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We all want to feel confident, we know what benefits it brings, but how do you become confident if you’re currently not? On the other hand, shyness and lack of self-confidence can seriously sabotage your efforts and stop you from getting what you want (and what you deserve). To feel more self-confident, you can use positive affirmation – positive statements that are meant to reprogram your mind to seeing yourself in a better light. You can write the positive statements on a piece of paper and put it somewhere where you will always see it (stick it on a wall or on a fridge), you can also write your affirmation on a mirror. When people act in a self-confident way towards others, they actually feel more self-confident themselves. Smart outfit is an international symbol of status, so no matter in which country you are, you can always wear it. Things such as suits, shirts, nice shoes, accessories, gadgets – they all add to our confidence.
Lack of self confidence manifests itself in such a body language. A way to build confidence is to adopt a body language of somebody who does feel confident. Often our lack of self-confidence comes from the fact that we don’t feel good in our skin.
If you keep focusing on your shortcomings, sooner or later you will lose much of your confidence After all, if there are so many things you’re bad at, and so many mistakes you’ve made, then where is that confidence going to come from? Rather than thinking of what you’re bad at and working on that, embrace your strengths. In many cultures (including mine), it’s not very polite to simply accept a compliment. Perfectionists usually have lower self-esteem, because they criticise themselves all the time. No matter where you are now, I can guarantee you that you’ve achieved much more than you think.
We tend to look in the future and always compare ourselves to that better version of ourselves we’d like to be.
There is another technique to strengthen belief in our potential to achieve successes – and this is by adding small goals. Fill your life with smaller successes and in return they will make you feel like a successful person.

And if you liked this article – go ahead and like it, tweet it and share it with your friends. Thinking Positively is essential to self-confidence and overall health in our otherwise stressful daily life.
Dona€™t consult with a friend about what to order at dinner or call your spouse when shopping for groceries.
Hunching over at your desk can make you less confident and more insecure according to research from Ohio State University. Write a thank-you note, or call someone to say thanks for meeting with you for lunch last week.
Remember, small shifts can produce remarkable results.A  The intention of building more positive thoughts and experiences will undoubtedly increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.
When it comes down to the clutch moments in life, more than anything else, a man is pitted against himself. It helps you perform better, get noticed and appreciated for your work, it gets you a promotion and a raise. You can write down your own mantra and repeat it to yourself every morning (or every evening before going to bed).
There is always that one guys, the loudest of all, very self-confident, maybe sometimes arrogant, who doesn’t care much about what others think. You give others the signal that you are one of the most important people and so they treat you accordingly. If you don’t notice successes in your life, your self-confidence is likely to be low. How can you believe you are a successful person?
We rarely look in the past and see who we used to be few years ago, and compare it to who we are. According to the Mayo Clinic, positive thinking has been scientifically linked to longer lives, lower rates of depression, increased immunity, and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.
Start following inspirational or a€?happya€? accounts.A  HealthyPlace on Facebook or my Guidance Girl page always inspires.
Pull your belly button in towards your spine and pull your shoulders back when sitting or standing. You look into the future where your perfect self has tons of money, happy family and a beautiful home.

We have been conditioned to think negatively, compare ourselves to others, and get stuck in self-deprecating cycles of worry. The more you practice positive thoughts andA behaviors, the more confident and self-assured you will feel. Songs with a quick tempo and uplifting lyrics have been shown to be more effective at bringing out happy emotions. Next time someone asks for something that will make you feel funky, and you feel the urge to say a€?yes,a€? remind yourself they are asking, not ordering. Great, take a moment to focus on what you have done, dona€™t just wait until a project is finished. Comment on a post you like, email a friend, or even write down what you are grateful for in the moment (try and think of 5 new ones each time).
The following 12 ways to do so will work best if applied all together and consistently over time. The more you do something, the more you say something, the more you’ll believe in it.
Once put in a situation where there are no alternatives, it’s crazy how fast we adapt. Then you look back at now and get depressed and you start feeling like a failure for being so far from your dreams. And though you know that you’ll need time and energy to create this new habit, the good news is that you can do. In a glance, most people can discern if we’re apprehensive or outgoing, relaxed or aggressive. With a little practise, we can learn the tips to show confidence through body language so that we always appear confident, capable and ready.

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