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Type Beam me up, Scotty in search box on YouTube and you’ll see the search results appearing with Star Trek effect animation. Watch this video and you’ll see a new POW button on the YouTube video player control bar on the right side near annotation or quality button.
Emily DiDonato has been a successful model for quite some time but she recently started making inroads toward full on name recognition with the one-two punch of 1) Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition work and 2) apparently striking up a romantic relationship with┬áJake Gyllenhaal. 8) But then in 2009, in a cool surprise turn of events, she started doing some serious runway work, too. 11) DiDonato was fast becoming that rare model who walks the line between commercial and fashion work, like Gisele, Doutzen Kroes and Candice Swanepoel–but she already had a damn Maybelline contract, so where next?
She must have studied at the Coco Rocha School of Modeling, where students learn that one’s lips must always be parted just so.

That SI picture looks really awkwardly doctored, but there is no doubt that she is gorgeous. She is gorgeous, and awesome, and impressive… but all I can see in the top picture is a booger.
Also, I like her, but I remember that Armani perfume ad was literally my least favorite ad in all of Vogue when it came out. On the search page result, just wait for few seconds and you’ll see little ponies walking on the screen.
I’m not linking this search term because the effect may be already played before you switch to the tab.
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We’re going to share those cool YouTube tricks full of fun and will make you wonder if there are more. Try these given cool YouTube tricks from your computer as these won’t work on YouTube mobile app.

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