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Some of Hillary Clinton’s emails on her private server contained information so secret that senior lawmakers who oversee the State Department cannot read them without fulfilling additional security requirements, Fox News has learned.
These programs are highly restricted to protect intelligence community sources and methods. In an interview with NPR, Clinton claimed the latest IG finding doesn’t change anything and suggested it was politically motivated.
A former Justice Department official said there is another problem — warnings from State Department IT employees and others that she should be using a government account. Some, clearly the children who have been especially well-behaved this year, are deeply heartfelt, requesting gifts for family members before themselves.
And Yvette, who wants nothing more than a Droid 2610 smartphone, helpfully informs Santa that it is available at Verizon.'Please text my Dad.
Wishing upon a star: One extensive list includes requests for a puppy, Shania Twain CDs and a colouring book (left).
But, she adds, it is up to Santa to decide whether Mitch would be deserving of such a gift, given that he is bad-tempered, messy and doesn't like to read.Other letters among the site's selection, it would seem, were penned by grown-ups venting their own frustrations about the Christmas period.
Well-researched: Yvette wants a smartphone, a particular one, and even informs Santa where he can find it (left).
Threats: A very professionally produced ransom-style note (left) includes a picture of Rudolph's red nose in a jewellery box. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Lawyers today find that traditional discovery methods of obtaining information are not satisfactory. CDLS assists attorneys in obtaining computerized data from third parties in connection with litigation matters.

Our investigators have access to multiple extensive databases that can uncover many issues that individuals may want to keep secret. Our team can also do legal research, retrieve records from courthouses throughout the state as well as from local and rural police and sheriff offices. On many occasions our personnel have been called upon to determine damages from the assimilated data. From the taking of a few dollars in a petty cash fund to making erroneous entries in accounting software, the methods to steal are numerous.
Our forensic accounting experts have the knowledge and experience required to apply various accounting, auditing, and other investigative techniques to determine not only the perpetrators and scheme employed but also how it was accomplished without detection.
Our staff works directly with the client to ascertain those actions required and precisely document details of the event to prevent it from occurring in the future.
While new laws have made the discovery process easier now than it has ever been, the acquisition of desired data is now more difficult than ever. Our forensic experts examine all forms of electronic evidence, even if perceived deleted or destroyed. County Voter Turnout Trumping 2012 by 350% on Voters You must be registered Republican to vote in the California Primary for Donald TrumpIndiana Mike on A reckless plan to derail the election.Donald J. Others are rather more demanding - even threatening, with one even taking the form of a ransom note.
In addition to the usual dolls and bicycles are requests for 'five-feet-long hair and a real elf' and 'a coloring book, crayons and a new swimming pool'.One seems to have developed a penchant for hunting, asking for a full kit as well as an iPod, and another writer even wants to be turned into a dragon.
It is this dissatisfaction that drives litigators to experts in the field of computer technology like Computer Data Litigation Services, LLC. Our professional staff includes computer forensic experts, Private Investigators, Certified Fraud Examiners and Certified Public Accountants to assist in the attainment and analysis of the data.

We can make sure that the nanny you may be considering does not have a criminal past of fencing stolen items, or maybe the personal assistant that has a past littered with embezzlement.
Such damage calculations have included patent infringement damages, lost profits analyses, and loss of wages and benefits due to death or injury. With the advent of the technologically driven society, most all forms of communication are digital.
From this evidence, all fraudulent acts can be documented, losses assessed and future losses prevented.
Our forensic professionals work quickly to extract critical information and provide the results in an easy to read format. We believe that a logical, easy to understand presentation greatly facilitates the judge or jury arriving at the desired verdict. There are so many sources and so much more information available today that this task has become immense. Our professionals have extensive experience testifying as expert witnesses before both the federal and state courts. Our experts have followed people all over the United Stated using our state of the art GPS tracking devices. We have even brought criminals to justice using the GPS devices, video taping and surveillance hand in hand.

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