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The yoga postures can be used for healing many different area of the body since there are so many different yoga positions to choose from and so many an be used for different yoga therapy.
Quite often yoga sequences, which are yoga postures done one after another, prove to be even more therapeutic for ailments than individual yoga postures. Yoga postures can also be useful for other ailments such as Constipation and Yoga for Your Thyroid.
Yoga is considered to be a collection of spiritual techniques and practices that intend to integrate the mind, body and soul. As we age, our muscles and body organs start to lose their flexibility and ability to function flawlessly.
Pain Stress Fatigue Improves balance Improves core strength Decreases the risk of injuries due to falls Issues such as menopause can also be relieved by performing certain yoga exercises for seniors.
The best benefit to be had from doing these exercises is that elder people can feel young again! Seniors can perform these yoga exercises that have been selected for their specific benefits. Also known as Ek Pada Pavanmuktasana, this yoga exercise for seniors helps eliminate gas trapped in the intestines. In Sanskrit, ek means one, pada means leg, pavan means wind, mukta means relieve and asana means posture. This yoga exercise should not be performed by seniors who suffer from conditions such as heart disorders, high blood pressure, hyperacidity, hernia, testicle disorder, slip disc, neck and back issues.
This yoga pose makes the muscles of the back stronger, improves one’s posture and stretches the chest and the shoulders. Sit on your sitting bones and pull your thighs to the ground, using the muscles around the knee caps. Also known as Utkatasana, this yoga exercise works the muscles of the chest, spine and hips. Stand straight with your feet apart, your arms stretched out straight in front of you with palms facing downward.
This yoga exercise for seniors should not be performed if you are suffering from ankle sprain, arthritis, chronic knee pain, headache, insomnia or damaged ligaments.
This yoga exercise helps relieve tension in the spine and treats weakness of the arms and tight hips. Exhale and tip forward, bringing your hands down between your legs and place your palms downward on the floor. This yoga exercise should not be performed if you have pain in the hip joints or a lower back problem. Parivrtta Trikonasana, or revolved triangle pose is a great exercise for maintaining balance. If you suffer from insomnia, low blood pressure, diarrhea, headache, migraine, or a spinal injury, you should refrain from performing this yoga exercise. Also called Adho Mukha Svanasana, this yoga exercise helps build strength in the arms, legs, and feet. Do not perform this yoga exercise if you have wrist issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis, high blood pressure and inner ear infections.

Also known as Viparita Karani, this yoga exercise for seniors provides relief for a variety of conditions like varicose veins, urinary disorders, respiratory ailments, migraine, digestive issues, arthritis, muscle fatigue, insomnia, mild depression, headaches, anxiety and blood pressure issues.
To relieve the stretching feeling that you get on your throat, release the base of the skull.
Also called Veerbhadrasana, this yoga exercise releases stress buildup in the shoulders quickly. If you have spinal conditions or have recently recovered from a chronic illness, consult a doctor before performing this exercise. Apart from the yoga exercises for seniors described above, two exercises that are specifically beneficial for improving balance are given below.
Also called vrikshasana, this yoga exercise requires you to keep your eyes open in order to maintain the balance of your body. You should not do this yoga exercise if you have low or high blood pressure, or are suffering from insomnia or migraine. Known as Ardha Chandrasana, this yoga exercise for seniors is particularly helpful in improving balance. Shift your weight to the front foot and lift your back leg until it is parallel to the ground. Thus, yoga exercises can not only be performed by the young but can also prove to be equally beneficial for seniors. Satabdi, a content writer by profession, can usually be found with her nose in a book and a cup of coffee in hand. Content (text, audio, video) on this website is only intended to provide general information to the reader and is not intended to be used as medical advice, professional diagnosis or treatment.
Signup to get the most important weekly news roundup from across the web about Health, Wellness & Fitness. Yoga exercises have the ability to help you to improve your energy levels and also help you to regulate your body energy. This form of exercise also uses meditation as one of its tools thus allowing your mind to direct energy in the body to specific areas that need to do work.
The exercise has so many benefits and can also be used to cure anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction. With tantric yoga exercises you will be able to correct the malfunctioning of your body particularly in certain muscles.
This is due to the fact that yoga can be used to strengthen the muscles by your recto anal region.
The exercises are good and will help you to maintain a well functioning cardiovascular system. Not only will this form of exercise help you in healing some cases of respiratory diseases, it will also help you in the prevention of the occurrence of such diseases.
Look at these simple yoga sequences that demonstartes yoga for back pain part 1 with free yoga video tutorials and yoga for back problems part 2which also has picture yoga sequences and yoga video tutorials.
When done in the long term mental balance and stability can be found along with other useful benefits such as contentment and calmness. It however, proves to be even more beneficial for seniors as helps to keep their body’s fit and problem free.

You will not be able to bend yourself as much as you wish or hold the poses for very long, and you will not have to, either.
While exhaling, draw your right knee towards your chest and press the abdomen with your thigh, using clasped hands. The shoulder blades and the sacrum should touch the wall, but not the lower back or the back of your head. It makes the lower back and torso strong, and tones the muscles of the ankle, leg, knee and thigh. When exhaling, bend your torso toward the bolster while placing your legs on the wall for support.
While performing the exercise, if you feel your legs or feet beginning to tingle, return to the sitting position immediately.
It helps relive frozen shoulders and is useful for people who have worked at sedentary jobs all their life. For people with knee pain or arthritis, a support should be used for the knee when holding this pose. Since fall-related injuries are common in seniors, working to restore balance to the body can prove to be quite helpful. Yoga exercises for seniors will help you age gracefully and live a satisfying, problem-free life. If you have an erectile problem, yoga exercises will help you to direct all your energy to your sexual organs thus giving you an erection.
Hence, the exercise enables the region to withstand external pressure that may result in the formation of bulging veins by the anus which is termed hemorrhoids condition.
This is because yoga improves blood circulation around the lungs thus allowing white blood cells to freely roam around the body. Online yoga instructors are very easy to access all you need to do is to use some search engines such as Google, type in the key words and your yoga exercise will be just a click away. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only.
The word “yoga” is commonly used to denote “Hatha yoga,” which focuses on performing certain exercises to gain overall wellness. These problems can be kept at bay, controlled and even prevented with the practice of simple yoga asanas. It stretches the spine and the hips, stimulates the abdominal organs, relieves cases of mild back pain and improves breathing by opening the chest.
We do not undertake any responsibility or liability of any health issues caused by following advise on this website.

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