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Although it was reassuring to see that other people have been privileged to know the secret, I have known of the fundamentals for many many years and although unable to quantify HOW it works more recently Quantum physics has opened up the doorway to the very fabric of the universe. I will now begin to tell you about the secret and it’s mechanism although if you want to buy the DVD then you can get them off ebay for about ?10. If you have looked at other threads on my site you will have noticed that every subject seems to have an underlying fabric or essence which somehow links one thing to another. If you have met people who seem to be jammy bastards, always with abundance, always getting a car park, fate always seems to be on their side.That is because the positive energy they are (possibly unknowingly) radiating is equally coming back to them with abundance because the law of attraction always applies and never fails. Here’s the rap, if you send out the vibration into the world what you desire (whatever it is) from that moment the wheels will begin turning and that desire will become your reality as long as you send out the signal with enough passion and desire. Understand this though, don’t send out the signal for something you know in the back of your mind is unrealistic to your life and don’t send out a signal which is going to hurt another fellow or creature, remember we are all connected and if your desire causes pain then surely you will get it bouncing back to you and you won’t want that. There is no reason why you cannot have several desires all at the same time, but you must learn to control the negative emotions first, otherwise you will reap the rewards of your most prevalent thought patterns.
Desire your object with love and passion they are infinitely more powerful emotions than negative ones, the universe responds to love vibrations and it will create the situation for you to have your desires so you keep projecting the vibration of love.
Can you imagine how profound it would be if the greatest desire people ask for is to allow peace to break out all over the world, this is where together with positive love emotion the new world order would simply dissolve and fade away.
Sabato sera, invece di uscire, ho preferito rimanere a casa per vedere The Secret, un film uscito nel 2006 che l’anno successivo supero, in quanto a vendite, alcuni titoli hollywodiani.

Il film mi era stato consigliato da Daniele, alcune settimane fa, tramite i commenti e mi aveva incuriosito l’argomento.
Sebbene possa sembrare uno di quei video in cui vari esaltati vi descrivono il loro equilibrio spirituale e quanto riesca ad influenzare le loro vite, il messaggio finale e positivo. Va preso con le pinze ma allo stesso tempo sarebbe consigliabile tentare di seguire quei consigli.
Un film motivazionale che usa alcune tecniche di psicologia (quelle della visualizzazione dei propri desideri ad esempio, nota fin dai tempi di Aristotele) per aiutarci a vivere meglio. Per il resto concordo pienamente con la teoria che il nostro futuro e la nostra felicita dipendano in gran parte da noi.
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You will probably only watch it once so keep the packaging, or give it to someone who you feel may benefit from it. In fact “everything” on this planet (and most likely the universe) is connected at sub-atomic level and this phenomena is by far the most important factor that affects your life from one minute to the next. Also don’t expect something in the post next day although it can happen give some reasonable time for your desire to manifest to your reality.
Give it a try, when it works for you I only ask one thing, you must help by telling people about this site, I am only trying to raise awareness to everyone that we must wake up now and question the lives we are living and the people who we leave to make decisions for us.

We would evolve spiritually at an exponential rate and the world would transform into a planet of Love and spirit, that will be a nice day, and I look forward to experiencing that glory. You may have heard this before but I doubt you will have grasped the profundity of these phenomena! Vive con sua moglie in una casa con un ciliegio e otto pesciolini che non lo aiutano a tenere in ordine.
The law of attraction gives you what you send out, so if you are giving out misery and negativity all the time then make no mistake it is just going to get shovelled back to you at the same rate!! There is another thing you need to know, imagine a beautiful rose starting to grow which is fed by your positive love energy, as soon as you start getting upset and would up with things the rose will start to wilt, you will loose your desired object if you dish out more negative energy than positive, and your efforts will be in vain.
If you find yourself in a state of argument or negative condition, you must learn to release it and forgive as soon as possible to keep your rose growing.

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