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The Wellness Peers handed out free hot chocolate, tea and engaged in proactive mindfulness activities with students to de-stress before the start of exams. The Wellness Centre is staffed by trained student volunteers who have a passion for mental and physical health promotion.
Expanding on that idea, the way we perceive stress can not only change our definition of stress, but can actually have beneficial responses to our well-being. The way we perceive stress is directly related to our self-efficacy, or our belief in our abilities.
If you are having trouble with stress or are worried about final exams, UBC does provide several opportunities for students to manage their stress effectively!
Finally drop by the Wellness Centre (IKB room 183) during Stress Less to get a Stress Management Kit full of goodies like tea and post-it notes.
During this exam season, study hard, take quality breaks and consider how you can use stress to your benefit!
Despite the glorious sunshine we’ve had in the past two weeks, the typical November showers of Vancouver have once again caught up with us. It’s the final crunch, and we all can’t wait for it to be over and the break to arrive – as we hurry around from lecture hall to lecture hall, classroom to classroom, finish up those last essays and papers, write our final tests and quizzes – and at the same time, tensions are building and before we know it, stress has once again crept up behind us and refuses to let go. Come by the Wellness Centre on Thursday November 27th from 9am-12pm for the Breakfast Matters event. Sleeping: Finishing up final assignments and studying for exams can be crazy, but sleep deprivation may lead to graver consequences. Exercising: As someone who has trouble keeping a regular exercising schedule, I have found that finding time to exercise during finals season has done wonders for me.
Seeking extra support: Even after having done everything mentioned above (and maybe some other ways you yourself have found effective in dealing with stress), it is always entirely possible that stress continues to have a negative effect in your life. For more tips on how to be successful during finals season, visit UBC’s Stress Less for Exam Success webpage. By this I don’t necessarily mean your entire house or apartment, but instead choose a small area and focus on making it as neat and accessible as possible.
Delete emails that you don’t need any more and create folders for those that you intend on keeping. This may be a partner or a parent, or even a friend you may have not spoken to in a long time. At the end of the day, write down three experiences in your day that went well for you no matter how major or minor they were. Last week I found myself sitting on the beach enjoying the sun, the wind, and the waves and I happened to chat with a few very interesting strangers on the sand. If you feel the same way here are some cheap and easy hobbies that that are easy to start and are really rewarding!
At this time of the year one day it feels like summer and the next there is slush falling from the sky. This year the theme is Healthy Elements, and we are inviting you to join us in exploring all eight elements of a healthy lifestyle. Why: Because what better way to kick-start your weekend than breakfast and a wellness fair? Stop by for a fresh smoothie courtesy of UBC REC’s bike blender, then head inside for a full breakfast of pancakes and parfaits, as well as an exciting, interactive wellness fair! You can even enter your name in a draw to win cool prizes including free registration for UBC REC events, or a Magic Bullet! Although the fair is geared towards Science students everyone is invited, so grab a friend and drop by during your break or even between classes. Drop by for the Wellness Centre’s Caffeine Challenge or UBC Recreation’s Bike Blender to create your own smoothie.
Mindfulness Stress Management is a group for students who want to develop skills to cope effectively with negative emotions, tolerate distress and develop healthy relationships. Anxiety Management is a group for students who experience anxiety symptoms physically or cognitively and want to find a long-term solution to manage these symptoms.
Students meet with a counsellor prior to determining which resources will be helpful in addressing their concerns and are then referred appropriately. Nutrition is very important for academic success so come join us  for food and information about the important link between health and academic success. As part of Stress Less for Exam Success, we asked UBC students to provide their best tips for feeling good and feeling prepared during exam season.
Note: Tips, thoughts, opinions, and advice offered are the views of each individual tip author. Since the first group of Ames Scholars arrived at Seattle Pacific University in 2002, 60 students have been offered Ames Scholarships. Below meet the newest Ames Scholars, a group of young leaders who will one day be part of the SPU Class of 2013.

Orion likes the small classes at SPU and professors who are genuinely nice and interested in their students. Christian Bravo has a vision of creating new sound for Christian music from the cultures of the world. Ambera€™s major and minor are in line with her career goal of incorporating psychology into wherever God leads her to minister.
Participants in SPUa€™s intramural program might see JeVona€™e refereeing a game, checking out equipment, or playing basketball on the a€?Aa€? team. Mika is carrying on the SPU tradition in her family, following her grandmother, uncle, and cousins, who were all Seattle Pacific students. Founded in 1891, Seattle Pacific University is a leading Christian university that equips people to engage the culture and change the world. Benefits of meditation and yoga include: increased relaxation, greater control of a busy mind or overwhelming emotions, and a stronger sense of awareness. With final assignments and papers due, and with exams just around the corner, it is easy to begin experiencing “stress.” I know I am! Stress reaction is meant to turn on to deal with a stressful event and then turn it off when that stressor ends.
Kelly McGonigan presents a very interesting research in her Ted Talks video entitled “How to make stress your friend” (I won’t go into depth on this video, because you should definitely consider watching it yourself).
Improving self-efficacy can be achieved through performance accomplishments, vicarious experiences (observing others), verbal persuasion, and by altering  physiological states such as moods or emotions. On the UBC live well learn well website several events are affiliated with the “Stress Less for Exam Success” campaign running from April 7-10.
Arriving along with that is the final week of school of the semester (and the year!) – I know, where did the past three months go?!
No matter how many things there are on your to-do list, having six-eight hours of good quality sleep is crucial for you to be able to physically handle these demands.
Physical exercise – including a walk around campus, a quick jog, or even just doing some jumping jacks in your room – are all ways to help your body get rid of excess stress. If you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to plan ahead for this, visit your local pharmacy and purchase some essential oils (lavender is great for its sleep inducing qualities) and bath salts to further enhance your relaxation. Having all your information made accessible will save you time searching through emails and will also make it easier to spot the important ones. Hearing the voice of a loved one can instantly bring a smile to your face as well as an provide you with the reassurance that everything is going to be okay. Looking back at these can be motivational and may promote you to seek out more pleasurable activities and interactions. Research has shown that meditative practices such as mindfulness exercises can heighten emphatic awareness and overall promotes well-being. Stress is determined by the balance between the perceived demands of the environments and an individual’s resources to meet those demands.
Even during exams, 20-30 minutes of exercise, whether that is a run or resistance training, is very doable.
Each person I came across on the beach had cool quirks that made me want to be their insta-friend and get to know them a little bit more. We are overwhelmed with an onslaught of midterms, papers due seemingly every day, and most of us barely have time to think coherent thoughts.
Each of these elements will be represented by a different campus group with a booth offering resources and information on its importance, as well as advice on how to incorporate it into your busy life. Take this opportunity to learn more about a range of wellness concepts and have your questions answered. Binfet, who will share an overview of the programme, some results from his innovative research, and a demonstration of the techniques used for interacting with and training the therapy dogs. He debuted on the SPU stage in the fall theatre production of a€?On the Verge.a€? He is a Bridges Ambassador in Emerson Hall, coordinating programs designed to engage students in conversations around global issues and cross cultural relationships. He completed his associate of arts degree through Running Start and was able to start SPU this fall with junior status. Quoted, he said, a€?I wanted to attend college for the simple fact that I wanted to be the best I could be. Amber completed her associate of arts degree through Running Start and started at SPU with junior status. He loves living in Seattle, especially the good food, culture, and activities available for college students.
Hea€™s also a member of the infamous 6th Ashton orange men who help raise the volume at Falcon basketball games.
In high school, Mika was a member of the Student Equity Council, which planned the MLK Assembly and Diversity Week celebration, and worked at Powerful Voices, an organization seeking to develop self-confidence and leadership in young women.

Ongoing, chronic stress can lead us to feeling overwhelmed or moody, and it can even affect our physical state. In short, she describes that stress is only harmful to your health when it is perceived to be so. Two effective means to boost your confidence include (1) positive self-talk and (2) goal setting.
We will also have a Stress Ball Making Station where you can make and personalize your very own stress ball while kneading out some stress in the process!
A little stress in our lives can be a healthy push of additional motivation and determination beneficial towards increased productivity and better outcomes.
So next time you plan on spending an entire afternoon in the library, bring a small snack such as a box of fruits and veggies or some popcorn. UBC has an array of programs that work with both peers as well as professionals to best meet your needs as a university student. While doing this you may also come across some items that you don’t need any more, which you could consider donating to charity. Those who are graduating also have to puzzle through disheartening rejection letters from postgraduate institutions and the sad fact that their undergraduate lives are coming to an end.
He is also involved in the Black Student Union and intramurals, and is a radio host for KSPU. Although she only has two years ahead at SPU, Amber plans on studying abroad in Australia, making life-long friends, and continuing to deepen her faith.
In high school, Brad was the captain of both cross country and track, student body vice president, and involved in the clubs Students Promoting Equality and Knowledge, and Undoing Racism. In high school, JeVona€™e worked for Metro Parks and Recreation as a referee, scorekeeper, and umpire, and played on multiple basketball teams in the Tacoma AAU league.
Currently, she works at the NELA Center for Student Success, helping high school students and their families realize the dream of a college education. When we operate with a consistent and chronic stress response, we can begin to see wear and tear of stress on our bodies, and those negative effects we hear about. Setting attainable and realistic goals can lead to feeling accomplished when the goal is reached! The Live Well Learn Well website also cites several strategies that are helpful in managing stress, which includes taking breaks, talking to others, meditation, and breathing procedures. Seeking this support is not a sign of weakness, but rather a positive, proactive step that leads to future success!
Particularly those of you in first year, many of who are dealing with living away from home for the first time. Common cause of stress (or stressors) during exams include expectations to perform well, and lack of time to study. Additionally exercise is proven to improve academic performance by increasing oxygen flow to the brain and by increasing brain neurotransmitters!
Who knows, some of those backstories I was hearing may have been a little bit elaborated, but nonetheless it got me to thinking that maybe I don’t really have any cool or alternative things to share!
We’ve got the not-so-hopeful med school hopefuls, the maybe-next-time law applicants, and maybe the sorry-try-again dentist wannabes. In high school, Dre was on the debate team, played football and basketball, was involved with chess and the Asian American club, and was ASB Interclub President.
Although Ia€™m still determining what I want to do for a living, whatever it is Ia€™d like to give back to the community and help children who are determined to achieve their dreams.a€? At SPU, Syrron has been involved in MOSAIC club, Black Student Union, and intramurals, and he enjoys living in Ashton Hall at the highest point of elevation on the campus. She was the salutatorian at Bethel High School and was involved in cheer, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and her church.
He hopes to start a club at SPU for Native American students and study politics to help him pursue just solutions for issues affecting Native Americans. After graduation, Mika would like to go to graduate school and ultimately start a medical practice providing health care to low income families.
It’s great to be productive, but leaving time for your body to rest and regenerate is just as equally important. I do lots of outside school activities like going to the gym, volunteering with peer programs, and tutoring, but nothing with flash and sparkle! But of course, none of us can be the ideal student 100% of the time, not without sacrificing some other important aspect of our lives. Orion likes psychology because he likes to figure out what makes people a€?worka€? the way they do from the inside out, and what can be done to put them back together in a way that will better the world.

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