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Before launching into this tirade (and make no mistake, it’s going to be a tirade), a bit of housekeeping is in order. This is the second Star Trek movie in a row that doesn’t have the Enterprise actually doing much trekking among the stars.
The movie puts its best supporting actor and character, Simon Pegg as Scotty, on the sidelines. After the disastrous introduction to the Klingons, Harrison shows up and for no discernible reason decides to start killing them all, even though they’re the ones protecting him from Starfleet (who, lest we forget, is there to arrest him).
Also, I can see fist fights in any number of movies these days; I go to Star Trek and other science fiction movies to see spaceships battle, not body doubles pretending to hurt one another. It doesn’t help matters when Marcus shows up himself with a new ship to demand Kirk hand over Khan.
After this we get about five minutes of ship-to-ship fighting before yet another instance of Kirk and Co.
This brief battle and accompanying fist fight occurs near Jupiter, which in the galactic scheme of things is not very far away from Earth at all.
Right about now is when Abrams and his team show just how much disdain they have for their franchise. After yet another fist fight, there’s a deus ex machina to bring Kirk back to life and thus rob his sacrifice of any meaning whatsoever. ADDENDUM: This piece has obviously gotten a number of people worked up, so I feel it merits a response.
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Again, we already saw this in the first movie, and by the end they were friends who had learned to trust each other. Scotty is discharged because he refuses to allow Kirk to load a group of untested, unstable torpedoes onto the ship and thinks their mission is illegal and immoral. Harrison is hiding out with the Klingons, making this action at the very least morally fraught and likely illegal. Kirk decides he’s going to take Harrison alive and bring him back to Earth rather than bomb him from afar.
Khan reveals that he was working for Admiral Marcus to build bigger and better weapons for Starfleet because Marcus was holding some of his frozen cohorts hostage.
Bottom line: In its lust for milking the Star Trek franchise of every cent while completely ignoring its legacy, Paramount handed over the keys to a team of directors and writers who do not understand Star Trek at all. Though he graduated with a degree in journalism, he also studied film and is a longtime cinephile. According to the Daily Mirror, actress Jenna Coleman will be departing her role as Clara Oswald on Doctor Who after the upcoming 9th season.This news is not confirmed by the actress or the BBC, but the Mirror claims Coleman has been cast as Queen Victoria in a major television production for ITV. Yes Scotty gets to save the day later, but it’s such a forced and contrived separation that when he reunites with the crew it has very little emotional value. Kirk gets mad and relieves Scotty of command, but then decides about half an hour later that the mission is immoral anyway, thus negating his entire reason for booting Scotty in the first place. How are there not some other spaceships within cosmic spitting distance of the Federation’s home planet? Their source was cited saying “Jenna clinched the role of Victoria a while ago but it’s been a very closely guarded secret.” The site goes on to claim that Coleman has already finished filming her final scenes for the show and her character will depart before the Christmas Special, which will see the return of Alex Kingston as Dr.

Having him do it again is not only lazy on the part of the filmmakers, but obnoxious to watch as a member of the audience. Gene Roddenberry crafted Star Trek with an explicitly utopian (and, there’s no point in denying it, liberal) vision.
I have no problem (in theory) with giving the Klingons a new look, but this new look is terrible and uninspired.
This is because being able to pummel someone makes Kirk a good captain, I guess, not his leadership qualities or his ability to manage the crew of a starship.
But if I do write one, I hope we can have a lively discussion that’s also polite and civil. To out of nowhere make Starfleet the militaristic, war-mongering bad guys makes no sense and stomps all over everything that’s come before in the franchise. It’s a twist for the sake of having a twist, not one that meaningfully effects the plot in any way.
The point of this scene is to seemingly make Khan into a sympathetic anti-hero, but all it really does is break any semblance of the plot’s internal logic. This certainly fits, seeing as how we know Coleman was conspicuously left out of the cast for this year’s holiday extravaganza.Coleman has accompanied the Doctor as his companion during Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi’s time in the role and has been part of the overall show for 3 years.
When Season 9 has finished, she will be the longest running companion of the re-booted Doctor Who series.The character of Clara Oswald has been a bit divisive among Whovians, but personally I’ve really enjoyed the character and Coleman’s portrayal.

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