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It was my dad actually who showed me, though, that the very images that I saw as strengthening the community also weaken it. I was taken aback to learn that after all the years I’d been teaching he still thought yoga was just about how well you could do fancy poses. The problem, of course, is that a pretty pose pic doesn’t even scratch the surface of what yoga really is. Then I explained how the poses are really a vehicle to teach all that philosophy: Because some poses seem easy and some seem hard, your ego often gets involved and labels which ones you like and which you don’t.
Then I told him he could get all those same benefits without ever stepping on a mat and doing what we consider “asana.” I explained that by learning to meditate he could gain all those same insights, learn to pay attention in the moment, ignore the thoughts that are useless, and keep the ones that are wise and helpful. By taking photos of very fancy, beautiful poses and passing them off as yoga, as a community, we are at risk of alienating a lot of people from even trying it.
As a community, let’s unite and make it our mission to broaden the definition of the #yogaselfie. Southern California’s Alexandria Crow in a teacher and teacher trainer who offers vinyasa flow classes with methodical and challenging sequences that encourage mindful attention. Research makes a strong case for taking your practice into the wild as the weather warms—or at least your backyard.
Of course yoga benefits athletes in many ways, but the breath is the surprising key to avoiding this increasingly common pitching injury. We're excited to introduce Tarah Stuht and Taylor O’Sullivan, the ambassadors for our Live Be Yoga Tour in partnership with Gaia.
Yoga Journal has been a valuable resource for information about physical and spiritual well-being through the practice of yoga.
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Decouvrez dans "Vis ma vie de yogini debutante" les premiers pas de notre heroine sur le tapis.
Avec notre guide sur les chakras apprenez a reequilibrer les energies et avec Anne naturopathe specialisee en alimentation saine gourmande et digeste suivez ses conseils pour reussir une cure detox. Dans Echappees belles, vous decouvrirez l'eco-hotel enchante de la Gree des Landes et le Yogi-Walkie, invente par Peggy Menager.
Enfin, suivez les conseils de la medecine ayurvedique pour raviver votre lumiere interieure. C'est un site specialise dans la vente de retraites de Yoga, d'accessoires necessaires a la pratique de cette discipline millenaire. Trouvez egalement la retraite qui vous correspond le mieux, pour partager un moment unique dans un cadre charge en energie, en presence d'enseignants proches de vous. Egalement sur le site des dossiers sur le  yoga prenatal, le yoga pour enfants ou pour les seniors ou encore le yoga en entreprise.
Dans notre rubrique « Pratique », vous aurez acces a des informations completes et detaillees avec des illustrations et des videos d’enchainements de postures, des exercices de yoga pour retrouver equilibre et bien-etre. Des experts, conferenciers, auteurs et professeurs de yoga partageront leur experience, leurs conseils et points de vue sur cette philosophie de vie. Sitting in a narrow, confined space, such as a plane seat, car seat, or office cubicle, can leave you feeling like you’ve been wearing a straitjacket or full-body cast. Sidebending poses include Parighasana (Gate Pose) and seated forward bends such as Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana (Revolved Head-to-Knee Pose) and Parivrtta Upavistha Konasana (Revolved Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend). Side-stretching poses lengthen the muscles between the ribs and pelvis, including parts of the low back, and open the sides of the rib cage, improving rib cage mobility and the expansiveness of the lungs, which makes breathing easier in all situations, including aerobic activities and Pranayama.

One of the most important muscles stretched during a sidebend is the quadratus lumborum (QL). In theory, it’s a good idea to regularly practice sidebends to keep the QL, latissimus dorsi, and rib cage supple and flexible. Ideally in Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana to the right side, flexible adductors and hamstrings on the right allow the pelvis to tip to the right, so when the torso bends over the right thigh, it lengthens out over the right thigh, with the right ribs approaching the right thigh.
For a student with a tight low back and hamstrings, especially one who has a history of lower-back pain or injury, it’s probably best to work first on sidebends while leaving the legs out of the equation.
As your students work toward increasing their side-body flexibility, have them continue practicing poses to improve their adductor and hamstring flexibility.
How will you know when they’re ready to combine the two for Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana? Teachers, explore the newly improved TeachersPlus to protect yourself with liability insurance, build your business with a dozen valuable benefits including a free teacher profile on our national directory, plus find answers to all your questions about teaching.
Julie Gudmestad is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and licensed physical therapist who runs a combined yoga studio and physical therapy practice in Portland, Oregon.
Once you understand the anatomy, you can delve into making its parts work together more intelligently. And then I realized that a lot people probably don’t see #inspiration and #yogalove in all the stunning images on social media but something more like #wtf #nothanks. It also sometimes encourages you to try to keep up with the person next to you and leads to injury.
He was thoroughly intrigued and asked me to teach him how to meditate and provide him with a plan on how to work on this yoga thing. And the truth is, the photos I post on social media of myself doing poses are not photos of me doing yoga. So in addition to all of the stunningly staged, aspirational, wow-worthy images we love to ooh and ahh at, let’s also post photos of the rest of the practice—whatever that means for you.
Besides her work inside the pages of Yoga Journal as a model and writer, she’s appeared in Yoga Journal’s Fitness Challenge and Total Body Yoga DVDs, as well as Hard Tail Forever’s ad campaigns.
Yoga Journal is your guide to better health, nutrition, personal growth, fitness and inner peace.
Estimated delivery times vary depending on the magazine publisher and the frequency of the subscription. Ainsi que les interviews d'Hilaria Baldwin et de Bibi Mc Gill, yoginis confirmees, qui partageront avec vous leurs visions du Yoga. Vous y retrouverez egalement les anciens numeros du magazine papier ainsi que des offres d'abonnement pour recevoir Yoga Journal directement chez vous. Avec plus de 10 millions de lecteurs repartis sur tous les continents, Yoga Journal est la reference en termes de Yoga dans le monde. Meditez en silence, ressourcez-vous, prenez le temps de vous poser pour ne rien faire et explorer le champ des possibles. Nous consacrerons egalement une grande partie a la meditation, avec des conseils pour mediter ainsi que les bienfaits de cette pratique.
In sidebends where an arm stretches overhead to reach for the foot, the latissimus dorsi muscle, which extends from the back waist to the armpit, will also stretch.
It sits deep in the back of the waist, attaching to the top of the back pelvis and running up to the lowest rib in the back. However, tight hamstrings and adductors (inner thigh muscles that pull the thighs together) can throw a wrench into this theory.
They can accomplish this without risking lower-back strain or injury in poses such as Supta Padangusthasana (Reclining Big Toe Pose) and Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose), with their top foot supported on a chair or ledge.

When their flexibility has improved, have them sit on the floor as they would for Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana to the right. She enjoys integrating her Western medical knowledge with the healing powers of yoga to help make the wisdom of yoga accessible to all. It only takes two minutes to deploy this self-massage to stimulate our belly brain, the enteric nervous system, which regulates mood and immunity. I follow photographers, fashionistas, videographers, designers, news outlets, artists, and of course, yogis. Their posts often inspire me creatively, make me laugh hysterically, and warm my heart. I told him about concentration, being in the moment, untangling your ego, working hard to burn through bad patterns so you can replace them with wise ones, and trying to find ease in this impermanent world. Since none of us can be here now all the time, we need practice to strengthen our skills of concentration first.
For example, I’m practicing yoga when I’m strict with my students and challenge their patterns in class.
But while sitting sidebend stretches may feel great to experienced yoga practitioners and teachers, beginners and stiffer students may struggle to find any enjoyment in them—and they may in fact strain or injure their low backs in the attempt. For example, in lateral flexion to the right (Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana to the right), the left side of the torso stretches and lengthens, while the right side of the ribs and waist shorten. Ask the student to sit on the right buttock on the floor, with legs folded to the left beside her. By learning to pay attention to your tendencies on the mat you can learn a lot about what you do off of it in your regular life when faced with similar challenges, I told him. As a teacher, your understanding of these poses and their benefits can help you motivate students to work appropriately on these asanas, avoid injury, and appreciate their benefits. Pull the long side of a bolster (flat on the floor) in beside the right hip, and have her lie sideways over the bolster so the right side, between the waist and armpit, will be supported by the bolster. When it becomes easier to see our minds’ stories and patterns, we can begin to eliminate the parts that cause suffering and amplify the parts that bring us ease, presence, and connection to ourselves and to others.
I’m practicing yoga when I sit on my bedroom floor in the morning and meditate. All fair game. When you do Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) to the right, it is the strength of the left QL contracting to support the weight of your torso (pulling the left ribs and pelvis toward each other, minimizing sidebending to the right and keeping length in the right waist). The QL can become short and stiff if you regularly spend long hours sitting in chairs, and it can become tight and painful, and even go into spasm, with lower-back and sacroiliac injuries.
In this position, the pelvis naturally tips to the right and the left waist and ribs are gently lengthening. I’m not concentrating on doing what I’m doing wisely, I’m concentrating on making it look great for the camera. This way, they can reach for the back of the chair with the left hand, which helps lengthen the torso horizontally rather than compressing down.
The pose the camera captures isn’t my yoga practice but rather the result of it—years of it. With a little preparation and support, you can set the stage for your students to enjoy the benefits of side-stretching sitting poses.

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