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Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Buenos Aires, Paulo Salo Brazil, and all over Long Island, NYC and Queens. The rest of the 200 hour program is completed with reading, assignments & homework time. After completion of Level 1 training you will be certified to conduct self Reiki treatments, Reiki for pets and Reiki for friends and family.Level 2 training includes the additional of the sacred Reiki symbols and distance Reiki techniques.

Level 1 training is mandatory to attend a level 2 training session.Level 3 is a 2 day training which strengthens the students flow of Reiki energy. You will learn new techniques and new symbols as well as how to conduct level 1-3 attunements. Levels 1-2, and a minimum of one year of experience practicing Reiki are mandatory to attend the level 3 or Masters level Reiki session.Please contact us with questions regarding training sessions.

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