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As the end of the year approaches, it’s the perfect time to begin planning your benefits program for next year.  If you’re like most companies, you probably still are operating within a tight budget. Benefits over and above those required by law contribute to the company culture, show the employees you care, and help in attracting and retaining talent. THIS BLOG POST IS OF A GENERAL NATURE AND IS NOT INTENDED TO ADDRESS ALL ISSUES OR PROBLEMS THAT MIGHT ARISE IN ANY EMPLOYMENT RELATED MATTER. James is an unflinching realist and a long time gamer under no illusions about the SJW infestation. No matter how outrageous, deceptive, illogical, or blatantly dishonest their claims, the vast majority of mainstream media outlets lend them unwavering support.
SJWs are astoundingly hypocritical without reservation. They denounce non-believers of SJW dogma as hate-filled bigots while openly despising straight white males with a fuming passion. SJWs can always claim to be fighting for the oppressed or play the role of victim themselves by portraying their causes as noble endeavors and gaining unwarranted sympathy and support. SJWs simply believe what they want and reject or ignore incontrovertible facts that contradict their world view. Gamergate is not about corrupt gaming journalism, its actually about misogynist gamers terrorizing women.

Each and every one of them think of themselves as important crusaders for justice and firmly believe they are going to change the world by making it a better place.
Having no problem with attempting to ban words on the asinine assumption that future female leaders wont follow their destiny because someone called them a name.
Those are seen as antiquated concepts invented by white males and therefore inherently evil and illegitimate. Providing your employees with the option of having their check automatically deposited to their bank account saves them time and often results in additional perks from their bank for them. Offer your employees a certain number of paid hours off to spend in community service at their favorite charity or their child’s school. NOR IS IT INTENDED TO BE LEGAL ADVICE, WHICH CAN ONLY BE RENDERED BY A DULY LICENSED ATTORNEY-AT-LAW. They operate on misguided emotion and hatred while claiming to be tolerant and of superior intellect, never thinking its imperative to back up their claims with actual evidence. SJWs love fantasizing about how victimized they are so much that when they experience no actual victimization or hate, they are tempted to just invent it themselves.
Never contemplating that women who could be dissuaded so easily might not be leadership material to begin with.

When one of their fellow-travelers was mugged by a pistol-wielding black male, naturally he blamed fellow white people.
You’d like to ensure that you retain your top talent and have programs in place to attract more talent as the need arises.
READERS SHOULD CONSULT WITH A LAWYER IF THEY HAVE SPECIFIC CONCERNS THAT THEY FEEL ARE LEGAL IN NATURE. Targets of their hate who end up prostrating themselves with tearful apologies on national television make them giddy. If everyone in the media, instead of almost everyone, blindly believed the Rolling Stone fairy tale as they would have liked, it would still be considered Gospel. NEITHER CONNECT TO HR OR MICHELLE MENDOZA HAVE ANY LIABILITY FOR HOW THIS INFORMATION IS APPLIED IN PRACTICE OR FOR THE ACCURACY OF THIS INFORMATION. Reason and evidence are counter-productive when you base everything on fantasy, seething hatred and fervid emotion.

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