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One writer wonders why getting married should mean giving up the most basic marker of one’s identity.
But while keeping one’s maiden name ultimately comes down to personal choice — you either want to keep the last name you were born with or you don’t — it’s also a politically charged decision.
She goes on to punch holes in much of what passes for the reasons why women choose to take their husband’s names, a list that runs the gamut from ‘he has a better last name’ to ‘I want my family to share a last name’. Filipovic believes trading one’s last name for another shouldn’t be celebrated as an act of unity — she mentions the pervasive and patently false idea that women who keep their last names are less committed than those who don’t — but rather as a loss. I’ve been married for close to 30 years, and made the decision back then to keep my last name. When I was first married, it was never discusses whether I would take my husband’s last name, which I did. I disagree with the premise that some woman take the last name of their husband because they do not like their maiden name.
My husband and I both agree that if men feel so strongly about one family name it they should take their wife’s name. We do not have children nor do we plan to, but we both agreed that if we ever decided to have kids they would have my last name. By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them.
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Wednesday, December 14Marie Smith will lead a discussion about festivals and other celebrations. Wednesday, September 14, Ahmet Tharwat showed photos of the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt.

Wednesday, October 26, Luke and Corinne led a discussion on the question a€?How Do You Remember the a€?60s?a€? The meeting started by our listening to Carole King singing a€?Youa€™ve Got A Friend,a€? which brought back a lot of memories for the 12 people assembled. Refreshment time at our regular meetings offers us the chance to have informal conversations with our fellow BUUFs.
After my presentation (September 28) on the future of families and Berta€™s description of the deterioration of family life which he has seen as a social worker for 35 years, I thought about the gathering this summer of three local UU families at our home for an afternoon of recreation. On October 9 I preached a sermon on the Metaphysics of Quality to the UU Church of Willmar, Minn. Lynn Hensel found a womana€™s purse along the highway, and several of us found missing items such as a drivera€™s license, college ID, and credit cards. Luke Markve is leading a discussion group on the Universality of Quality, which meets weekly. Make sure Minnesota is the first state in the country to defeat an anti-marriage amendment!
The most important conversations wea€™ll have about this proposed amendment are with people we already know a€“ friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. Minnesotans United for All Families is a coalition of several organizations, including OutFront Minnesota, a€¦.. We welcome everyone to our group, whatever our race, ethnic origin, religious perspective, sexual orientation, political philosophy, or economic condition.
We recommend upgrading your browser, checking your Compatibility Settings or switching to another browser for an optimal experience. Strangely, it’s also a minority decision as the majority of women, it seems, still choose to take their partner’s surnames (others choose to compromise, creating those tongue-twisting, hybrid hyphenated last names). Jill Smith is a different person,” she writes, adding later that such a loss does not come without consequence to one’s sense of self.

I wanted something that showed my Danish heritage, and I did not like the patriarchal tradition in which the last name originated in the first place. After all it is the woman who carries the baby for nine months labors and gives birth to the baby breast-feeds the baby etc. Paul gave a presentation on a€?Practicing Right Relationships.a€? Your editor missed this meeting. Over the years, many young women have made the decision — often times to great scorn — to maintain their surnames after tying the knot. I was not able to choose a name arbitrarily; I had to go back to a name I had had previously.
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My daughter from my first marriage changed her name, and not having been married was able to select a name she liked. So, in our current family we have four last names: my husband, my daughter, my son, and me.

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