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It’s All Yoga, Baby is Roseanne Harvey’s blog about yoga and other things, with a mission to spark investigation into the relationship between yoga, the body and popular culture. With little fanfare, Yoga Journal issued their first official statement on the Hyatt boycott and demonstrations at the hotel where the Yoga Journal San Francisco Conference will happen this weekend.
Yoga Journal’s San Francisco conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero, January 17-21. Though the workers at the Hyatt in San Francisco are not on strike, UniteHere has reached out to many organizations holding events at the hotel and urged them to change their plans.
Weighing other possible alternatives, Yoga Journal has looked into moving the conference from the Hyatt, which has hosted the event for 10 years, but no other hotel in the city can accommodate the large number of attendees on or around the scheduled conference dates. After careful examination and discussion, Yoga Journal has decided to honor its contract and the commitments made to our conference presenters, attendees, and to the workers whose livelihoods depend on hotel business.

Yoga Journal supports the negotiations between the Hyatt and its unions and hopes that the remaining issues are resolved fairly and quickly. Yeah, I agree with your viewpoint; it’s not like this is something that just all of a sudden became an issue! Through all this, it is important to remember that the editorial people are not calling the shots; just like they have no power really over advertising. Add your name to the mailing list to get my newsletter with all the latest on upcoming workshops, classes and tour dates. IAYB questions, provokes thought and shines a critical light on yoga culture ~ while celebrating community, service, creativity, the independent spirit and good ol’ fun. Other than a generic corporate statement in the IAYB comments section, we’ve heard nothing from the magazine.

We are aware of information being distributed regarding labor disputes with the hotel chain. We have researched the matter fully and come to understand that the workers at the Hyatt in San Francisco are not on strike.
There is, however, an ongoing labor management dispute between the Hyatt Corporation and union organization UniteHere.
The hotel and its workers have reached agreements on wages and benefits but other issues, including those around union membership voting rules across the Hyatt hotel chain, remain unresolved.

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