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Scout Finch, the narrator, lives with her brother Jem, and their widowed father Atticus, in the Southern stagnant town of Maycomb, Alabama. There are also several other notable books: Yertle the Turtle, Horton Hears a Who, The Lorax.
I also welcome you to add your quote and reflection in The Now Effect Community for many more to be inspired. Your contributions not only create a living wisdom for us all to benefit from, but also makes ripple effects far beyond what you might imagine. If you have kids, you've likely relived your childhood reading over his books only to find, "Wow, there's some real wisdom in these books." One book that has grown on me over time as an adult is Oh, the Places You'll Go! Atticus is a prominent lawyer of the time and the Finch family is reasonably well-off in contrast to the rest of the community. It brings you through all the experiences in life: the triumphs, the doubts, the confusions, the depressions, the fearful moments and the moments you stare your difficulties in the face and overcome them. He has come to live in their neighbourhood for the summer, and in this time the three children act out stories together.

This house is owned by Mr Nathan Radley, whose reclusive brother, Arthur (known as Boo by the children), has lived there for years without being seen outdoors. As she and Jem walk past the Radley place to and from school, they find gifts seemingly left for them in the knothole of a tree on the Radley property. Soon enough Atticus finds them and stops them, urging the children to attempt to view life from another person’s perspective before making judgments. As Scout stands on the street with Jem, watching the blaze, she discovers that a blanket has been slipped over her. Convinced that Boo was the one who covered Scout with a blanket, Jem tells Atticus about the mended pants and the gifts in the tree.
The children develop confusion over the acts of kindness from Boo, who they initially believed to be a monster.
In this decision, Jem and Scout are victims of abuse from other children whose parents are racially prejudice. Calpurnia, the Finches’ negro housekeeper, takes them to the local black church, where the black community embraces the children.

The trial of Tom Robinson begins, and he is placed in a local jail cell, where Atticus stays overnight to protect Tom. As Scout recognizes one of the men as Mr Cunningham, she politely  questions him about his son which results in him dispersing the mob in his shame. Mayella then accused Tom of rape, in order to cover her shame and guilt for relations with a negro. Ewell abuses Tom Robinson’s widow, and attacks Jem and Scout as they walk home from a function. It is discovered that Ewell was stabbed by a kitchen knife in the struggle, and in order to protect Boo, the local sheriff insists that Ewell fell on his own knife, killing himself.

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