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Tai Lopez was a self made millionaire in his 20’s and he loves sharing the knowledge he has learned through many years of building and acquiring businesses, working with the Amish and reading over 5,000 highly rated books. They also think they know their weaknesses but in most cases they don’t even know their weaknesses either. It’s simple, if you are trying to lose weight, then put a picture in front of you of a beautiful guy or a girl and lead yourself with the reward. I'm proud to say through my podcast and through this website we have impacted over 60 million lives in the last 4 and a half years.
AboutOur mission at Addicted2Success is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of self development and life changing stories to the world. All brand names and trademarks mentioned in this site are the property of their respective owners. Self-awareness and simply being self-aware is one of those skills that is an absolute must for anybody in self-improvement. Not only do you have aims and a plan for your future, but you also know exactly how you’ll succeed at completing it through your behavior and interaction in the world that you’re aware of. Self-awareness is a journey, although some level of it will be found in any self-developer. Being self-aware is a skill and trait found to some extent in any self-developer and so will surely be found to some level in you visiting this site to! To help you, my one recommendation is to read all the self-development books that you can get your hands on, and learn from them (that includes doing the exercises!) You view and read our reviews of our recommended books here. I’ve always struggled with this, but it’s extremely important to be confident enough to ask others where you are strong and weak. Study them and be able to answer questions about who you want to be and what you want to achieve within your lifetime.
In times of great pressure ensure you keep aware of your emotions and identify the signs that you are becoming stressed.
I am forever improving and acting on my own self-awareness and you should do so to; it’s a huge part of self-development. At One Life Success, we shape a vast majority of our posts towards creativity and all of these posts, in some way, encourage you to flourish in a creative sense. Work plays a significant role in your self-development and success because work takes up a large chunk of your greatest resource. No matter how much an employer argues that they’re all for creative people and that they’re all for new ideas, companies are designed to maximise profit, not to maximise you and sometimes this can really kill our creative opportunities because if we feel like our ideas don’t matter and we learn not to make new ones. As a worker, I’d suggest that you consider your career options carefully before you choose. Someone might seem like a great candidate because they have the perfect grades or work experience for it, but if they don’t suit the environment they won’t work well with others in it. If working for a little bit every night isn’t your style, don’t try and suit that style just to get things done.
We are all different and often the best way to get something done creatively is to balance organisation with flexibility. If you always think the same way, meet the same people, make the same mistakes you will never get any new ideas. And I know that you want more than that, but a routine can ruin the magic that creation brings.
Chances are, if you select the first idea that comes into your head, you won’t get the best results because it’s your first idea and you haven’t had a chance to branch off from that yet.
If the people around you aren’t encouraging you or supporting you, then don’t hang around them. Collaboration is also key to successful creativity and putting like-minded people together often leads to your efforts paying off. Being confident about who you are and what you want to create is more important than you think. So always be assured that your ideas are as good as everyone else’s and never be afraid to push them forwards. So give the quiet ones a chance and if your quiet yourself, try you hardest to pitch your ideas to the ones you know will listen and don’t doubt them. Creativity is one of the most useful skills that anyone with big aspirations can have, and sometimes learning what not to do, is as important as learning what to do in terms of your big idea brainstorms. Before you can even begin to think like a winner you need to become consciously aware of your thoughts and how they are affecting every little part of your life. Your state of mind then has a direct effect on your success in that block of time and whether you will win or lose the game of life.
If we spent just a few minutes each week asking ourselves whether our thoughts have been inspiring us or bringing us down, we could then directly affect them going forward.
Below are six ways to think like a winner which will directly intensify the results of your life. You need to get into the habit of challenging those who believe that something can’t be done and show others that nothing is impossible. In order to defy the odds, you will be required to consistently keep on seeing and hearing stories of the impossible being achieved. Then, all that needs to happen is for some new input to enter your brain through an unconscious source like TV, and before you know it, you’re broke, tired, sick, and wondering what happened to your life. Learn to drop your rules about how people need to behave and forgive them when they do the wrong thing.

If a stranger bumps into you or knocks over your juice (I have green juice on my brain again), realise that it was an accident and forgive them on the spot.
For you to be able to forgive people easily, you will need to get into the habit of thinking that people don’t go out of their way to do the wrong thing by you. When you start to think like this, you will consciously forgive others intentionally without even needing to think about it.
To think like a winner it’s important to acquire new skills every day that make you think at a higher level.
As you learn and unlearn skills and beliefs, you train your brain to be more fluid and get it used to constant change. If the brain doesn’t experience growth, then it can cause you to feel unfulfilled, and this can become the foundation for failure if it goes on for a sustained period of time.
A common trait of winners is that they have linked up in their own brain that being in uncomfortable situations is a good state to be in. The thought process I used was to tell myself that I am not a great public speaker right now but that I will be.
The winners I know have reframed in their brain that if they are always comfortable, then they will get complacent and fail. The way you look, your email signature, your writing, and the photos you take of yourself all make you different. If I look at my situation, I write articles that are very left of centre, I have a work email signature that is quirky for the conservative people I interact with, I speak with a strange sense of urgency, and my photo appears in vulnerable situations continually. These traits sometimes make me think that everyone is laughing at me or doesn’t respect me. The results that all of us who are part of the Addicted2Success community want are much more extraordinary than what the rest of the world is satisfied with.
It’s the stupid, crazy quirks that make up who you are; that is what winners understand to be a way of thinking that creates success. Thanks to the world of documentaries, there is now a film on every different type of conspiracy you can imagine. Over time, if you constantly believe in conspiracies and that people are conspiring against you, you will develop a way of thinking that is not good for you. People are not as interested as you may think about something you did wrong or an embarrassing situation that happened to you because they are too busy trying to be careful of not doing that very thing themselves. Tim DenningTim Denning is a former entrepreneur turned intrapreneur, working daily with fast-moving tech companies. Will speak soon, thank you so much for keeping my mood up, have an awesome day and stay well! I love connecting with people who have a passion for Entrepreneurship, Self Development & Achieving Success. With new motivational videos, interviews, audio and more with your favourite entrepreneurs, life coaches, celebrities and inspirational people from all over the world. To be self-aware you are in contact with your self, your life and the world around you and have a distinct and direct plan for your future.
But by raising your level of self-awareness you can reap the benefits to yourself in a variety of ways including a increased confidence in yourself, an ability to make more accurate decisions and an improvement in your ability to communicate and influence others. Instead of providing you with a series of top tips to increase your creativity, this post provides you instead with a set of ‘what-not-to-do’ guidelines. Work is important, sure, but make sure the job role suits you and that your strengths are being played too. And in the long run, if you give your best workers what they need to do their best work… it may take a little more time or money but you’ll make so much more in the end. We all express different things in different ways, and thus, the best way to go about a goal is to set it, but then go about it in anyway that you feel would benefit you and the way you work. If you’re turning down valuable opportunities to complete something off a to-do list you’re going at it from the wrong angle and quite frankly, shutting the door on creativity. So why do so many employers refuse to promote their workers or offer such short deadlines for the work they set?
Don’t be afraid to take a little longer than expected to get it right, to ask your boss for an extra day, or to give yourself an extra month to make that good idea a perfect one. Indecisive people will never be able to push their ideas through because they can be easily moulded by the big voices around them. And asking questions is a fundamental part of the creative process because if we don’t question the world around us, then we don’t understand what it’s missing or what we can provide for it that nobody else can. It’s a practical way to think but it’s not encouraging and it won’t get you to where you need to be. Hopefully you’ll come away from this post knowing how you can avoid the little mistakes that drag you down and believing that you can achieve amazing creations.
It’s no secret that thinking is the key ingredient to success, and if you can master it then you can achieve any result you can dream of. All it takes is one angry moment like tooting your horn, to alter your state of mind for the next few hours. We spend our days operating on autopilot and don’t ask ourselves tough questions often enough.
This is a common trait in winners as well as entrepreneurs, and it’s the single biggest belief you must adopt if you want to intensify your life and increase your success.
By demonstrating acts that defy what people think is possible, you inspire those around you as well as reinforce this belief further in your own mind.

It’s not enough to demonstrate this belief once; you need to see it daily otherwise your mind gets lazy and forgets. Nothing that anyone does to you is everlasting, and every single person should have a second chance. If you go out of your way to forgive people then you will achieve the kind of results that your peers won’t.
More than 90% of the time, when someone does something you deem to be wrong, it’s not intentional. Learning new skills will keep your mind active and allow you to change thought patterns when required. A mind that can’t deal with change will not do well in this current era because we all know change is happening very fast.
Thinking in itself is a skill, and the brain can learn to reframe prior information in a new way. Winners are multi-skilled, and they never stop learning no matter what – they love a challenge. This may or may not be true, but if you want to think like a winner, then you need to start telling yourself lies (positive lies that is).
To think like a winner you need to believe that the things that are odd about you or the things that make you not like everyone else, are the things that actually make you successful. How would anyone tell me apart if I just had a generic email signature, spoke with no purpose or urgency, and was happy with not taking risks? As long as you think that you need to conform to someone else’s standards, you will be forever changing yourself and shaping your life for the worse. Our mainstream film industry fills us with conspiracy stories and ideas that you can’t trust anyone. It’s easy to believe that someone is plotting some evil plan to derail your success or take you down, but in reality, most people are too obsessed with themselves to have the time to care about sabotaging your life.
I started allowing movies to tell me that man didn’t land on the moon and that every person I thought was great was deep down a rapist, druggy or a con man. We should spend our time creating positive thoughts and believing in the good of people, rather than the other way round if we want to think like winners. Share your answer in the comment section below or on my personal Facebook and Twitter Pages. It is well written and inspirational to me after reading your article it made me feel confident of myself and inspired to do the things I want to do and what I can do.
In times like this when I just not able to share something that bothers me I come to reading, books, or blog posts. Keep finding myself working and living on autopilot every single day and not being concious enough to be aware about my thoughts which tend to controll my mood. I enjoyed yours little things that makes you unique, got me smile on your email signature and photo Create your own vision and follow your heart, don’t try imitate others and rather emrace your own style. I started this website with the intention of educating and inspiring likeminded people to always strive for success no matter what their circumstances.
Communicating with others, whether it’s influencing, keeping the peace or instructing others, is important in all aspects of life so it’s important to be aware of how we react to situations and people. Being aware of this can help us to improve things that we would not have spotted, but always ensure that it is coming from someone who will be honest and who you can trust.
If you’re in the wrong role at work or simply not being paid enough for the work you do, this can often crush rather than support your creativity. This isn’t the case and quite often quiet people are the way they are because they have a lot to say, or too much to say and they’re not quite sure how the world will react to it. Just because they’re experts in their field doesn’t mean they’re not still learning or that they can’t learn from you. Those around you and in your business network are going to make mistakes, and they are going to conflict with your rules at some time.
Honest and useful feedback from others will make you realize and recognize and become more self-aware. Surrounding your star worker with negative people, an ugly setting and a job they hate won’t help your business, you or them. Some people think that devoting your life to a plan is a great idea and although I’m all for being organised, I disagree that it’s the only way to get things done. If you’re petrified of mistakes, all people will have to say about you when you go is that you were a great speller. To listen only to what they have to say and nobody else, is to avoid diversity, and to avoid following your instinct, is to pigeon hole your ideas. I used to be super curious about conspiracies as well, but I just think about how I control my stimuli.
I only live in the here and now, and paying attention to the media a lot makes you live in THEIR here and now.
You read the book and even though you don’t know author in person and may not know much about their life but somehow, through all the stories you become like a good friends. And if you don’t deviate from your plan, ever, you will be missing so many important opportunities and ideas.

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