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I came into the series late and completely by chance on September tenth 2005, on Fox’s 4Kids block.
I have quite a few memories from the first series, but one of my favorites was Bloom’s first meeting with Stella that kick-started the series. I remember starting to watch it sometime in 2005- I was 24 at the time and going through my divorce… wee! I met a lot of really great people on the 4Kids message boards, including my husband of almost 3 years. I have a great fanfiction following because of this show as well as a wonderful group of fanfiction friends who I can bounce ideas off of including Zadien, Merissa, Rogue Scholar, Nadi Love, Ella Anders, and Kiku.
Anyway, my favourite memory of watching the 4Kids version was when the Trix were telling each other to stop their witching. Several years after S3 ended, and 4Kids was finished with the dubbing of the show, I took to Youtube to relive some of my favorite episodes, and by chance, discovered the Rai English subs and dubs, and discovered a whole new Winx to love.
I’ve always been artsy as well, and Winx Club actually helped me develop and improve my drawing skills greatly and become more interested in other forms of art, and it also kinda played part in my ambition to become an artist someday.
Also, I’m an aspiring writer who hopes to write and publish a fantasy series someday and it was Winx Club that initially inspired me to create my own fantasy world and story when I was 14. Winx change my life i think i was 6 when i watch the first episode in the philippines they aired it on my local network with filipino dub i am a boy i thought that i will not like winx and typically i dont watch girl cartoons but it changes its so magical and fun my cousins and i watches this everyday and i pretend to be timmy and my cousins pretend to be the winx and the trix but my local network stop airing it it stoped on season 3 i think i was so devastated i was crying but nick asia aired season 5 i was jumping on my bed and screaming i was so excited on the first episode . The very first time I ever watched a Winx Club episode (episode 6) is one of my best memories ever. I liked Bloom’s story, cuz in a way I could relate to it and it would give me courage. I watched Winx Club for the first time in May or June 2006 on a Romanian channel called TVR 1 (this is the national channel) and I watched S2 EP 21. Actually unlike most people from the US, I saw the Italian version first when I was on vacation in Italy when I was 14, it was a few months before it came to the US, I didn’t speak much Italian but I could understand most of it. My favourite seasons were 1-3 because the girls were more about friendship and bloom was still a bit naive about magic. However in 2011 (in lieu of the 20th anniversary of the manga,) Kodansha opened up a US branch and re-released the manga. Winx Club is much newer and Iginio Straffi has much more involvement with the show than Naoko Takeuchi.
Curious viewers watch as a sixteen-year-old redhead saves a blond fairy princess from an ogre, then follows her to another world to study magic.

It airs in more than 130 countries and has spawned two (soon three) full-length movies, several theater shows, an ice show, tons of merchandise, a monthly magazine, a spin-off, and much more. I used to record the latest episodes on vhs tapes so I could rewatch them over and over until the next Saturday. When I really got into it when I was 8, I was on YouTube looking for barbie commercials and I found a Winx one and I have been hooked since then. On Fox just a year after it started, the first episode I saw was Day of the Rose, quite a good choice for the event I was going to that day. This is by far the best comment I have read on this thread, I am so happy for you and your husband, and I am so glad that this show has changed your life for the better! It’s such a fantastic show all around, I can only hope that Nickbow keeps going in the right direction with S6 and beyond. I’ve always been artsy, [and actually ended up majoring in graphic design with a concentration in illustration :)] and before Winx Club, I had never seen such a style, or a show portraying a heroic all-female main cast.
I was 11, soon to be 12, back then, and Winx CLub was like the most awesome thing on TV for me back then.
There are many shows that I used to watch and loved as a kid that I can’t find at all on the Internets. It wasnt until my freshmen year of college that I started watching the Rai English version and everything started clicking.
It used to air on the local public broadcaster, the MBC, on a show called FranceTruc from France3, once per week at 15:30. My favourite parts were the scenes with Daphne, and I cried a lot during the flashback of Daphne saving Bloom and of Mike finding her in the flames. I soon got me through the tough year of 4th grade and my awkward 5th grade year and my painful 6th grade year. I disappointed when I found out it was going to be dubbed by 4Kids because I knew what they did to anime. My eyes instantly caught the big display banner and colorful shoes, and I stared at the beautiful box all the way home trying to memorize how everyone looked and what their names were.
They had ALL of them and the movies on a DVR and when my girlfriend found that I liked them, she got all of them to me on a bunch of thumb drives and then she got what is out of season 6 this year. There, they meet three more fairies, and they all become inseparable friends. They name themselves the Winx Club. I was just randomly browsing through the channels and came up on CN just as the show was starting the theme song.

I remember when I first heard Liza Jacqueline’s voice, she had so much fire in hervoice that made it feel like Bloom was real and standing right next to me. I think I may be one of the few if only fans who can honestly say that they met their spouse thanks to Winx Club. I’ve also always been interested in royalty in art, so it was pretty fitting that the very first episode I got to see took place in the ruins of Domino’s palace. I watched the first 4 seasons of Rai English within a few weeks and it made me hate 4kids for the way they dubbed it.
I started watching it and instantly fell in love with it, and at the time especially with Flora.
I decided to check it out and soon found myself watching everything the series had out at the time. I would watch Winx Club after long days of being bullied and Bloom’s story would give me courage not to give up. I never really watched the 4kids dub because I could never get up on time to watch it, so when I discovered the internet I found the Rai Dub and have never stopped loving Winx since. She knows that I live on a very limited income and that I do not have my TV setup here (Can not afford cable anyway.) and can not watch it. The first episode I ever saw was S1E21, Sparks of Hope [American title] and was immediately hooked! Saw both movies and then heard Nick was getting it and I was excited and (semi) happy that they did. But I think about mid season it moved to a later time slot of 9pm, which really annoyed me because I knew I wouldn’t be able to watch it. Winx Club literally kept me sane for two whole years and became my main obsession, and after the MBC stopped airing FranceTruc in early 2006 I immediately went into depression. I watched the rest of the season every Saturday morning until it ended, and bought the DVDs when they were released in the US. Once they were airing it I wanted to watch it in its original language so I looked all over the internet and found the Raitv site for each season and watched seasons 1-5 in Italian, heck I even finished the 5th season in Italian b4 it ended in English. I got my mum to tape it on the old VHS tapes, although I remember staying up and turning on the TV thinking I was so rebellious to sneakily watch the Winx Club ?? I always liked the season finale of season 1, and I still do.

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