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Tiffany Nicholson-SmithCanada Me encantaria que Sahajananda facilitara siempre este retiro.
Jordan Elizabeth Gratitud mas alla de las palabras… Siempre recordare este retiro como una de mis experiencias vitales mas hermosas. Carl MaxfieldAustralia Este retiro esta bien fundamentado en sus fuentes y lo imparte un practicante con gran dedicacion.
El retiro intensivo Hridaya Yoga es un curso de inmersion en los fundamentos del yoga tradicional y la meditacion. Empowering Body LLC, my transformation programs & myself have been spreading out all over the world working towards intensifying the connection of MIND, BODY, & SPIRIT! I was on the hunt for something fresh and new, something to rattle my tree and shake my cage. It is difficult to put into words how wonderful Michele’s Mindful Warrior & Mindful Goddess Transformation Retreat to Bali was.
I didn’t really know what to expect, other than we were going to do some yoga and hiking, but the fact is, I have had such an amazing LIFE experience in such a small amount of time! I would definitely go on another Mindful Warrior & Mindful Goddess International Transformation Retreat in a second! And although we were there with a group, there was a lot of individual self achievements and rewards. And as far as Michele the owner, she was very thorough with all the info we needed from travel, to what to bring, etc. During the time we were in Bali we did a lot of hiking, traveling to nears cities, visiting a spiritual healer and local school where we interacted with the Kids and gave them some school supplies. View actual photos of Michele’s clients who have gone through major transformations in a very short time.
El libro del modulo 1 presenta informacion yoguica esoterica de una manera accesible, proporcionando una profunda introduccion a este camino de la revelacion del Ser.
I have always been cavalier, but tend to think with my head, and sadly, rarely have I ever followed my heart. This line of work is perfect for me because it lets me be creative by sculpting a women’s physique, as well as, rewarding by helping them feel better about themselves inside and out. This was my first retreat, but I have traveled outside of country before to France, Italy and Switzerland which was quite beautiful.

I would love to visit a country that has a Fair Trade Producer such as India, Colombia, Sri Lanka, or Africa. I already have my deposit in for the next one and I don’t even know where the next one is! I did not know Michele nor the other Warriors, and living in South Africa, was passively drawn to this through a Facebook post by our yoga instructor, Nathania, who went to school with me 20 years ago. Michele constructed a space for an experience that was at once profoundly spiritual, physically challenging, adventurous, philanthropic and purposefully mindful.
Meeting 2 spiritual healers, climbing a 5,600ft volcano, meeting with children at the local school, living on an organic sustainable farm in the jungle and most of all bonding with people I’ve just met who will now be lifelong friends!! This lifestyle takes on a different mindset and with the help of this retreat I have become such a better motivator, coach, trainer, friend, and individual!
The way Michele orchestrated all of the workshops and day excursions, made us ask ourselves questions that we wouldn’t ask ourselves in a normal vacationing setting. I heard about the Mindful Warrior & Mindful Goddess Transformation Retreat to Bali, from a friend. I shared my lodge with four other people whom I did not know prior to attending the retreat. We saw city life in Ubda, spirituality with an healer, sunrise hiking silence meditation day, volunteer in school and yoga sessions with an amazing instructor. The staff were always respectful, supportive and smiley ( real smile not LA smile you can feel the karma vibe and willingness to assist you on anything either emotional or physical.
Back down at the Tree, our instructor will conducts some yoga flow, stretching & Vinyasa. After years of attending retreats & creating my own oasis of retreats on my travels, I am now going full force giving others the opportunity to have a taste & a huge serving of total transforming and in the most wonderful places!
Ten people came together from different walks of life, at different stages of their personal growth journey with different levels of understanding of what it meant to live mindfully. I never wanted it to end, and I can’t wait until I can go back, though I know it will never be the same as this retreat was. This pushed us to mentally step out of our comfort zones and is why I have suggested to all of my family members and clients to try one of Michele’s retreats. We were about 2-hours from the nearest city and there were no outside noises other than the sounds of the jungle and running water from the nearby waterfalls and mountain streams.

The like-mindedness of all of us who attended the retreat helped to enhance the experience. Michele put a personal touch by giving every person in the retreat gift bag and special thank you card. Sporadic sounds of colorful birds whispering from every corner of the skies on an early clear day it’s nostalgic feelings of happiness I have not had since childhood and I am having hard time to express. Join me as I take you on a journey, a travel experience, & the transformation of a lifetime! The experience reflected back at each participant what he or she was meant to get from the trip and we all walked away with a deeper understanding of ourselves and of compassion, perseverance, support and love. Everyone, no matter what their occupation or lifestyle, can grow and learn from this type of experience. Michele D’Angona helped to make this retreat all that it was: sharing her ‘words of wisdom’, her enthusiasm, her thoughtfulness, and her own experiences as she travels around the world.
Michele really chose a good dynamic group of people, who were strangers at the beginning of the retreat and at the end of the retreat became good friends.
In the middle of a magical setting with delicious, healthy food, the variety of physical activities and experiences brought me greater personal awareness and peace; this is my journey and I can trust myself. From the yoga for the 1st time, to meditation, to concurring a 3 hour volcano hike, to living in the jungle (just a few things to mention). I would definitely attend another retreat and know that the experience would be well worth it.
The children were amazing, so appreciative of all the school supplies we donated as part of our Mindful retreat.
Grateful for the moment and of being alive.My Bali experience resulted from and in a series of new and deeper connections with beautiful and authentic people, whom I lost myself in with fun, tears and laughter.
Waking up in the morning and then again in the late afternoon we did yoga in an outside patio area covered by a thatched roof with the jungle all around us.

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