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Activities may include examples of Laughter Yoga  exercises, stress managing exercises, and laughter coaching. Best of all, you don’t have to be happy, have a sense of humor, or be in a good mood to reap the numerous rewards.
Debbie Friend is the owner and operator of LifeCurrents, a company which promotes wellness and healthy living through its educational, enjoyable, and highly effective stress management and laughter yoga programs. Welcome to Laughing Lotus YogaWe offer general dynamic hatha flow classes with a community feel.
Yuri DobrotinYuri is an explorer, and yoga for him is one more way to explore nature, fellow humans, as well as himself. Cat PhamCat first found her way onto the yoga mat ten years ago, and in the last few years she turned to yoga more frequently to help calm her mind and escape the stresses of a hectic lifestyle.
Why Choose Us?Many people love to do yoga as they enjoy many of the benefits that it unlocks for you such as: Physical strength, flexibility, a toned body, more energy, and a calm mind that is able to be focused for longer.
Summer is an exciting time for Laughing River Yoga and we can’t wait to share our new classes with you. Sign-up for our newsletter and we'll keep you up to date on special events, retreats and more! Laugh, and the world doesn't always laugh with you - well, at least near Sheetal Talao pond in Mumbai, India. Unfortunately, their mirth appears to have contributed to 'mental agony, pain and public nuisance' suffered by Vinyak Shirsat and his family, according to the Times of India. Members of the group, the Sheetal Jogging Association, told the AP they tried to talk with Shirsat's family but were not successful. The Laughter Yoga website says 'Unconditional Laughter' mixes with 'Yogic Breathing' to promote good health, using the principle of 'Laughing For No Reason'.

But if the Shirsats change their minds, the Laughter Yoga website lists more than 100 other clubs in Mumbai.
This session with your leader Robin*, solely for Who London members, offers the group the opportunity to focus on laughter, the emotional barriers we put up to laughter, and what our laughter and other people’s laughter actually means.
Because laughter changes our physiology, you’ll be able to observe during the session (and after it) how laughing affects the way we feel and the way we interact with our surroundings. As co-founder and trustee, he set up the Laughter Network 10 years ago to promote laughter as a form of therapy.
Self-induced, simulated laughter can easily be converted into real laughter when done in a group.
So … leave your yoga mat at home, dress comfortably, and join us for a program you won’t want to miss!
Services are provided in corporations, schools, spas, non-profits, yoga studios and in the special-needs community. At Laughing Lotus Yoga, we run a range of classes catering from beginners through to students that have a general level of strength and flexibility. Besides yoga, Yuri practiced and taught martial arts for years in Canada, Europe and here in Australia. In 2014, Cat began her 350hr teacher training with the intention of deepening her understanding of yoga and furthering her own practice. As a thank you to the wonderful men and women whom work directly for the QLD Police service,QLD Ambulance service, and QLD Fire Service we offer ongoing free classes. Its objective is to assist the practitioner in using the breath and body to foster an awareness of ourselves as individualized beings intimately connected to the unified whole of creation. It is said to be the primordial sound of the universe and is connected to the Ajna Chakra (the conscience) or “third eye” region.

A group of yoga enthusiasts has been ordered to lower the volume of its boisterous daily meetings. Shirsat's lawyer claimed the opposite, saying the club members were 'defiant' and wouldn't quiet down. A Mumbai court agreed, ordering the club to lower their cacophony and instructing local police to make sure members follow through. It will include a brief discussion and description of the application of therapeutic laughter, the meaning of our laughter, and the health benefits.
He is also co-founder of the World Laughter Pledge, and the first Laughter Ambassador for World Laughter Master Belachew Girma. Laughter Yoga combines simulated laughter exercises with breathing techniques to produce a wide range of physical, psychological, and emotional benefits. Classes include Pranayama (breathing techniques), Asanas (physical postures) and a guided Meditation, which enables your body mind and spirit to be united.
Everyone benefits as barriers between people are broken down, communication improves, and self-confidence and creativity are boosted. Recently, Debbie was featured in the book The 7 Joys Of Life as a contributing thought leader on laughter yoga.
We have General Classes for the mornings to prepare us for the day, and Gentle classes in the evenings to prepare us for rest, and undo the stresses of the day.

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