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Did you know that 80 percent of Americans say they want to write a book, but only 2 percent ever do? At The Book Catalysts, we’ve experienced the thrill of publishing—and the struggles getting there.
Get your book into the hands of potential clients, appreciative readers, and important media.
Six recorded video sessions you can listen to at your convenience over a 10-week period (designed so you write, write, write your first draft between sessions). Six customized checklists (one for each session) to keep you moving forward between sessions. Dozens of Creativity Challenges to inspire you to go deeper into that marvelous brain of yours. Write Your Book Now! We’ve pulled together some of our best resources in this Amazon Bestselling Book to show you how to write a book.
Like-minded thinkers tend to gravitate everywhere in life; we have a gift for finding each other in coffee shops, similar markets and meetings, the same concerts or museum exhibits,  and garden and book clubs. During the past eight years, my life experiences have expanded an infinite fold through the internet. Kathryn is a book publicist by day and inspirational writer with her blog, Plant Whatever Brings You Joy by night. What’s interesting to me about Plant Whatever Brings You Joy, is that on the surface,  her book appears to be a memoir with garden tie-ins. Plant Whatever Gives You Joy is a beautifully written book that will have you reflecting on your own life and feeling good and inspired to start a new day.

NOW AVAILABLE!Berries grow in all parts of North America and come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Our writing books and book-writing course (see below) will lead you from a fast start to a strong finish (and on to getting published!). Our Amazon Bestselling Book delivers dozens of tips and techniques for writing your own bestsellers!
While many consultants, speakers, business owners, trainers, and health care professionals know they need to write a book to boost their businesses, most never do. Now think about what it’s costing you to not write your book, to not have this essential marketing tool to give you the credibility you’ve earned. No doubt, Kathryn’s mind is always looking at everyday events so she can use them as her muse for positive thinking. Thank you, Helen, for this thoughtful and insightful review of Plant Whatever Brings You Joy.
Our brains are wired for stories, and nothing engages readers more than anecdotes, examples, and case studies. In only five minutes of reading through the book I have three new strategies which I can implement immediately. People who normally breeze through writing a blog or article find they freeze when faced with the challenge of 200+ pages in a book. We understand what it’s like to have random notes or even a beautifully organized outline languishing in a computer file boldly named MY BOOK. From what we’ve experienced—and now see in our clients—hectic schedules and wavering confidence stop most people from finishing their books—or even getting started.

We’ve honed strategies to break through the hard times when already crammed schedules threaten the long-term goal to write—or finally finish—a book.
We find that many book-writing courses are often five or six times the cost of Catapult into Your Book. You have hit on something I have heard before–that readers are surprised to find themselves among the pages. Good Berry Bad Berry is the authoritative one-stop guide to identifying and safely enjoying these healthy “superfruits” – with clear descriptions and full color photographs of 40 of the most noteworthy widely available berries in North America (including a separate listing of berries found only in certain regions). Even before your first class, you can begin to set important goals and become a more powerful writer and author!
Packaged with heavy matte-laminated pages and concealed-wire binding for handy, water-resistant use outside.
Yoest, a garden writer, was researching an article on avocados when she learned that the fruit was considered an aphrodisiac. Words at Work, Lynda McDaniel’s award-winning book packed with inspiration and information to give you the confidence and know-how to write a successful book. With an inspiring mix of humor, wisdom, and creativity, "Page After Page" shows you how to find the courage and commitment to start writing and keep writing.Author Heather Sellers draws on twenty years of teaching and personal writing experience to provide lively anecdotes and exercises to help you develop a mindset and lifestyle conducive to daily creation.

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