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This will be the Downward Facing Dog, but because my muscles are still very short, you are not able to do the Sat like you will do in a few months.
Great how you love doing yoga, would love to start too soon, so I’ll be reading along for sure!
Bikram Yoga is the original hot yoga developed by Bikram Choudhury and introduced to the US in the 1970s.
Moksha is another style of hot yoga, which was founded in 2004 by two yoga teachers from Toronto. This yoga has 26 beginners postures performed in the same order every class, twice, with a consistent dialogue. Bikram scientifically designed the series so that one posture opens a specific area of the body in preparation for the next posture.
You may think if it’s always the same, will I get sick of it?  Although the class is always the same, your mind and body are different every day and you’re always being changed by it. Moksha yoga usually has 40 postures in this order: savasana (dead body pose), set an intention for the practice, standing series, floor series, final savasana. The main difference between Moksha and Bikram is that, with the guidance of his guru Bishnu Gosh, Bikram created his 26-posture-series in a specific order based on his research with scientists at the Tokyo University Hospital formulated to maximize yoga’s ability to regenerate tissue and cure chronic ailments. So if you are going to try “hot yoga” why not practice where it all started and try the real thing at Jazz Yoga School! In the Ashtanga Primary Series I’m doing 5 times the Surya Namaskara A and 5 times Surya Namaskara B.
That’s why my teacher advises to stand on the ball of your feet and push your bum into the air.
The thing I did wrong here is that I should stretch my both legs and that my left foot should turn a bit inwards. It feels really good when I practice this one but after a while, when you’ve done the Prasarita Padottanasana a few times, I get a bit dizzy.

And you look great doing yoga – I would look like a total fool on the pictures (all red probably)… LOL! My best friend is since a few years a total yoga-addict and she once gave me a lesson in breathing and two poses which felt so great… At that time I had a terrible back pain and when she started giving me the breathing lessons I immediately felt more relaxed. The postures are performed in a specific sequence to allow safe and progressive conditioning of the body.
Class times vary between 60 minutes to 90 minutes depending the class you attend; Vinyasa (flow yoga), silent practices, Ashtanga etc. It is intended to work through the entire body systematically stretching and strengthening every muscle, ligament and joint squeezing and massaging every internal organ, tissue and joint flushing out the cardiovascular, and lymphatic systems, stimulating the nervous and reproductive systems, regulating the endocrine system and biochemistry in the body effectively restoring all of the body’s systems to healthy working order. By doing the same sequence of postures in each class you are able to mark your improvements and learn more about your body and its overall functioning. There is no typical Moksha class; there may be some variation in the order of the floor series or standing series. I don’t like sports but yoga is so different, interesting, vague perhaps and good for your body.
She watches how I do the practice, which I remember more and more every day, and when something is not right, she corrects me by pushing or pulling a bit on my body. And more importantly: the day after my back pain was over because I had to go to the toilet. I used to travel a lot with my job and it is so inspiring to discover new and beautiful places, and even better you’re appreciating and acknowledging all these wonderful new things. I agree that yoga is such a good thing to do when you have a lot of stress, or things that are created by stress in your body. Bikram Yoga is a series of yoga postures synthesized from traditional hatha yoga techniques.
This type of yoga has several rounds of downward dog ‘vinyasa’ flows whereas Bikram doesn’t.

So, I’m going to make a regular thing of yoga and trying to practice every other day.
Every class is 90 minutes and consists of a set series of 26 postures with 2 breathing exercises. A typical Vinyasa class consists of flowing vinyasa sequences, breath awareness and alignment.
Because I still feel a lot of soreness the day after the practice, I try to relax my body a bit more on an off day.
Here I’m trying to push my hips towards to sky and to pull my arms and hands together. Everything is so connected with every little part in your body, like my own osteopath says every time.
Now I’m on a different path and fortunately yoga has been a constant for me since I was 21 and working in a very hectic city. One of the lessons my teacher told me is that you have to listen to your body very carefully.
It has kept me grounded when my head was full of stress and anxiety, and now I’m learning to be a yoga teacher [I feel like I still have a long way to go but in reality only a matter on months!] so was really interested to read your story about your teacher. It’s not a competition, every one is different and you should listen to what your body tells you.

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