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Stormtroopers were once the elite soldiers of the unstoppable Galactic Empire that ruled the Universe.
Image via Star Wars Wikia Out of the entire year, Stormtroopers have only a few select days of recognition, such as Star Wars Day and Halloween, where they come out of the woodwork to celebrate their once beloved state.
Carve Your Own Stormtrooper HelmetThe stormtrooper costume is very popular and is sold worldwide, so how can you separate yourself from all the other white clones? Located in Ikeda, Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum features one of the world’s favorite go-to snacks, instant ramen.

Then little ol' Luke Skywalker came along and destroyed the Death Star, ending the evil empire forever. While one of those days is for serious diehard fans, the latter is something everyone can have fun with.
Since then, poor Stormtroopers all over the world have been left without work (maybe it's the economy). Abram's upcoming Star Wars Episode 7, but no one knows for sure what they'll look like right now, so you'll just have to wait another Halloween for that.

If you're handy with the needle and are in need of a last minute Halloween costume, check out this video to learn how to whip a Little Red Riding Hood costume up cheap.

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