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Where executives of all disciplines: IT, Finance, Accounting, Communications, Human Resources get together with a common focus to assist each other in pursuing new employment opportunities, tackling the challenges of their current positions, and providing a support network to each other.
Our East Brunswick Huaxia Chinese school has been honored to accept the invitation to attend this community culture fair. Recruiter with CRO-Staffing, LLC, an independent staffing service that is certified as a Small Women Owned Business by WBENC.

Several dedicated young volunteers, Shirley Li, Maggie Wo, and Jessica Fong assisted by our school admin staffs have contributed their time, actively introduced our school and patiently explained our curriculum to people passing by. Be a part of our growing network of Job Seekers, Hiring Managers, Recruiters, Career Coaches, and people who want to be able to help themselves and each other. Tao Yin has also performed on the stage and their elegant yoga and Chinese fan dances have gained many rounds of applause from the audience.

Through this type of activity, we are making our school better known to our community and better serve our community.

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