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This will be an interview discussion with Erik Vinneau of Open Sky Events, founder of Yoga Rocks the Park and Friday Night Yoga Club. Come share as we recreate the collective transcendental dance experience every week in a sacred space of movement. Join me for a very special candlelight flow class with live music from Karen Demarco and the Bhakti Shakti Band followed immediately by a kirtan with Karen and friends. This year the training will be broken up into two consecutive parts (Level 1 and Level 2) allowing for enrollment into just the first level for those unable to commit to the full training.
One of the reasons there is such a value in the integration of nidra into restorative practice is that it brings us into an awareness and experience of the even more subtle aspects of being beyond the physical and even energetic and mental levels…we may experience higher levels of consciousness and bliss in restorative yoga but we aren’t usually consciously working with them. Escape the hustle of the city for a long weekend in the mountains, with Kind friends, hot springs, yoga, and exquisite food. Designed for teachers and practitioners seeking depth, this will be an exploration into the many-layered science of prana intended to illustrate what is most supportive in terms of making progress and facilitating transformation in one’s personal practice.
Sometimes what we enjoy practicing doesn’t always help propel us forward in terms of growth and transformation.
In order to maximize the benefits and reach of yoga practice, the underlying forces of our subtle anatomy must be understood. To utilize the full potential of prana, we must learn to contain it and direct it intentionally. Prana Vidya Yoga and Ayurveda will be launching their teacher training program this summer with another one following in the fall. It is said that within the framework of the human body, we have the capacity to cultivate a transformative fire (bhuta agni) that can both consume the limitations of our conditioned past and unleash the radiance of our inner potential. With an exceptional line up of teachers, this training will offer in depth study for those wishing to further their 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in the broad scope of classical yoga. A section of the weekend will be focused on designing sankalpa (intention) and the most effective ways of clarifying what we truly want to cultivate in life.
Learn how this practice of deep stillness can redefine your relationship to life and support you in leading the most fulfilled life possible. Asiana Harper and Jeremy Wolf will lead the yoga practice with music by Irene Solea at Studio Soma! Friday Night Yoga Club's, 'A Sacred Journey,' visits Denver's most beloved yoga studios each week and delivers an unparalleled yogic discovery including art, live music, organic food and drink and of course Denver's top yoga instructors!
Solomoon will be providing the ethnic, tribal tunes while Dawnelle Arthur & Kylie Larson lead the yoga practice with singing by Channing Grivas at Qi Yoga! This class will be a special event to celebrate the winter solstice held in the Satya Studio (at Samadhi). Please join Samadhi's own Jeremy Wolf and Beth Gurupriya Sanchez for retreat at Aqua, a peaceful remote Nicaraguan resort.
CELEBRATING ART AND COMMUNITY = Megan Panchinin will lead an intermediate vinyasa flow accompanied by Solomoon DJing ethnic, tribal music, with art installation and atmosphere by sculptformance artist, Amelia Charter.

This workshop will begin with a thorough description of yoga nidra and will discuss the 7 layers of perception that we pass through during the practice.
Jeremy will be co-teaching a yoga nidra training at Prana Yoga & Ayurveda Mandala Training Center! Jeremy will be co-teaching a class with Katrina Gustafson Broyles and Lisa Schlelein from 10-11:15am in City Park, with live music by Gary Fishman! Jeremy will be leading a special yoga nidra class at Transformation Yoga and Fitness in Carbondale, Colorado this Saturday evening from 7:30-9pm.
Solomoon will be providing the ethnic, tribal tunes while Shannon Paige Schneider and Laura Wade Jaster lead the yoga practice! Lisa Wimberger of the Colorado based band, Lil Sum'n Sum'n, will be playing live hang drum to accompany Jeremy Wolf's Candlelight flow class at Samadhi Center for Yoga on March 23rd.
Jeremy Wolf will be leading the yoga class along with Ian Maxwell, and Ryan Nataraja will be providing the live music!
I am honored to, once again, be returning to Portugal for the Boom Festival with the opportunity to teach a couple of brand new workshops!
By understanding how memes, as the content of the mind, affect our interpretation and experience of reality, we can learn how to move beyond adopted behaviors and into our True Nature cultivating Self-empowerment through conscious choice.
In this workshop we will address how thoughts do indeed create our reality as they define the lens through which we see our reality.
By focusing on the fluctuation and control of the breath through each nostril one can use the movement of prana to gain a much greater understanding of how the patterns of nature and the cosmos play a role in the unfolding of our lives. For more information on Yoga Nidra, see the text Yoga Nidra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, published by the Bihar School of Yoga, India. Shift your reality from perpetual suffering to unlimited bliss by understanding the illusions of the mind in order to release resistance to what is and step into a peaceful allowance of what can be.
We will address how to obtain a clear and present mind through the continued practice of conscious choice and action. For those who attended the workshop and are seeking further information on the master cleansing process that was covered, follow the link.
Equanimity is a state where one’s inner peace remains undisturbed by the constant fluctuations of life.
Yoga nidra is an ancient science of complete relaxation that systematically awakens one’s greatest potential and reveals an ever-present, unwavering state of inner peace. This will be a comprehensive, 48hr teacher training designed, specifically, to educate one with the skills, background, and understanding of the vast scope of yoga nidra, including the realms of samkhya philosophy, yoga psychology and modern science. If you plan to attend this training, begin now with a practice of yoga nidra 2-3 times a week. There will be four professional yoga nidra teachers offering insight into the various methodologies of practice.
This training is really the culmination of 23 years of personal practice in yoga nidra, meditation, yoga, and in the study of yogic philosophy and psychology.

Learn the traditional methodology for channeling and guiding this innate force for the purpose of healing and transforming self and others.
Nidra is actively interfacing the practioner with those levels and so the fusion of restorative and nidra results in a fully wholistic and exquisitely realized practice. Yoga, music wellness vendors complete with kids program select Sunday mornings at Sunken Gardens Park.
To do this we will use the context of yoga asana and pranayama, supported with bandhas, mantra and meditation to remove what covers the light of the Self. This immersion into the science of deep relaxation will take place over 3 days and include exploration into 4 different approaches to yoga nidra. We will examine, in depth, the perceptual layers of experience and the role of memes in sculpting and determining what types of experiences we have. We can begin to understand how much control we have over a life potentially filled with unlimited bliss. Access to the deeper realms of the mind allows us to release the sources of tension, anxiety, unwanted habits, and self-limiting beliefs and to awaken our greatest inner potential. The aim will be to provide attendees with a physically-energizing practice that promotes clarity, self-awareness, and inner peace.
We’ll look at the benefits of yoga nidra, and the specific emphasis of each approach and discuss the methodology of each that is designed to heal at the deepest level. The instruction will flow through many types of yoga including Jivamukti, Vinyasa Flow, Anusara, and Dharma Mittra Yoga.
Invigorate your morning with yoga classes taught by Ellen Kaye and end your evenings in bliss with Jeremy Wolf’s signature Yoga Nidra.
We’ll explore, in some detail, the 5 koshas, and discuss the mysterious and unmapped inner realms that lead one to an accessing of unlimited potential, complete harmony and unwavering equanimity.
As you understand the methodology of practice, you’ll walk away having custom designed your own practice to meet your current life’s needs and challenges helping you dismantle the many layers of inner conflict that keep you from operating in your full capacity.
Imagine live tabla players performing along side Denver’s most beloved down-tempo DJs.
This 4-day, 3-night retreat will engage your body, feed your senses and ultimately revive your spirit! Once aware of how the mind interacts with memes, and consciousness interacts with mind, we can understand how the translation of our choices and actions can be much more effective in designing and creating in the world around us.

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