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I saw it on Candy September 2007 and read that it was created by Josh Schwartz - the same mind that did The OC which was epic too. And then I realized Chuck and Blair will just play games and would never happen for the mean time… so I switched my attention to Jenny!

Back then for the first season, we don’t have etc channel so I had to buy DVDs (which sadly comes mid-season or after the entire season) just to get updated on S and lonely boy. And then season 4 and 5 with Blair being all Princess-y and Chuck messing Clemence Poesy (yep! It’s the greatest influence on OUR teenhood (well, that is for my generation, apart from The OC and One Tree Hill).

My golly, I cannot imagine a teenager’s life without watching this - well maybe, it was because of GG that made me like this HAHA.

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