With Chicago's sterling reputation for Mexican food, scores of hungry Windy Citizens are expected to take in a Mexican meal during Cinco de Mayo this weekend. Stats wizard Nate Silver declared Chicago home to superior Mexican food, and online delivery giant GrubHub shared some numbers that echo his assessment: Per the delivery site, Chicago's home to the most popular barbacoa tacos, fajitas, enchiladas and (the maybe not-so-authentic) chocolate chip tamales.
The History Channel notes that while Cinco de Mayo is a relatively minor holiday in Mexico, the day has evolved into a "celebration of Mexican culture and heritage" in the U.S. At the beginning of the year I would never have imagined that raw fish in lime juice would become my all-time favorite food.
Lomo saltado is like a cross between stir-fry and something you’d get at an American diner. Anyway you can find Inca Kola here in the states you just have to go to the Latin neighborhoods and look for the local bodega. The date commemorates the Mexican army's 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War, though it's often confused as Mexico's independence day, which is Sept.

The oldest known reference to a Thuringian sausage is located in the Thuringian State Archive in Rudolstadt in a transcript of a bill from an Arnstadt convent from 1404. Things like hot girls and old churches are important factors to consider too, but they aren’t a deal-breaker. Raw fish, beverages made of corn juice, and calf hearts didn’t sound that appetizing. You can get uchuva, which are the orange berries pictured above, and cherimoya, which is that green fruit, as well as dozens of other odd eats. And the yes it does take like bubble gum it reminds of another Latin soda which almost tastes the same its called Goodo. It’s better if the neighborhood is largely Peruvian or a mixture of South American mix.
Get the canned Sauerkraut from Hengstenberg or Kuehne if you can, they are good German brands.

The oldest known recipe dates from 1613 and is kept in the State Archive in Weimar, another is listed in the "Thuringisch-Erfurtische Kochbuch" from 1797 which also mentions a smoked variety. You would need sausages for this recipe, and the best is to get the so called German "Roastbratwuerstchen" or "Thuringer Smoked Bratwurst"; they are special sausages, and come from Thueringen or Thuringia. This was actually one of the first authentic Peruvian dishes I ever ordered and it helped to show me that the cuisine wasn’t as bad as its descriptions lead me to believe it would be.
Also, you can get a ton of nuts and herbs that are outrageously expensive in the states for pennies here.

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