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It was 10 months ago that I relocated to NYC from a brief stay at my parent’s home in Texas.  There I found space to collect myself after a raw metamorphosis in Boulder, Colorado that shed ten pounds from my trunk and defined my early twenties.
I arrived thinking I had spent enough time with my emotions, accepting my mistakes, and learning to love myself again, that naturally the next step is a full-time art program. Weeks late, and a few days before the first day of the conference, I signed up for classes as elephant journal’s press representative.
Three of Seane’s classes were largely focused on movement.  In a variation of lunge pose where I was in a wide stance, one knee bent, one shoulder under my bent leg and both hands on my ankle, is where I found my greatest physical challenges.
Founded as a print magazine in 2002, we went national in 2005 and then (because mainstream magazine distribution is wildly inefficient from an eco-responsible point of view) transitioned online in 2009.
You are strengthened when you are able to acknowledge not only your own process but the process, the journey, of all whom you encounter in your life experiences. The trend of pop-up retail stores and restaurants is successful in part because of the exclusivity associated with relying on a customers who are in-the-know to find the pop-up locations before they disappear again.
Yoga teachers Beth James and Corinne Rice founded Pop Up Yoga in Detroit  in an effort to bring the practice to people at a lower cost. Both Pop Up Yoga in Detroit and Pop Up Yoga NYC let people know about their classes through social media, their websites, and word of mouth. Olstad sees the pop-up yoga trend as a grassroots movement of people dedicated to creating low-cost yoga classes that everyone can enjoy.
Sage Rountree teaches a simple but surprisingly complex move that builds core strength and balance at the same time while helping to teach you to stay in alignment during transitions.

Grab your mat and practice with yogis around the world for the first-ever International Day of Yoga on June 21, the summer solstice. Donald Duck Day, Upsy Daisy Day, National Chocolate Ice Cream Day—of all the silly (and occasionally delicious) days ?to celebrate in June, now there’s one we can really get behind: the first-ever International Day of Yoga on June 21, the summer solstice. You won't even have to leave home to achieve that same sense of bliss you get in your favorite yoga studio.
In honor of Veterans Day, we asked five veterans to share how yoga helped them cope with depression, stress, sleep disturbances and other war-related issues. I had to giggle to myself when I felt the same. I was going to wait until the end of class to ask Sean privately what she meant when she asks us to surrender, but in the lunge pose I found my answer. Well, it's a lot like the Yoga Journal Community and Yoga Journal Magazine all put together, only everyone's right there in person!
The facilities were terrific, as were the keynotes by people like Rodney Yee, Sean Corn, and David Swenson. It might seem like a stretch, then, that the trend is finding its way into the yoga community—a population that has grown quickly because it is all-inclusive. Pop Up Yoga NYC, which was founded last year, is turning its efforts toward contributing to nonprofit organizations in 2013.
Olstad said she’s been communicating with someone in Miami who is hoping to start a pop-up yoga scene there. Since they don’t have the overhead of paying for a studio space, they can keep the class price down.

Another benefit of the pop-up model is that they will be able to conduct classes outside in different areas as the weather starts to warm up. This week, Erica Rodefer Winters explains how her yoga practice has helped her make healthier food choices -- one bite at a time. Everywhere you turn there are people like you who are there to meet others who share their love of Yoga and to deepen their practice.
But my wife Jane went to sessions on Ayuvedic cooking, Yoga for kids, and preventing injuries. And Detroit recently got in on the trend with roving a pop-up yoga studio offering regular weekly classes.
Whether you spend time that day in the company of an estimated 10,000 yogis ?at Solstice in Times Square in New York City, or on your mat ?in your own living room, set an intention to become part of this transcendent day of global yoga. Meanwhile, I went to sessions on Vedantic Philosophy, Hindu Mythology, and Nature Meditation.
Classes are offered throughout the city, in an art gallery, chiropractic office, church community room, and a restaurant and tea house, among other locations.

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