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This intensification of climate and climate extremes might be one of the most visible influence of global warming in our daily lives. We are building a vector graphic marketplace where people like YOU can submit and sell their work to earn lots of money. Enter your BEST email below to get early access to sell your work when the 4vector marketplace platform is launched. California is suffering through its worst drought on record, while the East Coast sees off-the-charts flooding. But in recent years you may have noticed a disproportionate increase in record-smashing extreme weather and suspected that’s also linked to global warming. A number of studies in recent years have linked this quantum jump in extreme weather to global warming and the warming-driven loss of Arctic ice (see here and here). Jennifer Francis of Rutgers University’s Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences has been at the forefront of this research. A key point is that the path of the jet stream “typically has a meandering shape, and these meanders themselves propagate east, at lower speeds than that of the actual wind within the flow. We show that high-amplitude quasi-stationary Rossby waves, associated with resonance circulation regimes, lead to persistent surface weather conditions and therefore to midlatitude synchronization of extreme heat and rainfall events.
Note that the study doesn’t merely find that stalling Rossby waves lead to an increase in extreme weather events. The number of planetary wave resonance events is shown as grey bars for each 4-year interval.
Arctic amplification is the accelerated warming that occurs in the Arctic relative to the rest of the globe’s human-driven warming. Resonance regimes are associated with standing waves, which under the right condition can have a very large amplitude. The media knows well how to create a desired impression by using loaded and misleading words and phrases. There is such an enormous amount of evidence that the planet is not warming due to human activity (other than covert weather modification). Carbon dioxide is not a cause of global warming and blocking the sun with aerosols only impedes on plants' process of intaking carbon dioxide from the air during the photosynthesis process.
Both types of extremes are worsened by global warming as scientists have explained for decades. A new study from a team of scientists from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) says you’re right.
Man-made global warming can explain a gradual increase in periods of severe heat, but the observed change in the magnitude and duration of some events is not so easily explained. Since the onset of rapid Arctic amplification around 2000, a cluster of resonance circulation regimes is observed involving wave numbers 7 and 8.

It also leads to extreme heat events and extreme rainfall events becoming synchronized (as, for instance, has happened just last week).
While there used to be one or two events in a 4-year period, 2004-2007 saw three such events and 2008-2011 even five events. A key reason it occurs is that as the more reflective snow and ice melt in the Arctic, darker land and ocean are exposed — and they absorb more solar energy.
But the evidence is mounting that we have entered a new regime of extreme weather thanks to our as-yet unrestricted emissions of greenhouse gas. Despite its dictionary definition, it's common usage (and therefore, association) is seen as being akin to lying by way of refusing to admit to something.
There are other factors rarely, if ever mentioned by the media--sun activity and earth cycles. Also, to learn more about Agenda 21 (the driving cause of the global warming scam), click here.
Wildfire frequency, severity and damages are growing as a result of rising temperatures, drying circumstances and a lot more lightning brought by global warming, combined with decades of fire suppression that allowed unsafe fuel loads to accumulate, a serious bark beetle infestation which is quickly decimating trees and ever expanding human settlements in and close to warming has brought on far more heavy rainfall events inside the Usa more than the final couple of decades in addition to an elevated likelihood of devastating floods. It has been linked to a recently discovered mechanism: the trapping of giant waves in the atmosphere.
This has resulted in a statistically significant increase in the frequency of high-amplitude quasi-stationary waves with these wave numbers.
For comparison the red curve shows the change in Arctic temperature relative to that in the remainder of the Northern Hemisphere.
Tens of thousands of scientists have concluded that the amount of co2 in the atmosphere is very minimal and is not a cause of global warming. As an example, key weather-related power outages are currently becoming far more widespread, oil and gas infrastructure inside the Gulf region is at threat as hurricanes and tropical storms intensify, coal transport by rail and barge across the Midwest and Northeast will face far more flooding disruptions, and electrical energy generation within the Southwest are going to be restricted by water shortages and extra extreme heat.Heat Wavesglobal warming will bring extra extreme heat waves.
Though no single storm or flood could be attributed straight to global warming, altering climate circumstances are a minimum of partly accountable for past trends. Since 2000, the Arctic has warmed much faster than other latitudes [aka Arctic amplification].
This gives the impression all scientists came up with the same conclusion when in truth, there are tens of thousands of scientists (see the global warming hoax page of this site) who disagree with what the IPCC has proclaimed. If the plants cannot photosynthesize, they cannot produce oxygen and we wouldn't have any food.
Because the Usa warms yet another four to 11°F on typical more than the following century, we'll have a lot more particularly hot summer days. For the reason that warmer air can hold far more moisture, far more and heavier precipitation is expected within the years to come. Well, maybe it's not co2 - maybe it's all the geoengineering via aerosols and HAARP (HAARP heats up the ionosphere and also directs currents and weather fronts).

Does anyone really think a fraction of a temperature increase would cause the ice caps to melt? How many times has the planet been the same temperature on the same date and what about the warmer periods we've already had? Urban locations will really feel the heat a lot more acutely since asphalt, concrete along with other structures absorb and reradiate heat, causing temperature to become as considerably as 10°F greater than nearby rural places.Unchecked global warming will worsen respiratory allergies for around 25 million Americans. Today, we are cooler than that warm period and there are many scientists reporting that we are getting colder.
The newest science indicates that maximum hurricane wind speed will boost two to 13 percent and rainfall rates will improve ten to 31 percent more than this century.
Inside the fall, ragweed is projected to thrive and turn out to be extra irritating below elevated carbon dioxide levels.
Simultaneously, sea level rise will lead to larger storm surges and additional erode the natural defenses offered by coastal wetlands that buffer storm impacts.Extra and much more Americans is going to be living in areas very vulnerable to climate and climate extremes as population continues to develop quickly in cities, along the coasts and inside the South. If you have not yet seen measures towards this in your own town, either it hasn't reached your town yet or you have not been paying attention.
Racial and ethnic minorities is going to be disproportionately impacted simply because their populations are concentrated in these areas. Winter is becoming milder and shorter on common; spring arrives ten to 14 days earlier than it did just 20 years ago. By way of example, 56 percent of African Americans reside within the Southern Usa or in urban places. Additionally, global warming will add additional anxiety to current troubles in urban places, in certain poverty, inequities in access to well being care, aging infrastructure and air pollution. He has also been tracking the propaganda spewed by the newspapers and TV to convince people that riding bikes and busses and living in stacked communities is what people prefer. Some locations are even expected tohave additional heavy snowfall events as storm tracks shift northward and as decreased ice cover on the Excellent Lakes increases lake-effect warming is shifting precipitation patterns as well as escalating evaporation rates. These trends will develop persistently drier circumstances in some areas, like the American Southwest. Simultaneously, they'll intensify the periodic droughts that impact other regions from the nation.
These longer and drier droughts will have key consequences for water provide, agriculture and wildlife.
Even though the American Southeast is commonly believed of as getting abundant water supplies, latest droughts have served as a wake up contact for the region.

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