisure destinations, and national parks. This project has now been downloaded over 140,000 times since launching in April 2007 and received much media attention last month following a Wall Street Journal article highlighting the work. Additions to this version include: New image overlays in Nampo (infrastructure update), Haeju (infrastructure update, apricot trees), Kanggye (infrastructure update, wood processing factory), Kimchaek (infrastructure update). The most recent version of North Korea Uncovered (North Korea Google Earth) has been published.  Since being launched, this project has been continuously expanded and to date has been downloaded over 32,000 times. Pictured to the left is a statue of Laurent Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  This statue, as well as many others identified in this version of the project, was built by the North Koreans.
From the neck down, the Kabila monument looks strangely like Kim Jong Il: baggy uniform, creased pants, the raised arm, a little book in his left hand.
Thanks again to the anonymous contributors, readers, and fans of this project for your helpful advice and location information.
Version 16 contains the following additions: Rakwon Machine Complex, Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory, Manpo Restaurant, Worker’s Party No.
About this Project: This map covers North Korea’s agriculture, aviation, cultural locations, markets, manufacturing facilities, energy infrastructure, political facilities, sports venues, military establishments, religious facilities, leisure destinations, national parks, shipping, mining, and railway infrastructure.

Kim Jong-un has made Pyongyang’s massive facelift into one of the hallmarks of his tenure. Earlier this month, the state newspaper Rodong Sinmun reported that Kim had taken a test ride on a newly manufactured subway car, from Kaeson station (near Pyongyang’s Arch of Triumph) through four different stops.
He went on to say that the new train car felt safe, and fulfilled all the demands of public transportation. Pyongyang as the heart of the revolution has been a longstanding theme in the propaganda, and North Korea is hardly the only country in the world where the capital city holds a higher standard than other places. The video was being privately circulated among the elite, but reached the North Korean public before making it over the border to China – and therefore the world.
Communist Czechoslovakia was a leading supplier of trucks, trams and machinery to North Korea, creating a large pile of debt.
The amount of ginseng worth $500,000 will be roughly 400 tons, securing the supply for more than 200 years.
From the neck up, the statue is the thick, grim bald mug of Laurent Kabila (his son Joseph is the current president). There is still plenty more to learn, and I look forward to receiving your contributions to this project. Still, one should not mistake new subway cars or other infrastructure upgrades for signs of profound economic improvement. While new subway cars are manufactured in Pyongyang, aid organizations have continued to warn of a food deficit. Normally seen in traditional, body-cloaking hangbok dresses as they perform polite folk numbers, this little clip revealed unprecedented levels of sexiness in Pyongyang, as the girls popped up in sparkly hot pants and did the splits. Additionally the electricity grid was expanded and the thermal power plants have been better organized. Western displays of decadence like this are illegal but, given Kim Jong-il’s alleged love of pornography, perhaps he turned a blind eye to this one. In other words, the body is Kim Jong Il’s, but with a fat, scowling Kabila head simply welded on. Many believe there is a political calculation behind it all: happy capital city elites, happy regime.

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