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Everyone was asked to help win the war, by making extra efforts and working harder on the 'home front'. With so many men away in the Forces, millions of women worked in factories, on buses and trains, and in hospitals and schools. Posters showed people how to put on a gas mask, how to plant vegetables, and how to collect scrap metal. Posters, radio, films and newspapers were used to keep up people's spirits, make the most of victories and make fun of the enemy. To prevent road accidents in the blackout, white bands were painted around trees and lamp-posts. A Home Guard book explained that pigeons could carry messages; the book pointed out that 'pigeons cannot talk' and so could not reveal secrets to the enemy if captured! Soldiers were invited to watch children's dancing classes put on shows - the men got a free cup of tea!
Countries (including Britain, France, the Soviet Union and the USA) who joined forces to fight the Axis Powers.
Weapon first used in 1945 when two bombs were dropped on Japan, killing more than 100,000 people. A network of civilian volunteers who assisted in the war effort by helping in air raids and rescuing people from bombed buildings. Short for National Socialist Party (in Germany), a follower of Hitler was also called a Nazi. At the end of the war, there were more than 1 million men in the RAF, manning or taking care of 27,000 airplanes. Among other missions, the Tempest was used on the continent by the Air Command to destroy trains, tanks, and artillery positions. 6 June 1944 was D-Day, when Allied forces landed in Normandy (France) to begin the liberation of western Europe. More than 100,000 British 'GI brides' married American or Canadian soldiers and went to live in North America. Soldiers came home and amused their families with Army slang, joking about 'bubble dancing' for 'washing up'. In May 1945, the Daily Express newspaper published an obituary (death announcement); it read, 'The Daily Express rejoices to announce the report of Adolf Hitler's death'. Britain and France went to war with Germany in September 1939.They wanted to help Poland after it was invaded, but they were too late.

In July 1940, German planes started bombing British coastal towns, defences and ships in the English Channel in order to gain control of the skies in the South of England. In this extract from a comic play an Athenian citizen waits impatiently for the assembly to begin. People called the winter of 1940 the 'Phoney (fake) War' At first there just wasn't much fighting.
On Saturday nights in the 1930s, many young people enjoyed dancing at the local 'dance hall' to the music of a band. In 1939 many air forces still had biplane (two-winged) planes, not much faster than the planes used in World War I. A magazine in 1939 suggested how to dry a damp coat quickly: fill a hot water bottle, fix it to a clothes hanger, and hang the coat over the bottle.
One mother said she was worried that being evacuated to a big house in the country might make her daughter think they should have servants at home! Evacuees from the city were told: always close farm gates, and don't be scared of horses, cows and other animals.
Children saved pennies, collected scrap metal and food waste, and knitted woolly hats for soldiers and refugees. There were Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, Africans, Indians and West Indians. The American airmen arranged children's parties, and many children got to like chewing gum and American 'candy' (sweets). The RAF starts training new squadrons in a hurry, with soldiers coming from Australia, Canada, India, New Zeland, Rhodesia and South Africa (part of the British Commonwealth). Technically disadvantaged (the Third Reich spent the years leading to the war secretly rearming), the French forces are rapidly overwhelmed.
Starting in 1944, it became what was probably the best British propeller fighter aircraft of the war. It also was excellent at intercepting V-1 (the first missiles ever produced, designed by German engineers) over England, not only shooting them but also sending them to the ground by destabilizing the missile with the wingtip. By mid-September 1940, after many battles, Germany postponed their planned land invasion of Britain as the RAF effectively fought off the German Luftwaffe. In these camps, millions of Jews and other prisoners had been killed or had died from hunger, disease and cruelty. They offered a 'large air raid-shelter', as well as sea views, good food, and comfortable rooms.

Sewing classes and leaflets showed people how to make coats from blankets, or baby clothes from old pillowcases. There were also people from occupied countries: French, Poles, Czechs, Norwegians and others. At the time, the RAF equipment still is in a transitional stage, both biplanes and monoplanes are used (such as the Spitfire and the Hurricane, born in the late thirties).
Thanks to its capacities, the Tempest was responsible for the loss of twenty German Me 262 (the first operational jet aircraft).
However, there were many fierce battles in Europe and in the Pacific war with Japan before the fighting stopped in 1945. In 1941 America also joined the war, after Japan attacked the American naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. It will take two years before new types are created, like the Mosquito bomber, entirely made of wood, or the Hawker Typhoon. The Channel will give the British and their allies a chance to reorganize (an invasion of the U.K.
In Europe there were more than 12 million refugees, or 'displaced persons', including millions of Germans. Some homeless families moved into 'prefabs' - concrete bungalows built in factories for quick assembly. Along with the defence of England, the RAF concentrate on bombing missions on the continent, attack missions of Third Reich vessels and submarines, and international deployment.During World War 2, considerable technical progresses are made, such as the radar and the jet engine. This site will tell you what the war was like for children, mainly in Britain but in other countries too.
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