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The best yoga studios in Toronto offer respite from the rat race and sanctuary from the smog. I eventually found peace with it through Bikram (a 90-minute series of specific poses practiced in a heated room) because of its empowering and sweat-producing effects. I am thankful that a centuries-old practice has evolved in so many ways to appeal to a wider audience.
The Yoga Lounge’s Church and Richmond space has been freshly renovated and bisected to allow for more flexibility in the schedule. From the dropdown menu you can filter the schedule, week buttons bring you forward or backward in time. Heidi has studied yoga for many years, her teaching is a mixture of styles including elements from Iyengar, Rishikesh -method, Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Walking into the yoga studio to set up and causing a loud ZIPPING NOISE is just as disruptive as talking! If you borrow equipment such as straps and blocks, be sure to put anything back as you originally found it.
From the back you can see more experienced students and learn from them, without staring at them too much.
Looking to sign up for archery lessons, boxing lessons, swimming lessons, ice skating lessons or personal training sessions?

Want to burn more calories and trick your body into burning more calories without thinking about it? Years ago, my very first yogic encounter left me squirming, unable to remain still (in body and mind) and skeptical of the spiritual elements. Hatha runs simulataneously in the adjacent studio while I try out a noon-hour Yogalates class.
She embraces several different approaches to practice, from very gentle restorative Hatha to dynamic and flowing Vinyasa.
Teemu has graduated from our Yoga Nordic teacher training and studied Pilates with the well reknown Pekka Katainen. Some studio change rooms even discourage discussion because some people feel uncomfortable with talking while they are half-naked and changing their clothes.
In a crowded studio be sure to move your mat over as comfortably as possible to make room for other students. If you are a new student and practice in the front, not only are you likely taking the spot that advanced students need to check form, but the students behind you may follow your lead without realizing you are an inexperienced yoga newb! You should also avoid leaving early and disrupting the class by quitting early and making noise as you leave. Whether occupying a former tattoo parlour in Parkdale¬†or the palatial penthouse of a Yonge Street heritage building, Toronto’s best meditative spots run the gamut from intimate to awe-inspiring.

But yoga assumes many forms, and in a city as populous and diverse as Toronto, there’s a brand of the practice for everyone. Customer service is impressive here -owner Susan fusses with my bolster and blocks to set me up properly, while Max, the studio cat, pays students silent friendly visits during poses. Since her graduation from Yoga Nordic teacher training in 2009 Heidi has attended workshops and teacher training taught by Shiva Rea, Duncan Wong and David Sye among others.
Teemu has also taken part in many world famous teachers' workshops (Duncan Wong, Shiva Rea). In her teaching Heidi's emphasis is on softness of movement, and a gentle approach to self. Teemu is known as a very dynamic and physically challenging teacher, also integrating the spirit of yoga and quieting of the mind.

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