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Saturday we went to see the Austin media screening of Night at the Museum 3, which is releasing on December 19th.
You can’t top a cast like Robin Williams, Dick Van Dyke, Ben Stiller (now a favorite of mine after Walter Mitty), Ben Kingsley, the amazingly awkward museum manager Ricky Gervais, and the hilarious antics of Owen Wilson and Steve Coogan (who should always dress like a Roman Centurion in my opinion). In the story-line, the golden tablet which brings all of the museum artifacts to life each night begins to decay and die. Marathon movie night this month at our house was Star Wars (the first 3 oldest movies… man, Star Wars movie numbers and order really throw me for a loop). If you purchase the plus version, please use my affiliate code: HHGK9 - and tell them that Sprittibee sent you!
Graphics, photos and text (unless stated otherwise) are the intellectual property and copyright of Heather - aka - Sprittibee (2005-2016). Thank you for not violating international copyright law as approved by the Berne Convention. Some trendsetters are going even further: when American Apparel displayed their full-bushed mannequins a few months ago, everyone took notice. But what's being dubbed a trend may actually be nothing new: polls have found that women who keep things natural with their "down there" hair are actually in the majority.
Here in the United States, body hair removal didn't really kick into gear until the 1940s, when bathing suits started getting teeny-weeny. By the time 1972's iconic porno Deep Throat came out, women still tended to be as hairy as men between their legs. By 1987, thanks to seven sisters from Brazil who opened a salon in New York City, a full-fledged trend was born. I got my first Brazilian when I moved to New York City because I was a city girl, and that's what I thought city girls did.
I've been going au natural since, with the exception of right before bikini season last year. Usually, I just compromise by opting for shaving along the bikini line -- which means razor burn. I just hope it isn't because we think there's something fundamentally ugly about our natural state.
Cameron, this section of the wikipedia article on John Wilkes Booth mentions that “Robert E.

To be honest I agree with Boths killing of Lincoln, Lincoln was going to let the physcopath General Sherman to do a cold blooded massacare of the south, any man who lets that happen needs to be killed.
Being a huge fan of the first movie in the trilogy, and owning the other two in our personal movie collection, we were not going to miss it. It was hard knowing this was his final movie and you could feel a sense of love in the audience as they clapped and cheered to see his name in dedication as the credits began to roll. Click over and check out their website and see extra trailers, follow them on social media, get downloads, learn about the movie characters, and play games.
You can try the free version, but I much prefer the plus version - which has a lot more options and a cool Amazon auto-fill ISBN gizmo that makes recording books a breeze.
See, after a winter of letting things grow wild, it's time to think about the upcoming months.
After years and years of the Brazilian wax being the reigning craze, apparently, the full bush is back in style. It's a personal decision, but I'm just putting it out there: Consider leaving your vagina fully dressed, ladies. With "normcore" pubes supposedly all the rage, will the beaches really be chockfull of women and their pubic hair this summer? In certain Middle Eastern societies, the removal of body hair -- all of it -- was considered "proper" hygiene. It was then that the hair removal along the bikini line became a concern, because, as we all know, lack of hair tends to be equated with femininity.
But just two years later, there was a new look on the scene -- at least in the world of pornography. Perhaps trying to appeal to many men's fantasy worlds, women outside of the porn industry started waxing their nether regions in droves. At first, I thought my skin was just being sensitive, but after a few days of excruciating pain, I was at my doctor being told I had a staph infection from my Brazilian wax.
And I'm one of the lucky ones -- some women end up with cellulitis; a life-threatening bacterial infection that can put you in the hospital for a week or longer. I struggle with the decision every summer, because I both love being hairless and fear another run-in with infection.
In the summer, I will shave or wax so that I don't look horrible in swimsuit," my friend Joy, a 31-year-old personal assistant, told me.

If women want to rock the full bush all winter, then go bald once the summer arrives, then I say that's their own personal choice.
Rami Malek does a great job again as Ahkmenrah and he is reunited with his family in the British Museum. Some women are now skipping the full Brazilian and opting for a "full bush Brazilian;" a wax that leaves a full-bush (with the labia and butt crack still stripped bare).
Twenty years from now, you will still want to be presenting it to someone special, and it would be nice to let him or her unwrap it like the gift that it is. There's even evidence that total body hair removal dates back as far as 4,000 to 3,000 BC in some cultures.
I felt like walking sex and loved being so aware of everything that came in contact with my newly-bald area. It may be our decision to shave or not, but you have to ask yourself, what's so 'horrible' about your natural state? While a full bush may be "in" at the moment, it ultimately comes down to what women really want for their own bodies. Lee’s surrender of the Confederate Army, dashing dreams of glory for one particularly dangerous Confederate, John Wilkes Booth. It vividly tells how Booth evades capture and details the actions of his accomplices, complete with historic pictures, newspaper articles, letters and more.
It was fun seeing an entirely new museum full of artifacts spring to life and journey with so many lovable and familiar characters in their quest. Can’t wait to add this one to our movie night trilogy collection so we can do marathon movie night with them. The hair is there for a reason: It provides a cushion and protection from friction that happens during all that bumping and grinding. It was that fateful night that Booth, an admired and well-known actor, freely walked into the theater box and shot Lincoln in the back of the head. Both are nail-biting reads, even if you do know the outcome, and worth checking out, whether or not you know much about this time in history.

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