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This easy but powerful group of asanas (physical postures) has a direct effect on your genito-urinary system which regulates the sexual energy in your body. Vajrasana alters the flow of blood and nervous impulses in your pelvic region and strengthens your pelvic muscles, alleviating menstrual disorders.
Do not do this if you have very high blood pressure, slipped discs, increased eye pressure, or vertigo.
Shashankasana stretches your back, realigns your vertebrae correctly, releasing the pressure on them and on the surrounding nerves. Research says 3 out of every 4 women and girls suffer from menstrual pain of varying intensity at some point of their periods, making it a serious problem worldwide as it affects a woman’s mood, induces stress and hampers day to day activities.
Menstrual cramps are caused by shedding of inner lining of uterus wall assisted by many hormones, the primary one being prostaglandins, which induces pain. Over-the-counter pills are the most easily available and rapidly effective option for getting relief from menstrual pain, however, there are quite a few  natural remedies which are quite effective and negate the need of taking a pill in most cases.
Coffee comes loaded with caffeine which is a vasoconstrictor- compresses the blood vessels making the cramps even more severe. Chamomile tea helps in getting rid of menstrual uneasiness; it has glycine, acts a nerve relaxant, and relieves muscle spasms.

Easiest and one of the most effective exercises for overall well-being, brisk walking for 30 minutes five times a week releases beta-endorphins, which helps to burn the chemicals secreted during menstruation that causes muscle contractions and pain. Alcohol is a diuretic which causes water retention worsening cramping and leading to bloating. It strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, stimulates reproductive organs and alleviates menstrual uneasiness. Stretching of the abdomen in this pose relieves the body of menstrual cramp and also provides gentle massage to internal organs.
It strengthens pelvic muscles giving relief from menstrual stress in that region and thus alleviating pain.
Add a PostTo post images to Juxtapost is easy, but you'll need to install our bookmarklet which will allow you to post images from any website to your organized postboards. Exhaling, bend forward from the hips, keeping the buttocks on your heels, bringing your arms and forehead to the floor. Bananas are not only rich in anti cramping nutrients like Vitamin B6, they are also packed with potassium which reduces bloating by cutting down water retention.
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Here’s how you can manage your pain without using drugs and by employing simple physical postures and breathing techniques. She is the founder of the non-profit Mind’s Eye that uses yoga to create positive personal and social change. Connected to the Bihar School of Yoga lineage, Kanya continues to study with her teachers and guides, and teaches internationally. Arching pigeon One armed camel Wide child pose Reclining twist Fish pose Bow pose Noose pose Legs up the wall pose Namaste! I try to do yoga throughout the month so it's not so bad on my shark week Reply Samsissy 36d Thank you so much!

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