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Charles Bartholomew "Chuck" Bass is a main character throughout the Gossip Girl television series and is also recurring character in the novel series of the same name.
He is married to Blair Waldorf, the love of his life, and is best friends with Nate Archibald. Chuck Bass was born on 19th January 1991 and grew up as the only child of Bartholomew "Bart" Bass, a self-made billionaire who owns the New York Palace Hotel. Chuck Bass is orphaned in his senior year at high school due to the death of his father in a car accident, causing him to go off the rails like he had been before, being adopted by Lily Bass Humphrey, his step-mother and the closest mother figure he'd ever had.
In the Gossip Girl novels, Chuck has a series of flings with female characters across the course of the series. As the show opens Chuck is portrayed to enjoy seducing women and who uses them to keep himself entertained when his best friend Nate or his heartless father are not around. Chuck Bass was then reconfigured as a more central character, an antiheroic heterosexual playboy whose on-off relationship with Blair Waldorf serves as one of the show's major ongoing storylines.
Chuck has a strong loyalty to his lifelong best friend Nate, bailing him out when Nate loses a risky poker game with Carter Baizen.
When Chuck returns he is shown as jealous, threatening to tell Nate about his relationship with Blair. Chuck's father and Serena's mother become engaged, leading the two families to move in together. Serena spirals out of control after Georgina continues to blackmail her, and when she spends all night partying, Blair enlists the help of Chuck and Nate, despite the fact that they hate each other because of Chuck and Blair's affair. At the wedding, Blair forgives him for blogging about their relationship to Gossip Girl and subsequently abandoning her and he tells to her that she doesn't belong with Nate and that she never has and never will. In the season two premiere Summer Kind of Wonderful, we learn Blair has stayed in Europe over the summer. In "The Dark Night" Chuck is having problems with his sexual performance and notices he won't be "cured" until he sleeps with Blair. In New Haven Can Wait, while everyone else is visiting their prospective colleges, Chuck and Nate stop at Yale University.
Month later, Chuck's Uncle Jack brings Chuck back from Bangkok and Blair continually tries to help him get over his father's death, eventually talking him down from the edge of a building, saying that she'd always be there for him. Chuck teams up with his stepmother Lily to get rid of Jack, and they come up with the perfect way - Lily becomes his legal guardian, as Bart and Lily were already planning on adopting each others' kids anyway before Bart died.
Chuck is jealous and hurt when Blair begins date Nate again, and goes to Nate's ex girlfriend Vanessa for help. In the season two finale, it is revealed to everyone that Chuck slept with Vanessa and Blair slept with Chuck's uncle Jack so that he could find Chuck and bring him back.
However, one week later he returns to New York and goes to see Blair with presents for her, and he finally tells her that he loves her. Serena wants to get back at Chuck for telling Rufus about Brown, and with the help of Carter, sabotages another meeting by discouraging Chuck's business associates with sordid stories from his past. Chuck tells Blair that, as she believes in him, he's ready to think a lot bigger - he's cashing out his shares of Bass Industries and is going to buy the whole entire Empire Hotel, not just the part he wanted to put a club in. Chuck notices that Blair is dealing with her insecurity at not having friends at NYU by immersing herself in the Queen Bee drama at Constance Billard, her alma mater. In episode Enough About Eve, Blair's plan (which is to get to toast at the Freshmen Dinner at Parent's Weekend) involves re-instituting her and Chuck's game from the summer… with a little twist. In the next episode, Chuck and Blair are talking again, though he is still chilly towards her. In the episode The Debarted, it is the anniversary of Bart Bass' death and Chuck wrestles with the dilemma of following his conscience or that of his father. In the episode The Lady Vanished, Chuck learns that Mystery's Woman's name is Elizabeth Fisher and she may be his mother. In the episode The Empire Strikes Jack Chuck finds himself once again at odds with his uncle, Jack Bass, who is behind several untrue sexual harassment lawsuits against Chuck. In the episode Inglourious Bassterds, Jack says he will give back the hotel to Chuck under one condition: he wants to have sex with Blair, so that Jack could have everything that Chuck has ever wanted.
In the episode The Unblairable Lightness of Being, Chuck is desperately trying to get Blair back and apologizes to her.
In the episode It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World, Chuck avoids Lily after finding out there was a possibility she had cancer, because after losing Bart and being betrayed by Elizabeth, he couldn't stand losing Lily too. In the episode Ex-Husbands and Wives Chuck and Jenny are trying to figure out what's wrong with Lily's medication, after accidentally learning that what Lily was told was oxycodone was actually an antibiotic.
In the season finale Last Tango, Then Paris, Blair spends the day trying to avoid meeting with Chuck, but ultimatly decides to meet Chuck and continue their relationship after Dorota gives birth to her baby and encourages Blair to go with her heart.
DO NOT RUSH TO APPEAL before you learn what TWIA is not telling you; you will give up valuable legal rights and remedies. The homeowner had suffered roof damage from Hurricane Ike and chose an administrative hearing to contest TWIA’s determination of damage. The law firm serves residential and commercial policyholders in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Colorado, California, Arizona and the rest of the entire US. Chuck lived amongst equally privileged childhood friends Nate Archibald, Blair Waldorf, and Serena van der Woodsen. Chuck is the resident "bad boy" of the Upper East Side, and like Blair is both vengeful and manipulative; the two often scheme elaborate plans together.
Chuck says that the only things that matter to him are money, the pleasures money brings him, and Nate. Discovering that Nate is pursuing Blair again and asking Chuck all these questions about Blair one being "Is she seeing anyone", Chuck attempts to manipulate the events in his favour. It is revealed that Chuck lost his virginity to Georgina in the sixth grade and he's been "running from the crazy bitch ever since." Even though things are still tense between them, Blair suggests that she and Chuck personally find and exact revenge on Georgina. The two then kiss passionately and begin a relationship, Chuck decides to "take it slow and do it right this time", which shows Blair that he is a romantic at heart. Because of his fear of committing to Blair, Chuck has stayed in the Hamptons trying to get over Blair by sleeping with a different girl every day. During a blackout at a party, Chuck asks for Blair to sleep with him only one time but Blair refuses, even though Chuck notices she doesnt stop holding his hand. Chuck, maddened with grief over his father's death and angry at Lily, his stepmother, for cheating on his father, attends his fathers funeral extremely inebriated. When his father's will is read, it is revealed that his father has left him Bass Industries. Chuck signs the papers, and Jack, who is high on what is later revealed to be a "combination of meth, alcohol and over the counter cold medicine", becomes enraged and tries to rape Lily in the ladies' room at the opera.
Blair tries to explain to Chuck why she did it and that she loves him and if he says it back all of the gossip and lies and the hurt would have been for something, Chuck only says that maybe it was but it's not anymore.
The two share a passionate kiss while Chuck keeps telling Blair that he loves her, and it is implied they were then in a relationship.
They are not a traditional couple, and instead of "settling down" they play games all summer involving other women; Chuck seduces a girl at random and, before anything can actually happen, Blair appears, plays the "scorned woman" and humiliates the girl.
He's even too busy to spend quality time with Blair, blowing her off for getting ready for a meeting with Sean McPherson, the owner of a hotel club Chuck wants to buy.
Blair tells Chuck that she needs him to seduce Josh Ellis so she can humiliate him, as he double-crossed her, and Chuck goes along with it. All day he is very agitated with everyone, especially Blair who wants to comfort him and thinks he should visit his father's grave. He spends a lot of time and resources, including using his private investigator to find out who she is, and bribes several hotel employees to get more information about her.
Chuck worries that his mother will think less of him as a result of the slander, but she is supportive.

While Blair really wants for them to get back together, she refuses because of the disgust she feels for still loving him even after the way he acted. Estrangeloved, Chuck wants his best friend Nate back, which would be easier without him dating Serena.
Because she stayed at the hospital with Dorota too long, she is late meeting Chuck and finds the peonies he had bought for her in the garbage can. Texas Statutes Section 2210.552, of the Insurance Code states that a person may appeal the decision with the Texas Department of Insurance OR file a lawsuit under Chapter 541. Chuck is generally shown throughout season 1 and season 2 as the group's bad boy, and is frequently manipulative.
Chuck resides with his family at the Plaza Hotel on the Upper East Side and attends school at the Riverside Preparatory School for Boys on the Upper West Side, along with scholarship student Dan Humphrey. As the show progresses, Chuck develops a softer side, specifically towards Lily his step-mother, Eric and Serena, Chucks step- brother and sister, Nate, his lifelong best friend, and Blair, the love of his life.
Photos of them hugging are sent around by Gossip Girl, although Jenny is not identifiable, leading Blair to hide out in one of the bedrooms. Knowing that Blair considers Nate a gentleman who would never cause a scene, he manipulates Nate into punching someone at the ball saying to him "he's telling her what he is going to do to her tonight". Vanessa Abrams, in Chuck's favor, catches this conversation on tape while filming a documentary for a project. Chuck agrees to this, responding, "Let's get the bitch." When they arrive at the Lincoln Hawk concert, Georgina has already left with Dan, who has since broken up with Serena after she lied to him. Chuck's father, Bart Bass, sees the new relationship as an opportunity for Chuck to mature and abandon his decadent lifestyle.
Blair and Chuck begin to kiss passionately during the blackout and apparently she thought it was Marcus, but as he walked in on them she says that she knew it was Chuck all along. Later Chuck is kissing some woman back in his limo but says to her that it's not gonna work. He wants to become a member, and in order to do so, he must show his "worth" in several ways, including giving up Nate (who is hated by several because his embezzling father lost their families' money).
However, his Uncle Jack sets Chuck up so the board will see his partying ways, and so Jack wins the company. Chuck then runs into Blair on the street and they begin plotting against Serena's new boyfriend Gabriel (who turns out to be a con artist). At this meeting Chuck is given the cold shoulder from McPherson's assistant Daphne, who tells him that in order to even get his foot in the door, he must demonstrate respect for McPherson's past. They plot about how to bring Blair back down to Earth and how to restore order at Constance, where he wants Jenny to reclaim the role of queen.
He calls Serena for help, as she works for a publicist and has PR experience, but instructs her to leave Blair out of it (not knowing that Blair is listening to the conversation). He even has visions of his father, who berates Chuck for being soft and not having the keen business sense that he has. She eventually reveals that she is his mother, and after a brief falling out when Chuck believes she just wants his money, they become very close. When he invites her to a benefit for his late father, she declines due to fears of running into his uncle Jack.
After Chuck makes it clear to her that Jack will never give back the Empire, and is going to sell it off to someone else, she decides that she has to sleep with Jack to save Chuck's hotel. Blair feels it is not right to go as far as she did to help a person, no matter how much you love them; considering what she did for Chuck, she couldn't live with herself if she stayed with him. Chuck also tells Nate that he is devastated about his and Blair break up and he need a friend right now. Chuck then goes to see Lily at the gala and tells her he's sorry for being so absent and that he will stay by her side the entire time she would go through this.
Chuck believes that Blair is over him and, devastated, sleeps with a lonely Jenny Humphrey, who finally loses her virginity. However, later in his Junior and Senior year, a softer side to his personality formed more for people cares about, most notably Nate and Nate's long-time girlfriend Blair. Chuck is largely friendless but is tolerated by the others because of his family's enormous wealth. Together, Chuck, Blair, Serena and Nate all joined forces and enlisted themselves as the Non-Judgmental Breakfast Club. Chuck comforts her gives her a present, the diamond necklace that Blair had put on hold that day of her birhtday and been expecting from Nate.
At his father's wedding to Serena's mother, Chuck alerts Nate when he sees the Captain, Nate's father, appearing to buy cocaine. Listening to his father and afraid of the commitment he will have to make to Blair, Chuck has second thoughts about his and Blair's summer plans to go to Tuscany, thinking Blair would not like the real him.
Instead of betraying his best friend, The White Party Chuck sends them to Dan, telling them he's Nate.
When Chuck goes to see Blair, she tells him she 'can't watch him self-destruct any longer'.
Jealously, Nate asks Blair to move in with him, but Blair doesn't answer, which leads Nate to confront Chuck about his constant proximity to Blair - he says that if he wants her, he should man up and tell her, and if he doesn't, he has to cut her loose, because Nate wants her himself. He sees a Soethby's catalog with a photo flagged and decides the best way to get in McPherson's good books is to bid on and win the photo for him.
Chuck ends up bringing Jenny as his date to the movie premiere of "Fleur", causing Blair to be temporarily humiliated.
In reality, she had made a deal with him; she gets to make the toast, and he gets to kiss Chuck Bass. Blair calls Jack Bass and gets him to send over a liquor license for Chuck, desperate to help out. He finally throws Blair out of his suite so that he can brood alone and ignores her calls for the rest of the day. When he brings up Elizabeth when talking to Jack later, Jack tells Chuck that he was there when his mother was buried, and that she's playing him, causing Chuck to test the DNA on a glass she had drank from to find out for sure.
Blair goes to Chuck's old apartment to meet Jack, wearing the dress Jack sent her, and tells her that her one condition is that he sign a contract stating that he will never tell Chuck what happened and that he will sell the Empire back to him so he's not suspicious. Chuck begged Blair to stay with him, and to not end their relationship, saying 'We have to see this through until the end', but Blair replies with 'This is the end' and thus ultimately ending the relationship, causing him to go back to seducing any woman he desired, only to get over how devastated he is. In order to break up Serena and Nate, Chuck enlists the help of Jenny, who has been after Nate ever since her breakup with Damien.
He is suspicious of how healthy Lily looks despite being diagnosed with a cancer relapse, and enlists Jenny's help in finding out what Dr. After this, Blair visits Chuck and nearly walks in on Jenny, but Jenny leaves quickly and is not seen.
Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it.
He often blames himself for his mother's death even though it isn't his fault, he has a tendency to not completely trust people and always has to aim better than he can achieve. Chuck compliments her while putting that necklace around her neck that saying to her"something this beautiful deserves to be seen on someone worthy of its beauty." Their undeniable attraction takes hold of them and they begin to kiss passionately on the bed. It's filled with pornography, and she gets mad at Chuck, thinking he is the one who sent it.
The Skull and Bones kidnap Dan, take off his clothes (except for boxers) and tie him to a statue. She wants to go with him to support him, saying that she will stay with him no matter what and finally declares her love for him. Blair was very content with this game, until Serena causes her to question it, telling her that the "line between acting like the scorned woman, and actually being the scorned woman is a slippery slope", which causes Blair to reconsider.
Only it turns out that Blair needs the same exact photo in order to be accepted into a college society.
When Blair shows up at the premiere to let Jenny have it, Chuck confesses that it was all his idea.
Chuck's plans get canceled, so he shows up at the dinner and gets a little too much info from one of Blair's new minions. Later, Chuck comes to Blair's and gives her a costume for the club's opening (a flapper dress for the event's 20s era, Prohibition-theme), and they briefly make up. When on the way to a big business meeting, he finally answers one of her calls and learns that Serena has been in a car accident. When Chuck's lawyer tells Chuck that a Christian organization is planning a boycott against the Empire as a result of the sexual harassment lawsuits, he advises that Chuck sign over the company to a family member until things quiet down.
Jack kisses Blair, and then tells her that Chuck did know and that he knew that Blair would want to do whatever it takes to help him. He gives her ideas on how to drive them apart, finally inviting Jenny to go out drinking with him and Nate and dropping subtle comments about how grown up and hot Jenny is to get the idea in Nate's mind.
They run into Blair, Dan, Nate and Cameron at her office, who were led there because a woman named Holland had accused Rufus of cheating on Lily with her; they all eventually realize that Holland and Dr. Lazy and vain, Chuck's only interests are sex and money, and he is frequently chided by his father for lacking ambition and performing poorly in school.
Chuck still doesnt give up and chases Blair only to hear from her that whatever happened between them she could hardly recall. Chuck insists that he isn't responsible for the package, but is given a warning by his father.

Blair, unaware of Chuck's intentions, boards the jet to Tuscany, believing that Chuck will catch the next commercial flight. When Nate hears what he's done, Nate ends his friendship with Chuck and befriends Dan, leaving Chuck alone. After being hurt so much, Chuck is unable to admit his feelings and leaves Blair alone on the street. She tells him she can't answer Nate's question, until Chuck tells her how he truly feels about her.
Blair tells Chuck she no longer wishes to play this game, and Chuck easily complies telling her that he only wants her to be happy, "however that's achieved".
As a result, Chuck and Blair have a bidding war for the photo at the auction until Serena ends up outbidding them in an attempt to stop their fighting.
He says he did it because he thinks she is selling herself short and needs to remember she's Blair Waldorf. Then he sees Blair and the man he kissed talking and laughing and he realizes something is definitely up. He turns his limo around and goes to the hospital much to his father's ghost's dismay, and he finally blows up and screams at his father to "leave him alone." The ghost vanishes. Jack interrupts and nominates himself, but Chuck refuses him, as well as Lily, because he doesn't want it to seem that Bass Industries is bailing him out. Hurt and disgusted, Blair cries and tells Chuck that she can't believe he would do this to him, but Chuck tells her that she was the one who cheated on him, despite the fact that he orchestrated it. However, Nate eventually realizes what Jenny is doing and orders her to leave after Serena shows up at his apartment to apologize.
Later in the episode, Blair learns that she has been accepted to Columbia thanks to Chuck, who sent in an application for her when they were still together after joking about it with Nate. When you're down and the world seems dark and empty, your forever friend lifts you up in spirit and makes that dark and empty world suddenly seem bright and full. Following flings with numerous females and males, his only serious relationship comes near the end of the series, when he begins dating Blair Waldorf, a self-obsessed luxury loving teenager. Blair goes out to Victrola, the burlesque club that Chuck has recently purchased for his fathers company.
A disgusted Chuck then decides to exact revenge by sending a tip to Gossip Girl, saying that Blair slept with two guys in only one week. When at school, three crates of champagne are delivered anonymously to Serena, who again blames Chuck for it.
While giving his best man speech, Chuck is inspired the moment he looks at Blair and puts down his note cards, instead talking about true love and perseverance and forgiveness, inspired by his complex relationship with her. At the charity polo match, Blair freaks out when she can't find Chuck and it's assumed that he's with Alexandra Richards, when really he's home alone with a headache. Blair's plan is revealed when Vanessa hides a microphone in her purse, and her nasty rant about Vanessa is aired to the entire audience, including how she used Chuck to get the speech. Chuck tells her that he kept her out of opening the club for the same reason it took him so long to tell her he loves her; he can't trust her.
When he enters the hospital, he is overcome with emotion and is reminded of when he came to see his father right before his death. When the DNA results come back positive, Chuck decides to sign over the hotel to his mother, not realizing that the lawyer and his mother had been working with Jack Bass to gain the hotel, using the harassment suit as part of the scheme. He knew that she was too proud to admit being at NYU was a mistake, and wanted her to be in a school where she belonged. As he is midway through his proposal, Dan attacks Chuck in his anger over Chuck sleeping with his sister. In the twelfth book in the series, Gossip Girl: It Had To Be You (2007), Chuck is rejected from colleges because of poor grades and is sent to military school by his father. The final straw comes when Eric gives her another one of the unsigned packages, this one is a baggie of cocaine. They have a conversation where Chuck states that they could never be boring and that he's not Chuck Bass without her. He also paid a photographer to take pictures of Blair at the premiere so that she would get her confidence back. Blair goes over to Chuck's to apologize and it is clear he needs some more time to think about it.
He uninvites her to the opening but Blair shows up anyway after finding out the liquor license Jack sent over was a fake. Elizabeth, who is in love with Jack, signs the hotel over to him, although she seems to have a change of heart later on. Blair realizes what Chuck has done and tells him to "forget this night ever happened" and walks out on him.
When next mentioned in Gossip Girl spin-off The Carlyles (2008), it is stated that Chuck never showed up to military school, and his whereabouts thereafter are unknown. However, when Blair awakens, Chuck is gone and left only a note that said how sorry he was and that she deserves better. Serena witnesses this conversation and when she questions him about it, Chuck tells her that he loves Blair but thinks he can't make her happy, so he let her go.
They make up and find another game to play, which involves only the two of them and some role playing. Chuck also sends a school girl outfit to Blair's penthouse, with a note telling her that he needs some "tutoring". Blair apologizes to Chuck and tells him that she was trying to make him see that he needed her.
Being concerned of his family, he asked Blair about Serena's condition and if Lily and Eric were there.
Jack has Chuck removed from the Empire's penthouse, and Chuck and Blair scheme to come up with a way to get the Empire back. Holland Campbell have been working together to make Lily believe that she has cancer in order for him to get closer to Lily; the antibiotics mimic the symptoms of the cancer she is supposed to have.
In the thirteenth Gossip Girl novel, I Will Always Love You (2009), it is revealed that Chuck went off to Deep Springs College in California and returned a changed man and to have dated main character Blair Waldorf in Oxford, England for a year. Jenny, tired of being treated terribly by Blair, tells him that Chuck and Blair slept together. Just afterwards, Serena realizes that it wasn't Chuck who was sending the packages after all, but her ex-best friend Georgina Sparks. However, Chuck gives Blair her dream prom, and proves to himself that he in fact can make her happier than Nate can. At McPherson's office Chuck deduces that Georgina set him up to go after that photo and Daphne, the assistant, who is also friends with Georgina, confirms it.
Chuck tells Blair that he already knew the license was a fake, and the two quickly come up with an idea. She tells him that everyone is there and comforts him, telling him that he has become a man in ways that his father never was and pulls him back up.
Elizabeth, disgusted with what she has done, tells Chuck that she lied to him, and isn't his mother, and leaves New York for good, although a conversation with Jack before she leaves suggests that she really is Chuck's mother.
Later that evening, Chuck and Blair have to find some way to stall Holland, so they do what they do best: role play. This leads to Chuck and Nate getting into a fight outside the school, with Nate ending his friendship with Chuck and his relationship with Blair. Chuck calls the police and has them shut down the club, while Blair makes sure the paparazzi gets pictures of the celebrities present. Later, while visiting his father's grave he see's a Mystery Woman lying yellow roses, his father's favorite flower, on his gave. Acting like a couple they spill out all their relationship issues, from Blair sleeping with Jack to Chuck selling Blair out for his hotel. Blair turns to Chuck when there's no one else, but he rejects her, saying she used to be fascinating to him when she was pure and untouched, but not anymore. Serena ends up letting it slip during one of his business meetings that he secretly wanted to turn a New York property into a club, and they have a major falling-out. Chuck decides to open a secret club, and by the end of the episode Chuck and Blair have made up. He calls her a 'train wreck' and she storms out angrily, seeking out her on-and-off love interest Carter Baizen. Chuck then tells Rufus that Serena flaked on Brown, out of concern for her, but Serena sees it as a betrayal.
Chuck waits with Blair for Cameron to come pick her up and tells her that he will be waiting for her at the top of the Empire State Building at 7pm and if she isn't there by 7:01, he is closing his heart to her forever.

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