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We also spent an afternoon volunteering at the local community center, Entre Amigos, where we helped prepare tile for a mosaic wall for a playground they would soon be creating.
We are delighted to announce the new addition to our teaching staff: veteran teacher, author, trail-blazer, and all-around inspiring human being Jay Fields. She is a perfect fit for what Julian and Hala have created, and will bring a unique and well-honed skill set to our California yoga teacher training. Jay Fields is not your ordinary yoga teacher.  As the author of the books Teaching People, Not Poses and Homebody Yoga, Jay is praised for walking her talk and for supporting her clients in showing up authentically and unapologetically. Jay begins her AHEM tenure in the 2015 training starting January 9 , and will be weaving in her pragmatic, detailed and authentic take on alignment, anatomy and an approach to practice and teaching rooted in embracing our vulnerability and cultivating genuine self-awareness.
Filed Under: Uncategorized Tagged With: alignment, anatomy, asana, awakened heart, buddhism, buddhist meditation, california, embodied mind, exhale, hala khouri, iyengar, jack kornfield, jay fields, julian walker, meditation, neuroscience, off the mat, peter levine, rick hanson, santa monica, seane corn, somatic psychology, suzanne sterling, teacher training, venice, yoga, yoga training Welcome To The AHEM Worldwide Community! Sign up here for Your FREE download of Chapter 1 from our YTT Manual, as well as videos & articles to start your journey as a yoga teacher now! While the Road to Enlightenment is paved with good intentions, it can also be potholed with some sobering realities.
Do you have big dreams of helping people while maintaining a healthy lifestyle for yourself? Unless you teach in Beverly Hills or have connections at a Manhattan mega-studio or are just extremely flexible and charismatic (not to mention mind-blowingly awesome-looking in spandex) your post-training life will not be nearly that glamorous! The caricature of the organic kale-eating, kombucha-sipping, fair trade chocolate-buying, Whole Foods shopping yoga teacher is one helluva misconception. Plan for transportation costs and incidentals.If you live in a city, you'll very likely spend most of your yoga workday back-and-forth in traffic en route to multiple classes. Unfortunately many teacher trainings, conducted online or in an afternoon, do not live up to these standards. 4.) Not all yoga people are "nice" people, especially when there are profits to be made and reputations to be cemented.
I am blessed to have come into contact with some pretty amazing and inspiring yoga students, instructors and fellow teachers. I've also seen many yogis behaving badly: The teacher too busy ogling herself in the mirror to assist students.
Caption- I totally just made that statistic up, but let’s be real: there are a lot of yoga teachers out there!
All these people sign up for Yoga Teacher Training (YTT, if you’re into acronyms) for different reasons: to get really good at yoga, to “deepen the practice”, or to escape from their children a few nights a week. So yoga teacher training is a distinctive experience, sort of like an extreme mashup of slumber party, reality television show, and start-up enterprise.
Most 200-hour teacher training programs require one or two weeknights plus weekend days each calendar week over the course of several months. If you’re down with this, congratulations: all of the above will pretty much continue unabated if you teach yoga for your full-time job. So many of the people that sign up for yoga teacher trainings do so because they really like the practice.
If you’ve taken a ton of yoga classes, this sounds easy enough- it’s not like all yoga teachers are Shakespearean actors or prima ballerinas or something.

Because when you first start to teach, as you’ll learn, it’s sort of easier just to do the class with the students. For some reason, almost everyone I know that has participated in any kind of Yoga Teacher Training has formed intense short-duration friendships with some of the other students. I attribute this to the reality-show nature of Yoga Teacher Training: you see the same people for so many hours a week, so alliances (and conflicts) are bound to form. You bond or break over these things in the same way that couples either fall more in love or get divorced after caring for an infant together. I even know a few couples who have formed long-term relationships after bonding over trikonasana adjustments. I’ve met so many people who’ve signed up for a yoga teacher training in anticipation of finally being able to do lotus posture. Once I read this article on whether going to a “good college” might not be a predictor of success because the college actually teaches you stuff, but because people who are already smart and motivated choose to go to a prestigious school. Have you ever notice how lots alumnae from “good” colleges will talk about “when they lived in Cambridge” or otherwise obliquely reference the school without naming it? Great Article, everyone should know this 6 points before start yoga teacher training course.
Yoga is something that you learn during years, and every day is like a new start, new beginning.
True, one undergoes all above steps in yoga teacher training, but it completely transforms your life.
Set in the jungle of the Pacific Coast of Mexico with fresh, delicious, vegetarian Mexican food, leafy green palms, secluded beaches and new friends made for an unforgettable experience! The center collected recyclable materials from the town and build this recreational and educational center for the community essentially out of garbage!
We celebrated it by having the afternoon off so we could head into town for the parade and village festivities. That “bit” turned into 6 months as she immediately started teaching Yoga and developed her own strong community. Jay’s gift lies in her practical and poetic approach to helping people find embodied integrity.
It should come as no surprise that the demand for yoga teacher training has grown exponentially in recent years. The ones where smiling, Lululemon-clad students pose on the porch of fancy yurts overlooking the ocean on some exotic island? Most yogis are reluctant to discuss money, but we cannot live on love and light and happy vibes alone. As winter rages and your couch cushions runneth free of spare change, you may consider burning your yoga training manual for warmth and eating your threadbare hoodie for sustenance. Can your partner or family contribute financially, especially in the nascent stages of your teaching adventure?
You must, therefore, have a reliable vehicle (if your class sites are not served by public transport or safe for bicycling).
I could sometimes spend an hour traveling to and from class and pay $20 for a parking garage.

The studio owner implying a yoga teacher is greedy and "UN-yogic" for requesting her wages when she has not been paid in months and needs rent money.
First thing’s first, when I started teaching I made sure that I had all of the required props and mats necessary. Goa is a beautiful state on the South West coast of India with some of the most incredible beaches found in India. Your article is beneficial for us and those who are searching for yoga teacher training certification.
We knew Seva would be a factor in our training, but once we saw how the students connected with the kids we knew that somehow participating in the local community in which we were honored to be sharing was non-negotiable.
She does this through yoga that is as alignment-focused as it is introspective, and through a private somatic mentoring practice. If single, can you share the rent with family, friends or eight roommates in a drafty loft on the edge of town? Smaller studios or community centers will most likely be able to offer less in terms of financial compensation.
To remain certified with Yoga Alliance, a teacher will spend a certain number of continuing education hours in workshops with master teachers. Yoga Alliance-certified programs, which require 200+ hours of practice and study and are conducted by experienced practitioners, are the gold standard.
And Wonderful Yoga offers best Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in Dharmsala, where we host our teacher training program during the months spring and summer, from April until October. Yoga teaching can be a satisfactory and fulfilling career for you if earning money is not the only purpose of your life. Carri was secretly glad there were no waves so she could truly relax while one of the students spent 2 hours meditating on her paddle board!
She has spent the last 15 years leading vision quests, teaching yoga and helping people fall to pieces so they can come back together whole.
Several classes a week with dedicated students, without the financial pressure to make your passion a career, might be just what the yoga doctor ordered! But I would really recommend just thinking about it at that stage and maybe go get another 500 hours of training. I’d definitely recommend taking a look at it if you’re getting started with training others!
We kayaked to a secluded beach, hiked through the jungle searching for avocadoes and bushwhacked our way to yet another desolate beach for a much deserved swim. If an employer or studio owner pushes you beyond what your body can handle, you are better off working elsewhere or practicing on your own. In fact yoga was handed down in a guru disciple relationship for thousands of years until western values became so imposed on India that money ruined it all.

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