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Du con nhi?u y ki?n so sanh Secret Garden b?n Trung v?i b?n Han nhung s? dong khan gi? xem phim bay t?: “R?t hai hu?c”, “Di?n xu?t tuy?t v?i”, “N?i dung cu?n hut ma v?n co net rieng n?i b?t”.
B?n dang xem Kataribe No Risuto Chap 30 la b?n d?ch ti?ng vi?t c?a manga n?i ti?ng Kataribe No Risuto b?i (cac) nhom d?ch: Secret Garden.
Trong qua trinh d?c truy?n tranh, nh?t la khi xem truy?n Kataribe No Risuto Chap 30, n?u th?y truy?n die, l?i trang, thi?u trang, trung trang, noi chung xem ko du?c. N?u d?c truy?n online ? ch? d? xem truy?n "T?i m?t trang", b?n click vao hinh d? d?n trang ti?p theo, ho?c co th? dung phim mui ten d? chuy?n trang.

B?n cung co th? tham gia binh ch?n cho chap truy?n nay b?ng cach d?t SAO ***** tren trang d?u tien.
B?n minh cam k?t Kataribe No Risuto Chap m?i nh?t ho?c Kataribe No Risuto chap 32, Kataribe No Risuto chap 33, Kataribe No Risuto chap 34 s? du?c c?p nh?t s?m nh?t.
D?i v?i VnComic (truy?n Vi?t Nam), Manhwa (truy?n Han Qu?c) va Comic (truy?n chau Au + Mi) thi d?c t? trai qua ph?i. Binh ch?n cung la cac giup d?c gi? va nhom d?ch lao d?ng hang say hon (Cam on b?n tru?c nhe ^^).

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